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Episode 25 -- Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi

It's our season premiere, and what better way to kick things off (and celebrate the release of Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi) than to play a Star Wars game you probably haven't heard of! That's right, it's time to jump back into our search for gems and turds with a playthrough of Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi! Officially Star Wars characters, music and sound effects? A fighting game? What could go wrong? (So, so, much) Want to take a peek at the game? Click here!

Duration: 00:52:42

Demosode 24.5 -- Season 2 Begins!

The wait is finally over! Welcome to ROM of the Week season 2! In our first demosode, the boys talk about some of the changes you can expect in season 2, and of course, reveal the first game we'll be playing this season! Thanks for being patient with us during our break!

Duration: 00:22:49

Special Edition 7 -- So Many Guests!

Things go quickly off the rails when the boys try to break some white-hot gaming news. Suddenly, the studio is filled with guests from Season 1, and everyone has a LOT to say. Check it out! Season 2 begins NEXT WEEK!

Duration: 00:49:33

Special Edition 6 -- Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! While we're all busy with food, family, and football, we here at the ROM of the Week wanted to tell you a quick video game story from our past about the king of football games, Madden football. It's a fun little peak into the kind of things happen when the three of us get together to play a game.

Duration: 00:22:11

Special Edition 5 -- SNES Classic Hands On!

Even in hiatus, we can't get away from our reviewing roots! We couldn't go this many weeks without playing classic games and telling you all about them, and this week, we review 21 of them at once! That's right, we're talking all about the SNES Classic console. We take it for a spin and tell you what we like, don't like, and don't understand. Season 2 coming soon! Check us out at Twitter: @romoftheweek morse code: .-. --- -- / ---

Duration: 00:42:21

Special Edition 4 -- Looking Back at Season 1!

We're still on hiatus, but that doesn't mean we've gone away. Join us for our 4th special edition episode, and in this one, LeRoy has brought in a magical document that tells us pretty much everything we could ever ask about season 1. As long as you define "everything you could ever ask" as "how did we rate each game," which is all you would ever ask, so we cool? Check us out at Twitter: @romoftheweek morse code: .-. --- -- / ---

Duration: 00:34:23

Special Edition 3 -- Get to Know Us!

In our third special edition hiatus episode, the boys talk about growing up, how they met, their mutual love of retro gaming, and the genesis of the podcast! Check it out! Season 2 coming soon! Check us out at Twitter: @romoftheweek morse code: .-. --- -- / ---

Duration: 00:40:11

RotW Special Edition LA PODFEST -- Part 2

Once again we recorded LIVE at the L.A. Podfest, and this week we talk about what current games we're playing, what games we're looking forward to, and all matter of other gaming news and views! Check it out! Season 2 coming soon! Check us out at Twitter: @romoftheweek morse code: .-. --- -- / ---

Duration: 00:15:53

RotW Special Edition LA PODFEST -- Part 1

Our first stop in our hiatus is the LA Podfest, where we met some awesome people, had a ton of fun, and actually learned a lot about the world of podcasting. Bonus: if you listen closely you might here some other podcasts being recorded behind us! Check us out at Twitter: @romoftheweek morse code: .-. --- -- / ---

Duration: 00:24:35

Episode 23 -- Primal (PS2)

The boys bring the first season to a close with their first listener request! We got a great email from Jayne, who wanted to see us play a game she loved that she thought needed to be brought to the public's attention. We do all of this for you, our listeners, so we jumped in and played the newest game we've ever done. There are some advanced mechanics at play, and we're in 3D for one of the few times this season! How'd we do? What did we think? Find out by listening to the season...

Duration: 01:23:43

Demosode 22.5 -- Last of the Season!

For our season 1 finale, we're doing something a little different. You've heard Ian pick, you've heard Grant pick, and you've heard LeRoy pick. Now, it's time to let one of you, our listeners, pick our last game of the season! What will it be? Listen and find out! Check us out at Twitter: @romoftheweek morse code: .-. --- -- / ---

Duration: 00:03:42

Episode 22 -- Ghoul School (NES)

We've arrived at Grant's final pick of season 1, and he's keeping the horror train going with Ghoul School for the NES. Imagine if everyone you went to high school were suddenly turned into monsters, and you had to battle through them with limited weapons and a pretty poor attitude. That's Ghoul School. Also, Grant's love of puns comes into play again as he makes Ian and LeRoy play a game of "Guess the shitty pun name of the enemies!" It backfires horribly. Enjoy! Check us out at...

Duration: 00:49:44

Demosode 21.5 -- Spooky Season

This is our second to last game of season 1, and Grant has the honor of bringing in the game we're playing! We do know he's decided to keep LeRoy's halloween theme going, but where will he go with it? Movie property? Obscure? Only 1 way to find out! Check out our second to last demosode of season 1! Check us out at Twitter: @romoftheweek morse code: .-. --- -- / ---

Duration: 00:02:56

Episode 21 -- Monster in my Pocket (NES)

Only three episodes left in season 1! For LeRoy's final pick this season, he decides to get in the spirit of Halloween with a game about a miniature Dracula and a tiny Frankenstein punching the shit out of other monsters! Plus, we settle the great debate: is there a T-Rex in this game, or is it a Godzilla? Check us out at Twitter: @romoftheweek morse code: .-. --- -- / ---

Duration: 00:47:18

Demosode 20.5 -- Scare-tastic!

It's time for LeRoy to pick his final game of season 1!. Plus, with halloween approaching, something tells me he's going to get into the spirit of all hallow's eve and pick a game themed around it. Something tells me this because I know, I've already heard this episode. Do you want to be like me? Of course you do. Well, the only way is to listen to this week's demosode! Check us out at Twitter: @romoftheweek morse code: .-. --- -- / ---

Duration: 00:03:47

Episode 20 -- The Immortal (Genesis)

Ian's final pick for the season is The Immortal, and it's a doozy! You like instant deaths? You like a confusing story? What about puzzles that punish you if you don't do things EXACTLY the right way at the right time? Then you're gonna love our episode on The Immortal for Sega Genesis. Check us out at Twitter: @romoftheweek morse code: .-. --- -- / ---

Duration: 00:56:04

Demosode 19.5 -- Pick it Up!

We're in the final rotation of the season! How is Ian going to close things out with his last pick? Find out on this week's demosode! Check us out at Twitter: @romoftheweek morse code: .-. --- -- / ---

Duration: 00:03:56

Episode 19 -- Demolition Man (SNES)

Enhance your calm! It's true, Grant brought in Demolition Man to play through! Is this a rare case of a good video game movie, or another crappy license that completely ignores what made the movie good? Find out on the ROM of the Week! Check us out at Twitter: @romoftheweek morse code: .-. --- -- / ---

Duration: 00:49:41

Demosode 18.5 -- Rap Fighting!

Grant is ready to bring in this week's game, and he claims he's got a game in mind that's very close to his heart. What the hell does that mean? What will the game be? There's only one way to find out! Listen to this week's demosode! Check us out at Twitter: @romoftheweek morse code: .-. --- -- / ---

Duration: 00:04:08

Episode 18 -- Nintendo World Cup (NES)

It's our first sports game on the ROM of the Week! How will we fare when we lace up our... cleats? is it cleats? and take to the pitch for a shot at the glory of winning the world cup? Plus, we make a new friend! How did we fit this all into 45 minutes? Steroids!! Check us out at Twitter: @romoftheweek morse code: .-. --- -- / ---

Duration: 00:43:56

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