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SE2 EP4 - Borderlands 3 Rumors and Cuphead Controversy!!

On this episode of the RP2Gcast we dive into some rumors about gearbox studios and the development of Borderlands 3, Talk about NBA 2k18 and how to be great at it, Lee's Final Fantasy XV adventures, the latest Cuphead controversy and so much more!

Duration: 00:50:45

RP2Gcast SE2 EP3 (The Live One!)- Final Fantasy XV Assassins Creed crossover and the CRUNCH!

On the third episode of the RP2Gcast we go live and broadcast the podcast recording live on our twitch channel. We talk about the Final Fantasy XV and Assassins Creed crosssover happening this month. We talk about Overwatch nerfs and buffs, SNES classic preorder fail and we talk about our feelings toward the CRUNCH! All this and more on this episode of the RP2Gcast. Make sure to follow us on Instagram, twitter and Facebook at RP2GO to know the next time we go live. Also, make sure to...

Duration: 01:13:17

SE2 EP2 - SNES classic and our feelings about Early Access games!

Kenny needs money! We discuss that and our first impressions on Fortnite and details on the SNES classic. We also talk about Shenmue 3 and it's progress and how we feel about games launching in Early Access. This and more discussions on this episode of the RP2Gcast

Duration: 00:48:37

We're Back! We talk games we love and Esports!

We're back and we have plenty to talk about! In this episode, we'll catch you up with what's going on with us, games we love, and talking about the hottest topic in gaming: Esports.

Duration: 01:02:34

Play your NES games in 3D?! Microsoft cancels huge IP and SFV controversial reception

This is not a drill!! RP2G is back after a long month off and we have a lot of catching up to do! We start off by discussing the controversial release of SFV that happened last month and give our takeaways from Capcoms famous fighting title. We then dive into some news and talk about a new IP from the creators of Darskiders that is directly inspired by the Chrono Trigger/Final Fantasy/Phantasy Star Online worlds. We also put our critic hat on and discuss the decision behind Microsoft...

Duration: 01:15:13

How games promote good health, Yale fights social issues with games and no gamers in Mississippi?

Get your minds ready to dive into a very special RP2Gcast as we uncover ways games can be used in medicine. First we speak on Yale university and their start up program that uses gaming as an avenue to teach kids HIV prevention, risks of smoking and drug abuse among other social issues. We also discuss what we would like to see video games used for in other social issues and how the psychology in the games we have played affected us. All of this and so much more on this episode of the...

Duration: 01:28:54

Blind gamer beats ocarina of time, CES highlights and our anime/gaming convention guidelines

We are back everyone!! Sorry for the delay but it was well worth it. This episode we continue the amazing gamers trend as we discuss one special gamers tremendous feat as he completes Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.. By the way he is blind. We also talk about Awesome Games Done Quick charity event and it raising $1.2 million, as well as setting a unique world record for super metriod. We also have CES highlights for you , Virtual Reality hardware and our anime/gaming convention tips and...

Nintendo NX, Fridaythe13th game! LeagueofLegends survey? SFV major change & story telling in games!

In this episode we uncover a few things about Nintendo's next console (You'll never guess who broke the news). We also discuss their new developer program and how it may affect the future of the company. We take a look at the new hide-and-seek horror thriller Friday the 13th game and the negative feedback it's gotten from a competitor. League of Legends administering psychology surveys?! Street Fighter V breaking tradition!! We bring up story telling in video games and ask the question,...