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The seductive dangers of speed

The accelerating pace of political and economic change can be disorienting – but, for some, change isn’t happening fast enough. Matthew Taylor is joined by the journalist Andy Beckett and the philosophers Benjamin Noys and Nina Power to find out about ‘Accelerationism’ a philosophy with both Left and Right variants - bubbling into the mainstream - that embraces speed and disruption as the only route to progress. Produced by Ben Irvine and Samuel Shelton Robinson Reading Andy Beckett,...

Duration: 00:29:03

Can economies thrive without growth?

When economies stop growing they go into crisis, but it seems impossible for them to grow forever without causing ecological catastrophe. Matthew Taylor talks to Tim Jackson about the big dilemma in sustainability and his book ‘Prosperity without Growth’ (2008) which charted a way out of it. Can we safely stabilize the size of the economy? What’s behind our insatiable demand for new things? What revolutions are required in the nature of enterprise, policy and values to create prosperity...

Duration: 00:37:48

Inequality is bad for everyone, why isn't it getting better?

Matthew Taylor talks to Kate Pickett co-author of ‘The Spirit Level’ (2009) which argued inequality is bad for everyone (even the rich) citing evidence that the overall of burden health and social problems was worse in more unequal countries. Can simply knowing that people have a lot more or less than you do be bad for your health? Both sides of the political spectrum now seem to agree inequality is a problem but action to remedy it is thin on the ground. Produced by Ben Irvine, Michael...

Duration: 00:33:52

We're still learning how to live in a connected world

Matthew Taylor talks to Geoff Mulgan about his book ‘Connexity’ (1997). Shortly after its publication Geoff became an advisor to Tony Blair’s newly formed New Labour government. The book described how the growth in global connectedness had ushered in a new age of interdependence which was at odds with our focus on individual freedom and demanded an evolution in government, institutions and our mentalities. Are governments running on an out of date operating system? Have we underestimated...

Duration: 00:46:35

Baby boomers are still consuming their children’s future

Can ideas change the world? Matthew Taylor talks to David Willetts about intergenerational inequality and his book ‘The Pinch: How the baby boomers stole their children’s future and why they should give it back’ (2010). Since it's publication, inequality between the generations has only gotten worse. Why is it so difficult to turn peoples concern for their own children into policy which improves the prospects for the next generation as a whole? Can appeals to the welfare of future...

Duration: 01:45:29

What makes good work?

At its best work can provide more than an income but meaning, purpose and community. In the final episode in our Work Shift series Matthew Taylor explores the characteristics of Good Work, how this compares with peoples’ working lives today and whether we could make all work Good Work in the 21st century. He’s joined by: the sociologist Richard Sennett, author of ‘The Craftsman’ (2008), Joanna Biggs, editor at the London Review of Books and author of ‘All Day Long: a portrait of Britain at...

Duration: 00:29:47

Can the gig economy deliver good work?

Login, complete gigs, get paid. The “gig economy” promises to deliver flexible working, efficiency and consumer convenience but some platforms may be dodging their responsibilities as employers. How should they be regulated? And can their benefits be combined with fair and decent work? Anthony Painter is joined by Trebor Scholz, a leading advocate of platform co-operativism and an Associate Professor for Culture & Media at The New School in New York, Olivia Sibony, Co-Founder of the...

Duration: 00:29:11

Why we need to talk about failure

We are anxious to succeed but terrified of failing. Matthew Taylor interviews RSA fellow Moses Sangobiyi about his single minded attempts to break into professional American Football, what he learnt from falling short and why he’s on a mission to let people know that it’s ok to fail. Music: Lobo Loco - Mountain Creek

Duration: 00:20:02