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Episode 29: GHOST COPS

I'm sorry, what's that? Oh, we have more than one idea? Well, TRASH THEM, this episode is all ghost cops! That's right we have gone whole hog and have only focused on ONE DAMN IDEA cause it rocked our socks so fuckin hard we are in LOVE with it. GHOST COPS. GHOST COPS. SAY IT WITH ME NOW. Also thanks to other people who sent in non-Ghost Cop franchise ideas. Now Playing: --------------------­----------------------------------------­--------------- Producers/Writers this week: Yes But Why...

Duration: 01:08:34

Episode 28: The Dogtective

Usually I am a fun-loving, smooth criminal all up in this show's description's guts. But alas, I am very burnt out from editing this show all day today. Can you believe Eric does this every week? What a chump. Anyway, this week we get back to basics. No theme at all for this one. Just some good old fashioned themeless nastiness. We got a Robocop Dog, a butthole with teeth, Phoopi Goldberg, and a film where almost every single person on Earth is a super hero. Thanks for tuning in, true...

Duration: 01:04:15

Episode 27: Gluten Free Lovin'

Well I'm, hot blooded, check it and see. I can have any gluten in me cause I'm hot blooded, hot blooded. That's right folks this weeks episode is about, you guess it? What's that? No, not gluten. That was just a coincidence. It's about VAMPIRES. What? I don't know why I sang a song about gluten, I'm just sayin it was also about blood. My jokes contain multitudes, folks. No, I don't know who I'm talking to here and no I don't care that no one reads these. I will shout bits for no one into...

Duration: 01:12:57

Episode 26: James Bonzo

This podcast just got B-A-N-A-N-A-S, Bananas. Ooh, this my shit, this my shit. Ooh, this my shit, this my shit. Ooh, this my shit, this my shit. Call me Gwen Stefani, cause there's No Doubt this episode is crazy as heck, fam. Enjoy listening to this on Sunday Morning cause this'll pep your day up. It's Hella Good listening to this apetastic episode. Don't Speak while we do or you'll miss all of our bits about monkeys. Hey Baby, are you Happy Now that there's a new episode of this good-good...

Duration: 01:11:36

Episode 25: The Conspiracy of Elvis Smithy

If the aliens take ask take me to your leader, I'm gonna respond back with "Are you sure?" This week's episode we do not let up, we do not back down, we stand tall against the little green men from outer space. We talk about UFOs at EDM Shows, Unitoe Aliens who love to get down a dirrrrrrty, and we create an epic franchise involving your humble hosts in an alternate time line where we take direct action against the aliens and also one of those leaders did something pretty nasty. This...

Duration: 01:14:13

Episode 24: The Nazi Punching Episode

*This Episode Was Recorded In Front Of A Live Studio Audience* This week we shock no one and spend our time talking about movies that prominently feature Nazi Killing. Yknow, America's second favorite 1940's hobby, second only to rebuilding a nation broken by Capitalism! We brought on our good friend and videographer Eric "Good Eric" Jordan Elkin to help us out with some ideas. In this episode you'll hear some bad puns, the seeds being planted to have Jordan Peele replace Edgar Wright as...

Duration: 01:18:09

Episode 23: Supersize My Love

In a bold brand new method, Eric and Thomas combine two suggestions into what is most definitely their nastiest idea ever. Thomas successfully pranks the shit out of Eric with an idea actually yknow what it's not a prank I just lied to my friend and chuckled about it. Sorry. Also sorry for losing steam half an hour in due to Eric and I having major technical difficulties. We don't make microphones we just make hits. Now Playing: Runs in the FamilySupersize My LoveSuns Out Guns Out ...

Duration: 01:05:47

Episode 22: Quick and Angry 2 - The Flesh Car

Vroom vroom. Get your motor running. Head out on the highway. Lookin for adventure. And whatever comes my way. That's what I'm talking about baby this episode is like my favorite Pixar films: all Cars. Really fun kick ass episode listen pls Now Playing: Born to Run: Hot Rod in Real LifeQuick and Angry 2: Flesh CarK.I.T.T. - The Unauthorized AUTO-biography --------------------­----------------------------------------­---------------------- Ideas used: jake scheidel‏ @JakeScheidel A...

Duration: 01:23:49

Episode 22: Boss Baby 2 - The Pacifier of the Christ FEAT. JORDAN BROADWAY

spent too long editing this fucking episode. I don't remember all the names of the movies Hail MaryJesus RoyaleThe Cumming of ChristMartin Scorsese and Pixar Presents: the rest of the titleBoss Baby 2: The Pacifier of The Christ --------------------­----------------------------------------­---------------------- Ideas used: jro‏ @juliapherneliaaJesus returns fed up with the state of humanity and decides not to bring about salvation, but he's so good he saves people against his willjake...

Duration: 01:15:08

Episode 20: Senator Kid Rock the Pedophile

Look Eric worked long and hard editing this episode so it was listenable while I just like chilled and enjoyed my day off so maybe stop and thank him. Right now tweet at him and say thanks to him. He works hard on this and deserves it. Me? I'm just waiting for my sushi like a sultan. Thanks. Oh also. Now Playing: Senator Kid Rock the PedophileUSS Zuckerburg Vs MiantusGatorville, USAReverse Producers(How Eric, Tommy, and David took down Dreamworks)The Pussy of Dorian GreyGainesville Grampa...

Duration: 01:29:52

Episode 19: Star Trek West

Sci-fi stuff, We talked almost too long and too boring about Kanye West but at least it's original, kinda. Fuck Spider-Man. Fuck Planet of the Apes. Also you know when they show musicals in theaters does anyone go to those? Probably not huh? So how come no one will air this podcast in a theater? Makes you think. Anyway Eric has never yelled at me for my non sequitor descriptions of this podcast so this is basically my ESPN Talking Head show. Thanks, as always. I'm Tommy. Star Trek: Kanye...

Duration: 01:11:40

Episode 18 - The Last Zyrtec

Listen up you chumps we had a a real funny episode so I'm gonna needn't you to listen. I pull up from half court with a deep Jim Cramer Mad Money reference and Eric and I both get triple doubles in Goofs/Bits/Salary Budgeting. Here da movies babies I love you all Love is BlindThe Last ZyrtecTerrence Howard’s Iron Man 2: Hustle and Flow ---------------------­----------------------------------------­---------------------- Ideas used: nah‏ @carrodactyl - one I wrote: blind french woman...

Duration: 01:04:12

Episode 17: Perry Hotter or the Republican’s Water Balloon

I didn't write a description for this because I napped and saw Edgar Wright's "Baby Driver", the greatest film ever made. So, sorry Eric. The Ballad of Jeremy : : : Foot ForwardSpace ColonPerry Hotter or the Republican’s Water BalloonZoo Mortgage : (Colon) : The Truckist ---------------------­----------------------------------------­---------------------- Ideas used: Eric Jordan Elkin‏ @EricJordanElkin - push out their fifth member and the fifth member plots his revenge Nate...

Duration: 01:06:17

Episode 16: Guantanamo Pirate Bay

This week we present a very special episode where we like almost don't do an idea but do, congratulate a good friend, and I proclaim I hate this episode and Eric tells me I actually am wrong and it's a good one. Our movies this week are: Isn't that fancy new formatting we can all grow to love? Does anyone read these? Please read this. ---------------------­----------------------------------------­---------------------- Ideas used: Murphy‏ @Jesus_H_Pharaoh It's the opposite of the...

Duration: 01:09:36

Episode 16: Guantanamo Pirate Bay

This week we present a very special episode where we like almost don't do an idea but do, congratulate a good friend, and I proclaim I hate this episode and Eric tells me I actually am wrong and it's a good one. Our movies this week are: The CleanseGuantanamo Pirate BayTim Burton presents: Camille The Camel and Steven the Sassy Scorpion’s Good Fun Happy Hour: Nothing is Evil About This Movie - Don't Worry, Your Kids Will Love it Isn't that fancy new formatting we can all grow to love?...

Duration: 01:09:36

Episode 15: Amelia Landhart - Tractor Gal

Eric and I are on vacation so this episode is from...THE PAST. Wow, spooky, right? This week we chit chat about some good stuff. Lots of good stuff I definitely remember. Did not forget what was said in this episode since we recorded it a week ago and my ass is on a whole different plane of existence right now. So like here's the titles and please listen to these fuckin absolutely righteous episode. Keeping Up the ActAmelia Landhart: Tractor GalU.S.S. Cloverfield ...

Duration: 01:11:07

Episode 14: VHS Boy

Here's 3 brand new movies for your Weekly Oscar Consideration ---------------------­----------------------------------------­---------------------- Ideas used: Eric Jordan Elkin‏ @EricJordanElkin An intense debt collector hunts down a person who has an unpaid blockbuster late fee from renting National Lampoon's Vacation in 1993. jro‏ @juliapherneliaa Shitty/dangerous beach that everyone has a "great time" at because of trace amounts of lsd in water Dominic Talerico‏ @YesYouSirs A...

Duration: 01:25:58

Episode 13: Darlene vs The Dirt Monster Septilogy

Please enjoy our new hit films Porridge Boy: Meatloaf is badDarlene Vs. The Dirt Monster SeptilogyThe Amazing Travels of Ms. Samantha Honeydew: The Island -Bruno Mars Just Fucked that Gun- (Gunfucker) ---------------------­----------------------------------------­---------------------- Ideas used: Jordan Broadway‏ @jordobroado - A superhero style flick but instead of cool powers our protagonist wakes up one morning to discover they sweat porridge jro‏ @juliapherneliaa Sentient dead...

Duration: 01:13:07

Episode 12: Time Janitor feat. DOMINIC TALERICO

Look this is becoming a normal thing but this is a really crazy good episode. Like this is an idea I will probably be writing one day. It's super good. It makes sense because Dominic is a very smart boy and better than us goofs. We bring you: Time Janitor: Dust to Dust, a DB Cooper Bio Pic we didn't name, Black Friday all in this, our longest episode yet! Be on the lookout for Dominic's stuff @YesYousirs and his VHS tape instagram...

Duration: 01:21:50

Episode 11: The Wonderful World of Joaquin

This week we make the weirdest but also our favorite idea we've ever had. It's outta this wonderful world. We talk Breaking the Habit, The Other Other Bowlyn Girl(A Cereal Story), The Wonderful World of Joaquin. ---------------------­----------------------------------------­---------------------- Ideas used: Jordan Broadway‏ @jordobroado - A Deathproof style revenge flick in which a group of nuns track down and murder a paedophile priest lila‏ @larrylilbert - Not the secret life of...

Duration: 01:12:28

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