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Coca Dillaz is a music project that was created by Matush and Yoakhim & T-RAVEL at the beginning of 2011. Matush is legendary polish dj and house music producent. The duo Yoakhim and T-Ravel who has been active on the trance & progressive scene for a long time. In January 2011 the band set up a music studio Quality Sounds, where they started working on their new material. The idea behind it was to create a fresh, new sound, superb quality electronic dance music. The band make up three members with totally different musical tastes making music that is a mixture of different genres. For the last couple of months, the group has signed contract with German label - Cue Point and relesed first tracks Play My Game and Revolution. One could easily say that the real "Revolution" is coming up soon on the World Wide club scene. You can't miss it ! Stay tuned ! best wishes




58 rue père Maitre BP 17 97432 RAVINE DES CABRIS Ile de la Réunion 48 602220778