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Beer is a Conversation: Jade Flavell / Wheaty Brewing Corps

This week we chat with Jade Flavell, Publican at Adelaide's Wheatsheaf Hotel, one of Australia's great good beer pubs. Jade is also the head brewer The Wheaty Brewing Corp, which this year was named Hopco Champion Small Brewery at the Craft Beer Awards. Jade is a passionate publican and brewer and discusses her approach to brewing, as well as independence, selling out and calling beer booze. Contact us

Duration: 00:50:04

Radio Brews News 142

In a beer week of beer news, we discuss the breaking news that Feral has been sold to CCA. Coca-Cola Amatil the best fit for Feral: Brendan Varis We look at New Zealand brewer Renaissance's entry into Voluntary Administration. Renaissance looking for rebirth And also the Brewers Guild of New Zealand awards Garage Project named New Zealand’s Champion Brewer Listener José Perez sends through some information about the New Caledonian brewery, Les 3 Brasseurs, Pete spoke about last...

Duration: 00:23:24

Beer is a Conversation: Brendan Varis / Feral sale to CCA

This week on Beer is a Conversation we have a frank conversation with Feral Brewing founder and, as of today, former owner, Brendan Varis. Brendan discusses the sale, why he made the decision to sell, why sell to Coca-Cola Amatil and what it means for the brewery and for the broader beer industry.

Duration: 00:31:27

Radio Brews News 141

This week on Radio Brews News we welcome Pete Mitcham back to the hosts chair and catch up with him about the news the broke during his holidays. We learn a little about the South Pacific beer scene, discuss whether you can taste independence, whether accidental sourness is a fault or a feature and plenty more.

Duration: 00:40:46

Beer is a Conversation: James Omond

This week on Beer is a Conversation we talk trade marks with intellectual property expert James Omond. A registered Trade Mark Attorney with extensive experience in the drinks industry, James established his own law firm - Omond & Co - in 2002. He specialises in providing IP advice to wine, beer and spirits producers through a dedicated Trade Marks arm, Australian Beverage Trade Marks. Trade Marks have been a contentious matter in the we-are-all-friends world of small brewing and we...

Duration: 00:47:13

Radio Brews News 140

This week on Radio Brews News, Matt Kirkegaard and James Atkinson discuss the news for the week ending 29 September 2017. Among the topics we cover: 4 Pines Sale to ABIand hereGreen BeaconBent SpokePerth Stadium goes Gage Roads Get in touch Send us your feedback, or leave a voice mail by calling (07) 3040 1508, that we’ll play on our next show.

Duration: 00:49:12

Beer is a Conversation: Garrett Oliver

This week on Beer is a Conversation, we play James Atkinson's recent conversation with Brooklyn Brewery's head brewer and author of The Brewmaster's Table, Garrett Oliver.

Duration: 00:51:09

Radio Brews News 139

Australian Brews News' Matt Kirkegaard and James Atkinson discuss the news of the week ending 22 September 2017.

Duration: 00:50:21

Radio Brews News 139a

On the day 4 Pines annouces its sale to global brewing giant ABI we chat with 4 Pines' Jaron Mitchell and CUB's Peter Filopvic.

Duration: 00:20:50

Beer is a conversation: Neil Whittorn

This week on Beer is a Conversation we meet brewer Neil Whittorn. Neil, known to some as Pops, has been a brewer for over 45 years, starting at CUB in 1971. He has brewed for Matilda Bay and currently brews and mentors the brewing team at Stone & Wood.

Duration: 00:27:27

RBN Ep 138.b_Blair_Hayden

This week in Beer is a Conversation James Atkinson chats with Blair Hayden, founder of the infamous Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel in Sydney. Blair Hayden: Blair Hayden purchased the Lord Nelson Hotel in 1986, some 140 years after it was established by William Wells in one of Sydney’s most iconic areas, The Rocks. This business venture became the inception of Australia’s craft and independent brewing movement, as Blair set out to create his own take on English style beers with a strong,...

Duration: 00:24:28

Radio Brews News 137

The Brews News team discuss the beer news of the week ending 25 August 2017.

Duration: 00:50:39

Beer is a Conversation: Dan Dainton

This week in Beer is a Conversation James Atkinson chats with Dainton Family Brewing Founder and Head Brewer, Dan Dainton, who recently took out the Champion Craft Beer Award at this year’s Craft Beer Awards. Dan Dainton Dan started his brewing career at the James Squire Brewhouse at the Portland Hotel in 2011. Already experimenting with bold and quirky flavours, Dan’s brewing skills churned out a Black Rye IPA (which was pretty out-there at the time) along with other over the top IPAs -...

Duration: 00:21:39

Beer is a Conversation: Doug Donnellan / Sean Symons

This week in Beer is a Conversation, we hear an interview Matt recorded with New Zealand Hops CEO Doug Donnellan earlier in the year during the New Zealand hop harvest. James and Pete also share a conversation they had with founder of White Lakes Brewing Sean Symons last week at the Australian Brewers Conference. Doug Donnellan Prior to his appointment as Chief Executive Officer, Doug was Head Brewer of Australia’s Malt Shovel Brewery and James Squire Brewhouses. Doug has over 30 years’...

Duration: 00:34:36

Radio Brews News 136

On Radio Brews News, Pete Mitcham, James Atkinson and Matt Kirkegaard discuss the news for the week. News: Craft beers all look the sameIndependent Brewers set ambitious targetLions discontinues KnappsteinThe Brewers Association Mid Year ResultsHow Stella Is Changing The Way We Enjoy Beer Get in touch Send us your feedback, or leave a voice mail by calling (07) 3040 1508, that we’ll play on our next show.

Duration: 00:38:37

Beer is a Conversation: Aaron Heary

This week in Beer is a Conversation we caught up with Gage Roads’ Chief Operations Officer and Brew Chief, Aaron Heary. In this chat we discuss Aaron’s path from brewer to COO and the recent major strategy overhaul of Gage Roads Brewing Co. Aaron Heary: Aaron Heary initially started his career in winemaking prior to working as a brewer with Little Creatures. After its sale, Aaron travelled extensively, further educating himself on the world of beer to kindle his knowledge and love of the...

Duration: 00:21:58

Radio Brews News 135

This week is a special edition of Radio Brews News as Pete Mitcham and James Atkinson report from Independent Brewers Association Conference in Adelaide. Firstly they catch up with conference speaker with Ina Versti about craft and independece, then they catch up with Craft Beer Awards judges Jayne Lewis, Richard Watkins and Aaron Heary to get some feedback on this year’s competition. Ina Verstl Dr Ina Verstl is a journalist, researcher and co-author of Beer Monopoly. After completing...

Duration: 00:29:34

Beer is a Conversation: Stirling Howland

This week in Beer is a Conversation we caught up with co-founder and Brand Director of Balter Brewing, Stirling Howland. In this chat we discuss the branding and marketing of Balter’s iconic packaging, and learn more about the brewery’s foundations that helped it to quickly grow into a successful icon. Stirling Howland started working with the Billabong surf brand when he was 14 years old. It was through Billabong that Stirling met and befriended local surfing legends and the other...

Duration: 00:38:38

Radio Brews News 134

On Radio Brews News podcast, the Brews News editorial team discuss the news for the week. This week: ACCC decision not to take action on tap contractsAustralian Craft Brewers Conference 2017HPA hop breeding Get in touch Send us your feedback, or leave a voice mail by calling (07) 3040 1508, that we'll play on our next show.

Duration: 00:28:26

Beer is a Conversation - Neil Witte

This week in Beer is a Conversation we share a chat that Brews News editor James Atkinson had with Neil Witte of Craft Quality Solutions while he was in Washington DC at Brewers Association Conference back in April. Neil Witte is the founder of Craft Quality Solutions LLC, which is the very first of its kind to provide field quality services to craft brewers, distributors and retailers. Neil holds one of just thirteen Master Cicerone certifications currently awarded across the world, and...

Duration: 00:22:47

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