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Chaser Podcast Thursday July 20

If you can find a cheaper midday comedy show we'll beat it by 10%... Private Unis?, Game of Thrones with Celebs, Daily Quiz (NT News), Charles's wife overseas, 13 yr old buys home, Cats PJ's or Cats Piss?, North Korean Relaxation, How long have we been here?, North Korean Facts, Gonorrhea Super Super Bug & The Chaser Awards

Duration: 00:38:32

Chaser Podcast Wednesday July 19

The same dudes as yesterday I forget their names.....Derek or something..: The Greens, Credit Card Ads, Daily Quiz (classic music), Politics with dual citizenship, Cats PJ'sor Cats Piss?, New bridge toll, Spiderman, Harbour Bridge facts, Exciting World of Science (With Charles Firth), Our Favourite Ad (chapter 3) & The Chaser Awards

Duration: 00:43:24

Chaser Podcast Tuesday July 18

With a special Ed Sheeran Cameo!, ...we mention him at some point ot something: NT Space Program, Peter Dutton Super Department, Daily Quiz MMM Music, Game of Thrones TV Problems, News on banks, Cats PJ's or Cats Piss? More Peter Dutton, Triple Your Triple M, Pilow Talk with Andrew Hansen, Jason Bond fixes Foxtel, Trump anyone?, Ninja Warrior & The Chaser Awards

Duration: 00:49:57

Chaser Podcast Monday July 17

Not to be confused with that quiz show on TV that chases people with Trivia... Dom went to Oberon, Dr Who?, Daily Quiz, Wimbledon, Cats Pj's or Cats Piss?, Roger Rogerson as told by Rhys, Huge day for nerds, Triple M turns 37, What's Appening (Charles's app segment), Game Of Thrones Facts & The Chaser Awards

Duration: 00:49:06

Chaser Podcast Thursday July 13

For your ears only......(and like maybe 3 other guys...or everyone, whatever): We Lost, Aus Bogan Warrior, Daily Quiz (not Origin related), Arsenal players love the A League, Charles lived in Hawai, Cats PJs or Cats Piss?, Charles is gettinga Chaser Tattoo, Our Favourite Ad, The Exciting World of Science (with Charles), Exclusive White House Audio & The Chaser Awards

Duration: 00:42:32


Louise Mensch has had an incredibly successful career as a Conservative MP & author in the UK. Most recently she's been investigating the Trump & Russia saga and is in many ways leading the anti-Trump movement. Louise is also married to Peter Mensch, American musician and manager of many well-known acts including The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Snow Patrol & METALLICA!

Duration: 00:34:46

Chaser Podcast Wednesday July 12

With Special Origin Guest AH Caley....also Dom, Charles and Rhys: Blues...DON'T STUFF IT UP!, Players media training, Speak like a Queenslander quiz, Alternative Dating App, Wearing maroon today, Cats PJ's or Cats Piss, Barfgate, QLD Quiz Show, Dom likes Arsenal, Louise Mensch (leading the charge against Trump and also Metallicas Managers Wife!!) & Explaining Origin to Charles

Duration: 00:48:49

Chaser Podcast Tuesday July 11

Just Dom & Rhys (charles wore a maroon coloured shirt so we turned his mic off, please excuse long silences in recording): Fairfield has Pokies, Plain ciggie packaging, Arsenal are in town, Tex Perkins, Cats PJ's or Cats Piss?, Tony Moore (aliance for gambling), QLD tourism, Charles has the house to himself & The Chaser Awards

Duration: 00:39:24

Chaser Podcast Monday July 10

Just the two today, Dom Charles & Rhys....Dom Charles is one guy....oh wait no it's not...okay all three: Extended hours for Sydney, Charles caught the train, Positive Thinking Quiz (Origin), The Rainbow Warrior, Cats PJ's or Cats Piss?, Australian Ninja Warrior, QLD TV, Putin & Trump Met, Old Luna Park Commercial, Bring your kids to work day (for Charles), actuall FOOTBALL on Thursday night & The Chaser Awards

Duration: 00:45:13

Chaser Podcast Friday July 7

Everyone including Dom, Charles and Rhys but no one else...: The old Chaser crashing the G20 story, Poor Hamburg (G20), Daily Quiz (90's), Trumps Reservation, Cats PJ's or Cats Piss, Kyrios's Groin, GPS trackers on every vehicle?, Work Funtion Disasters, What's Appening? (Charles's App Segment) & The Chaser Awards

Duration: 00:43:53

Chaser Podcast Thursday July 6

KEVIN RUDD INTERVIEW (his thoughts on North Korea): Cardinal Orgy, Dom saw a play, KEVIN RUDD, Digital Classic Rock, Cats PJ's or Cats Piss?, Tony Abbot Facts, Charles tests Volvos new self driving technology, Weekend in Tassie Winner, Jason Bond (US Spy) & The Chaser Awards

Duration: 00:48:48

Chaser Podcast Wednesday July 5

Rhys, Charles, Dom & Bernard Tomic.....(feigned injury and went home fro boredom though): We're all about to die, Origin Energy Healer, Bass Guitar Quiz, Learn bout Rhys, Cats PJ's or Cats Piss?, No Ashes???, Charles's Airline, What did you win? & The Chaser Awards

Duration: 00:43:58

Chaser Podcast Tuesday July 4

Dom, Rhys & Charles: Self driving cars, The Rhys Muldoon Quiz, Peter Van Onslen (politics n stuff), Matty Johns is cranky at Rhys, Cats PJs or Cats Piss?, It's cold, Schools Schools Schools!, Your worst boss?, Wonderful World of Science (With Charles) & The Chaser Awards

Duration: 00:45:32

Chaser Podcast Monday July 3

Dom Might, Charles Will & Rhys Wont: Hapy New Financial Year!, Pacquio vs the ref, Catholic Quiz, Rhys's naughty tale, Trump did what?, Cats PJ's or Cats Piss, Where are the cricketers? School Holiday nightmares, Walk to work in Sydney & The Chaser Awards.

Duration: 00:46:52

Chaser Podcast Friday June 30

Mod, Selrahc, Kram & Shyr: iPhone is 10!, Tony Abbot, Daily Quiz (rock symphonys), Alice Workman (politicl reporter), Cats PJ's or Cats Piss?, Sydney Facts, Burial Plot Auction, Rhys Knows Chopper!!, Happy Birthday iPhone & The Chaser Awards

Duration: 00:41:10

Chaser Podcast Thursday June 29

Dom, Charles, Rhys: Tony Abbot, Dom saw a show, Quiz (footballer or politician?), Drysdales Dodgy Deals (with Kirtsen Drysdale), What's Appening (App Segment) & MBA Bitter

Duration: 00:28:54

Chaser Podcast Wednesday June 28

The Dom, The Chaz (short for charles not the actual chaz from the chaser), The Mul & the Hump: What's Playschool doing?, Aveo Aged Care, Biblical Quizical, Cats PJ's or Cats Piss?, School Pranks..did u do em? & The Chaser Awards

Duration: 00:32:14

Chaser Podcast Tuesday June 27

Charles, Rhys, Mark & Dom: Melboune/Sydney Census, Sydney Homeless Message, Harry Potter Quiz, Charles Firth in a war zone, Cats PJ's or Cats Piss?, Pauline Hansons Fish N Chip shop in QLD, Exciting World of Science (With Charles Firth) & Air Asia Cockpitt Intercom

Duration: 00:31:28

Chaser Podcast Monday June 26

ANDREW HANSEN RETURNS!!..and also the other guys are still here: Alien Life? Annonymous says maybe, Government asks for pay rise, Piccolo Bar is closing :(, Cats PJs or Cats Piss?, Charles's new advertising company, What's Appening (App Segment), Trump @ liars support group & The Chaser Awards

Duration: 00:30:26

Chaser Podcast Thursday June 22

Charles, Rhys (Welsh name btw)...and Dom: ORIGIN!..we lost, High Speed Loop from Syd to Melb?, Smelbourne, Anthony Albanese, Interview with a Millenial, Charles's new company, Immigration test & Alice Workman (political reporter)

Duration: 00:35:07

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