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The Italian language & culture programme with 30 minutes of content in English and 30 minutes in Italian.

The Italian language & culture programme with 30 minutes of content in English and 30 minutes in Italian.
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Cambridge, United Kingdom


The Italian language & culture programme with 30 minutes of content in English and 30 minutes in Italian.




Radio Dante 09/07/2016

Following the Brexit vote, today’s show focuses on the impact of the referendum on both Britain and Europe. There’s also a look at the history of the European Union and its charactaristics. Presented by Christian Cirelli and Luca Valleriani.

Radio Dante 14/05/2016

Meet our special guests Alessandro and Maximilian who will share their experience in learning a foreign language. Presented by Lavinia Amenduni

Radio Dante 30/04/2016

Had William Shakespeare Italian origins? Or was he merely fascinated by our culture and literary traditions? Find out more about the Bard’s connection to Italy and lots of other literary curiosities too, in occasion of the fourth centenary of Shakespeare and Cervantes’s death and Orlando Furioso’s five-hundredth anniversary. Presented by Lavinia Amenduni and Luca Valleriani

Radio Dante 02/04/2016

Buona Pasqua! Discover with Lavinia and Luca how Italians celebrate Easter. Is torta di Pasqua a real cake? And how is the Easter date determined anyway? Stay tuned to find out! Presented by Lavinia Amenduni and Luca Valleriani

Radio Dante: Italian Comedy

Discovering Italian Comedy movies throughout the best Italian humor icon of the 70s-90s: Fantozzi Rag. Ugo! the character was made by Paolo Villaggio, a Genoese writer and humorist, thanks to him, loads of Italian generations has fallen in love with this character and his misfortune. Presented by Luthien Cangemi and Lidia Milazzo.

Radio Dante 19/03/2016

Sicily is one of the most amazing regions of Italy, full of history and curious traditions. Find out the traces that Greeks, Arabians, Normans and many others left on this island throughout the last 2500 years. Presented by Lavinia Amenduni and Luthien Cangemi

Radio Dante 05/03/2016

Feeling nostalgic about the Carnival period? You didn’t get the chance to taste some delicious frittelle, or to admire the amazing Venetian masks? Then join Daniele and Lavinia for an episode full of coriandoli and music! Presented by Daniele Trivellone and Lavinia Amenduni

Radio Dante 23/01/2016

Italians love wine and the world loves Italian wine! In this episode we’ll talk about wine, together with its production and its history. Did you know that wine is 9000 years old? Did you ever wonder how wine is made? Or maybe you just always wanted to know what DOC stands for? Stay tuned to

Radio Dante 26/12/2015

Eager to discover what makes an Italian Christmas special? And what are the differences to the rest of the world? Panettone in Milan, pandoro in Verona or presepe in Naples? Find out what makes Christmas special to Italians. Presented by Ludovico Nolfi, Dea Rakovac and Elena Fratini.

Radio Dante 28/11/2015

You can get active on this week’s edition of the Italian magazine show with sport and Italian champions. Do you know why the Italian football strip is blue? And why did the greatest racer ever wear a golden tortoise around his neck? Presented by Daniele Trivellone, Silvia Croce, Dea Rakovac.

Radio Dante 14/11/2015

Migrants are not only crossing borders, they are also groundbreaking writers. Radio Dante will share with you their stories and their Italian words. What is this all about? Identity, diverse background, integration, freedom of expression and much more. Presented by Dea Rakovac, Daniele Trivellone and Lucia Vasapollo.

Radio Dante 24/10/2015

Halloween is approaching and Radio Dante is getting ready for ghost stories, scary spirits and creepy tunes. Fabio Camilletti, Professor at the University of Warwick, will be with us to present Fantasmagoriana, the first Italian translation of the darkest Gothic literature that inspired Mary Shelley and Byron so long ago, on a cold winter night

Radio Dante 10/10/2015

Eager to learn more about Italy? Looking for unique Italian events? Radio Dante is happy to present what’s happening during the 15th Week of Italian Language in the World. Concerts, talks, performances and everything we can dream of to fulfill your need of Italian culture! Presented by Dea Rakovac, Alessandra Diazzi and Alessandro Luciani

Radio Dante 26/09/2015

Radio Dante explores the adventurous world of Pinocchio! Everybody knows about the Disney wooden puppet, but did you know that he was born in a little village in Tuscany? And did you know that Collodi is both the name of this village and the pen name of a Freemason? Stay tuned for more engaging and

Radio Dante 12/09/2015

Up for an Italian film? Radio Dante is ready to give you some good advice about what to see next. Stay tuned to learn what’s new at the 72nd Venice Film Festival! An, if Italy were a film director, who would it be? Presented by Sonia Vannozzi, Dea Rakovac and Lucia Vasapollo

Radio Dante 22/08/2015

Radio Dante goes on holiday to Puglia to celebrate La Notte della Taranta. Tarantulas, tambourines, love stories and hysterical dancing. Could this be the greatest folk event in Italy? Presented by Dea Rakovac, Sonia Vannozzi and Anna Prodam.

Radio Dante 11/07/2015

The bilingual show reflects upon itself: interpreters and translators, what’s your job about? Find out more about this “backstage” job on Radio Dante and discover Italian expressions which get lost in translation. Presented by Dea Rakovac and Ludovico Nolfi

Radio Dante 27/06/2015

Radio Dante continues the celebrations of Dante’s 750th anniversary. Have a live taste of a brilliant and hilarious adaptation of The Divine Comedy by Mike Maran, Scottish theatre director with a great passion for Italy, Beatrice and puppets. Presented by Dea Rakovac, Ludovico Nolfi and Elena Fratini. (In Italian and English) Produced by La Dante

Radio Dante 13/06/2015

On the occasion of his 750th anniversary, Radio Dante presents Dante Alighieri! Professor Robin Kirkpatrick from the University of Cambridge, Dantista and English translator of The Divine Comedy, takes us on a sublime journey across Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso. Presented by Dea Rakovac and Ludovico Nolfi

Radio Dante 23/05/2015

A breath of fresh air as Ludovico and Dea give you an energetic kick! Sparkling rap and hip-hop music, innovative architecture and recycled spaces: Alessio Terzaghi and Diego Costantini will tell us how it feels to be young and Italian today. Produced by La Dante in Cambridge.
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