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Melbourne, VIC


Melbourne's own Marine and Coastal news and views. Features Dr Beach with 'Life's a Beach', Brett Illingworth with 'The Brett Spot', Dr Surf with 'Surfing Culture on the Skids', Jeff Maynard with 'Sound Waves', Angeline Charles with 'Sisters of the Sea' , and John Ford with 'Tails from the Fish Shop', and Cathy 'Touch of an Angelfish' Crick.




Radio Marinara - 24 Sep 2017

Dr Beach and John are joined by Baykeeper Neil BLake, Amy Foster talks Plastics and Simon Branigan is on the phone discussing Reef Cam at Pope's Eye.

Duration: 00:48:01

Radio Marinara - 03 Sept 2017

Dr Beach and Anth are in with a shirt load of marine news Sunday at 9AM. Anth has been looking in something the Einstieners pointed us to about the Shark Netting trials in northern NSW. Dr Beach has been looking at new marine science. Dr Alex Rattray from Deakin University will be in to tell us about the Victorian Marine Habitat Mapping project, an online portal which will bring together data on Victoria’s seafloor and coastal ecosystems. And Don Love joins us from down Gippie way to...

Duration: 00:45:48

Radio Marinara - 25 Apr 2017


Duration: 00:00:24

Radio Marinara - 06 Aug 2017

Rex Hunter joins us to talk about when David Mearns found the HMAS Sydney in 2008 when no one could for many many years. Dave Donnelly talks live in the studio about the 50th Humpback Whale being sighted and catalogued by the Dolphin Research Institute and Dianne Bray from Museum Victoria comes into talk marine stuff before we head into Radiothon - remember It is Alive... Bron and Anth are not so scary this week...

Duration: 00:52:26

Radio Marinara - 17 July 2017

It's the John and Bron show this week...talking with Gabrielle McCorkell regarding the Stop Adani Campaign, Dianne Bay and Facelles FIsh plus all the usual news in all things wet and salty.

Duration: 00:51:16

Radio Marinara 09 Jul 2017

Bron and Dr Beach sail the good ship Marinara with Capt Windshift, Dr Surf and Special Guest David Hirst talking about his upcoming exhibition 'Wet Feet' addressing climate change and rising sea levels in the South Pacific

Duration: 00:44:32

Radio Marinara 18 Jun 2017


Duration: 00:48:03

Radio Marinara 04 Jun 2017

Bron and Anth sail the good ship marinara with a dive report from Terri Allen and loads of the latest news and views. We are joined by Oceanographer Dr David Provis talking about the recent NOnathanrfarrelly@hotmail.comAA predictions for global mean sea level and what this could mean for the Victorian coast in 2040 and 2100. Jeff Nottle, Chairman of Preserve Westernport Action Group, joins us to talk about his group's response to the recent announcement by Infrastructure Victoria on the...

Duration: 00:51:55

Radio Marinara - 14 May 2017

Scientist Tim O'Hara will be coming in to talk about leading the first deep-sea exploration voyage upon The Investigator (the CSIRO’s marine research vessel) from Launceston to Brisbane. On this voyage, Tim will be leading an international team of 40 scientists for a 31-day scientific expedition, it will be the first survey in Australia to examine marine life down to the depth of 4km. The expedition is an important one because the data that is gathered will be crucial to understanding...

Duration: 00:43:25

Radio Marinara - 07 May 2017

Anth and John will don the mark and snorkel and range across a wide ocean of ideas... from the extent of Australian marine debris to Indo plastic and loadsa other news to Dr Travis Park joining us live to talk about the evolutionary origin of whales and finally we tackle the real question of "can aquaculture save us?" - a dilemma to be thought through.... Anth and John will don the mark and snorkel and range across a wide ocean of ideas... from the extent of Australian marine debris to...

Duration: 00:45:34

Radio Marinara - 23 Apr 2017

It's Bron and Angeline in the fishbowl today. PT is on the phone with an update on the Ray's Awareness campaign we discussed last week. Visits from Dr Rebecca Spindler talking coral research, conservation and the future of reef science and Marinara's regular, Rex Hunter reports on sailing the Square Rigger 'Tenacious' and the wreck off safety beach.

Duration: 00:51:02

Radio Marinara - 16 Apr 2017

Who is killing the great rays of the bays? PT Hirschfield joins us to explore a trend of growing concern - horrific killing and dumping of local rays in Port Phillip and Westernport and particularly under piers and jetties. John brings us an eclectic grab bag of news. Then dust off your ropes, because Jeff Maynard brings us a film about nautical knots. And we acknowledge the passing of one of the great advocates for protection of the natural wonders of Westernport, Mr John Clarke.

Duration: 00:46:44

Radio Marinara - 09 Apr 2017

Join Anth and Angeline for show #894 (!) when we talk salmon farming, a bunch of news, barramundi life cycles and aquaculture with Dr Michael Salini, and Captain Windshift rides the winds of Brunswick into the studio to update us on the latest in the world of sailing locally. Let you Sunday wash over you with Radio Marinara.

Duration: 00:42:48

Radio Marinara - 02 April 2017

It's Dr Beach and Anth in the fishbowl. Travis Park talks his research and BLue Whales. David Provis on recent NOAA on climate and Quinn Oliver chats Blue Carbon with the crew. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:45:30

Radio Marinara - 26 Mar 2017

Bron & Angeline are in the fish bowl. Guests this episode are Adam Shalekof from the Mornington Peninsula Council talking about the Clean and GReen Peninsula Program, Anne Gabriel from the Marina Stewardship Council talking about Sustainable Seafood Day and our trusty Baykeeper Neil Blake telling all about the current randy behaviour by our bayside penguins..

Duration: 00:45:33

Radio Marinara - 12 March 2017

Bron and Dr Beach in the Triple R Fishbowl for all things wet and salty this week. Joined by Terri Allen for the diver report, Mark Rodrigue and Jon Duthrie talking The Festival on The Sea next week and it's welcome back to Jeff Maynard with his sound clips from all your favourite B-Grade Marinara related movies - in this case it's the 1950s and 'Operation Petticoat' (there are submarines).

Duration: 00:47:51

Radio Marinara - 19 Feb 2017

Bron and Angeline are in the Fish Tank. Carl Gardniner comes in talk about his upcoming exhinbition 'Beats Working'. Bron is on the phone with Lizzie Doyle talking about 'Wild Women On Water' and Angeline brings us up to speed on Seals and Tassie Salmon Farms

Duration: 00:40:06

Radio Marinara - 12 feb 2017

Bron & Dr Beach are in the Fishbowl...with guests Tim Smith talking Sea Grass, an update on sea travels from Teri Allen along with a phone in from Mark Rodrigue.

Duration: 00:49:03

Radio Marinara - 05 Feb 2017

We're Back.. Radio Marinara 2017 Ep. 1. Bron, Dr Beach and Angeline are in the fish bowl. Talking all things wet and salty.

Duration: 00:48:00

Radio Marinara - 10 Dec 2016

Bron, Dr Beach and Rex are bringing you all things wet and salty for the 2 to last show of 2016...

Duration: 00:49:56

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