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East Orange, NJ


Intimate electronics, bad poetry, tender murk, and tired humans making the best of it. Features live sound collaging, too.




gee, baby from Sep 14, 2017

The Carter Family - "Lonesome Valley" Arto Lindsay and Toni Nogueira - "Buy One" - Tellus #10: All Guitars! Stuart Brisley - "There Eill Be No Disasters" - Live to Air: artist's sound works Glenn Branca - "First Movement ///////////jumps into somekinda void" - Symphony No 6: Devil Choirs at the Gates of Heaven Chop Shop - "Hot Box" - "//////back to chop shop/////" The Feelies - "Let's Go" - The Good Earth Gregory Whitehead - "Adioradioadioradioradioaradioradioaidior" Set: dont...

Duration: 03:08:48

i think maybe i do remember being in my mom's belly from Sep 7, 2017

Opal - "Happy Nightmare Baby" - Happy Nightmare Baby //// - "suzanne ciani & the buchla board ///// radiophonic workshop" - //// Paul Drescher - "Pygmy Vocal Music" - Tellus #4 Jenny Hval - "Conceptual Romance" - Blood Bitch Juana Molina - "Los pies helados" - Halo ESG - "You're No Good" - A South Bronx Story Linda Scott - "I've Told Every Little Star" Fleetwoods - "Outside My Window" Set: water Aretha Franklin - "I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You)" - I Never Loved a Man the...

Duration: 03:08:21

pillow talk from Aug 31, 2017

Yo La Tengo - "Nowhere Near" - Painful Set: the bat scene Robert Ashley//// - "slow lady purposeful afternoon ///++++others" - automatic writing Set: broken 45s :( Set: night has its advantages Yo La Tengo - "Big Day Coming" - Painful The Gospel Christian Singers from Charlotte, North Carolina Set: ring ring ring Set: but darkness also has its disadvantages William Basinski - "2062" - 92982 Set: oop miles davis - "he loved him madly" - get up with it joni mitchell - "circle...

Duration: 03:09:28

time and time again from Aug 24, 2017

// - "//" - // - "voices of octavia butler, marvin gaye, assata shakur" - "+++++" - "orange juice, olivia neutron-john, the fall" Set: its dangerous to assume that we can actually see the future sun ra - "lanquidity" - lanquidity bill withers - "grandma's hands" - live lana del rey - "beautiful people beautiful problems" - lust for life the cosmic rays and sun ra and arkestra - "dreaming" - 7" Set: after the affair david nance - "never gonna fall" - more than enough Set:...

Duration: 03:09:10