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Retro cool, refreshingly new. A network of podcasts under several genres relating to the retro pop culture field and how these features are relevant to everyone today. Retro doesn't mean old. It's about a style and a vibe that gives you your passion. These podcasts will consist of classic radio drama and discussion, blogs, new interviews from individuals who contributed to the pop culture experience, and high end audio documentaries. Within a few months after launch a Radio Retropolis store will be available featuring this brand.




Superman #189-The Nitrate Shipment Pt. 3

As Jimmy and Pug climb aboard Carlos’ fishing boat to steal back the treasure map, the boys find that time ran out for them as the boat disembarks for the island. Will they get the map and escape a horrible fate? Will they just stay lost at sea? Or will Superman save the day?

Duration: 00:13:22

My Favorite Husband #83- Liz has the Flimjabs

Liz fakes an illness in order to get George to buy her a mink coat. George is on to her and brings in a real doctor to give her fake diagnosis that Liz thinks is very real. Commentary on the I Love Lucy episode "Lucy fakes an Illness" from which this script was adapted.

Duration: 00:29:10

Dragnet #83-The Big Ben

While Friday and Romero investigate a man who was pulled from his car on a deserted street who was also robbed and severely beaten , the police duo encounter an unexpected tragic event. Commentary on the dramatic turn of events before Act 2 and the creative choice Dragnet made for the rest of the episode.

Duration: 00:31:34

Superman #188-The Nitrate Shipment Pt. 2

Pug had grand illusions to steal the map from Kent as a gag. But unbeknownst to him, others are planning to do the same thing at the same time which puts Pug’s life in dire straits. Commentary on the derogatory term half breed used against the villain.

Duration: 00:14:02

Suspense #1-The Lodger

Our very first Suspense Classic Radio Podcast is about an unknown killer of five women is terrorizing 1888 London while a mysterious man rents a room from a couple who soon believe he may be the killer. Commentary on the special stars featured in this audition episode as well as an overall introduction into this series that ran for twenty years!

Duration: 00:37:13

The Shadow #81-The Cat That Killed

Three night watchmen have been murdered at Barton's warehouse by a monstrous cat and The Shadow goes undercover, as the next watchman. Commentary on some problems with the episode. Plus writer George Lowther who also produced and wrote Superman for radio.

Duration: 00:30:01

Father Knows Best #81- How to Face Problems

The Anderson kids each have a dilemma they’re afraid to face which frustrates Jim who just can’t seem to find a way to help them shake their fears. Commentary on recent USA Today article on why Jim Anderson's fatherly methods are still needed today.

Duration: 00:32:16

Superman #187- The Nitrate Shipment Pt 1

Clark, Jimmy and young Pug prepare to head back to Metropolis by ship after their harrowing experience with the Clara M and the treasure map. But they are once again in serious danger when two nefarious fellows learn Kent has a valuable treasure map in his possession and make plans to steal it. Pug also has plans which puts him in great danger.

Duration: 00:13:50

My Favorite Husband #79- Trying To Marry Off Peggy Martin

Liz tries to play matchmaker for Peggy Martin with one of George's clients, but both the client and George think that Liz is going after the guy for herself. The audio is a little challenging but it’s a funny episode that survives in the My Favorite Husband library. Commentary on the popular caffeine free coffee Sanka.

Duration: 00:33:29

Dragnet #82- The Big New Years

On New Year's Eve, Detectives Friday and Romero must investigate a senseless cop killing. Commentary on ambush style attacks on police today compared to the 1950s.

Duration: 00:29:17

Lights Out #66-Death Robbery

Boris Karloff returns in our Lights Out episode podcast as a scientist determined to bring his recently deceased wife back to life. Commentary on Karloff's connection to making the dead rise and the discussion of what many of the mad scientists, in spite of their brilliance, fail to realize when bringing the dead back to life. Finally, a an extended look at Wyllis Cooper, Arch Oboler and the entire Lights Out legacy.

Duration: 00:44:08

Lights Out #65-Battle of the Magicians

Saladine and Erlich are two warlocks in the eternal battle between good and evil with Erlich using his black magic to control zombies in destroying the world. Saladine is the only one who can stop him. Commentary on the real origins of the zombie and how they were represented here as compared to those in Night of the Living Dead, 28 Days Later, and, of course, the television phenomenon The Walking Dead.

Duration: 00:35:44

Lights Out #64-The Ghost on the Newsreel Negative

A cameraman and his sound man are looking to get the ultimate interview-with a ghost. Commentary on the problems with this episode making it one of the worst in the Lights Out catalogue.

Duration: 00:33:46

Lights Out #63-The Signalman

A railroad signalman is visited by a mysterious figure every time a horrific train accident is about to occur. Commentary on author Charles Dickens' real life experience, including a near fatal train derailment, that led to his writing the original story. An exceptional episode.

Duration: 00:33:16

Lights Out #62-The Revenge of India

A British officer and his servant in India make use of their eastern mystic powers to avenge the death of the officer’s brother at the hands of thugs in Chicago. Commentary on why this episode, although enjoyable, was a rare miss for Wyllis Cooper.

Duration: 00:32:59

Lights Out #61-The Haunted Cell

A man who is slated for execution is out into a cell believed to be haunted A cop killer refuses to confess, so he gets put in a cell allegedly haunted by the ghost of another cop killer to see if that'll make him crack. Commentary on the brilliance of how Wyllis Cooper uses our deepest darkest fears about death to terrify us even more. Plus, we look at Cooper's follow up series called Quiet, Please.

Duration: 00:32:35

Lights Out #60-The Coffin in Studio B

A difficult rehearsal for a murder scene in a Lights Out radio episode is interrupted by an eccentric old man peddling coffins just in case someone needed one in the near future. Commentary on guest actor Charles Eggleston as the coffin salesman who may be best remembered for his one appearance on the hit sitcom The Honeymooners.

Duration: 00:31:41

Lights Out #59-The Man in the Middle

John Phillips is having an affair with his pretty secretary and he fears it won't be long before his wife finds out. With his secretary’s growing infatuation and Lucille heading down to the office that same day, John finds himself consumed by both passion and guilt and wondering how to get out of it. Commentary on inner conflict, passivity and how both can ultimately lead to suicide.

Duration: 00:38:39

Lights Out #58-The Rocket Ship

A 1945 frightening story of a trip to the moon and back, a nuclear bomb, and all taking place September 20, 2000. Commentary on the irony of this broadcast which was before the bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. References made to the Trinity test in New Mexico which occurred just 12 days before this broadcast.

Duration: 00:32:48

Lights Out #57-Reunion After Death

Because he has thrown away a flower from her grave, a grief-stricken widower believes he has doomed his dead wife to haunt a darkened cemetery forever. Commentary on this new summer revival of the Wyllis Cooper scripts and why Arch Oboler felt taking over from Cooper was the best decision he ever made.

Duration: 00:31:02

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