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Radio consultant and programmer Larry Gifford and veteran radio and tv announcer Deb Slater join forces each week to talk about U.S. and International radio stuff -- news, trends, tips, observations, comparisons, absurdities, imaging, topics, coverage, you name it.




Episode 145 - Sounding Off

***brought to you by PromoSuite Next www.promosuite.com/radiostuff*** August 4, 2017 Consultant, V/O talent, host of the Sound Off Podcast and champion of radio, Matt Cundill joins the show this week. Matt shares his radio origin story, why he loves radio, what he learned at Conclave, and helps to launch a new segment called "Chew on This!"

Duration: 00:38:23

Episode 144 - Radio and Beer

***Presented by PromoSuite Next www.promosuite.com/radiostuff *** July 21, 2017 Radio and Beer. Recently, Steve Martin of Earshot Creative http://earshotcreative.com/ blogged about 14 times Radio made Beer http://earshotcreative.com/2017/07/eleven-times-radio-stations-have-made-a-beer/ and it inspired this podcast. Steve joins the show as we discuss radio and beer. We listen to radio production designed for the beers. KISW – The Men’s Room. WONE. CFOX – Jeff O’Neill Show. Red Radio. Radio...

Duration: 00:31:53

Episode 143 - Death of Radio's Main Studio

***Presented by PromoSuite www.promosuite.com/radiostuff *** July 7, 2017 The FCC is preparing to abolish radio's main studio rule. Has the 80-year old mandate outlasted its usefulness? Attorney David Oxenford of Wilkinson, Barker and Knauer LLP and author of www.broadcastlawblog.com chats about the potential impact of eliminating the main studio rule. On July 1st, Canada marked its 150th anniversary and radio across the country celebrated #Canada150 in clever and creative ways. Pandora...

Duration: 00:24:53

Episode 142 - I Know That Voice

***sponsored by the fine folks at PromoSuite and PromoSuite Next www.promostuite.com/radiostuff *** June 23, 2017 - This week a conversation with Jim and Dawn Cutler who I've worked with for more than a dozen years at ESPN and other radio stations across North America. We discuss how they got in the biz, the struggles, the breaks, their work ethic and also how radio stations can better utilize and work with voice talent to get the most out of them. We'll throw in some gripes and pet peeves...

Duration: 00:47:27

Episode 141 - Is Siri Threatening Radio?

*** Sponsored by Promo Suite Next www.promosuite.com/radiostuff *** June 9, 2017 - With Apple's announcement of a new Homepod, it got me thinking, "Is Siri trying to kill radio?" So I asked her. And I asked Amplifi Media and Sonic AI boss Steven Goldstein. We talk about home devices and the threat and opportunity for radio. UK radio host Graham Mack was in New York for Talkers 2017. He chatted up Takers publisher Michael Harrison, Salem Communications SVP Phil Boyce, Tom Leykis, Thom...

Duration: 00:33:03

Episode 140 - Inside the Millennial Mind

May 26, 2017 - ***presented by PromoSuite Next www.promosuite.com/radiostuff *** At the BCAB 2017, Jeff Vidler of Audience Insights Inc. takes us deep inside the media habits of millennials. Plus, three conferences takeaways from Larry Gifford.

Duration: 00:29:38

Episode 139 - Inside The Listener's Mind

*** Presented by PromoSuite www.promosuite.com/radiostuff *** May 5, 2017 - We go inside the listener's mind with Fred Jacobs of Jacob's Media and the results from his annual Tech Survey. Topics include autonomous cars, head phone use, benefits of radio, mobile phones, podcasts, social media and more. Global News operation execs Al Wright and Gerry Belek share their findings at the NAB conference in Vegas. Plus, notes from Radio Stuff friends Roger King and Matt Deegan.

Duration: 00:50:26

Episode 138 - Firing Nielsen

*** Presented by Promosuite Next http://www.promosuite.com/radiostuff/ *** April 21, 2017 - A radio group in one Top 50 market fired Nielsen last August and is doing fine. Maxx Media GM Dave Paulus tells us how the decision was made, what he's learned, how the stations are doing and has some thoughts for improving the system. The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge are in studio and on the air at BBC Radio 1. I'll tell you 4 reasons why it was a great sucess.

Duration: 00:25:40

Episode 137 - Death of Sports Updates

***Sponsored by PromoSuite Next*** April 7, 2017 - Is sports broadcasting dying? Probably not. Definitely not. But it is going through tremendous change and growth. Legendary San Francisco sports radio station KNBR has made a decision to eliminate sports updates. As a former local and network sports update guy, I gotta admit it makes sad, mad and frustrated. Here to tell me it shouldn't make me mad sad or frustrated is Jason Barrett, president of Barrett Sports Media.

Duration: 00:35:05

Episode 136 - Trouble in Tampa

Episode 136 presented by PromoSuite www.promosuite.com/radiostuff A Spanish station in Tampa is #1 in PPM – with it’s stream! What’s going on? Was it an Amazon Echo? Fred Jacobs from Jacobs Media provides some insight and perspective. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow reminds us about the value of a well placed tease and the importance of paying it off. Radio alchemist Ronnie Stanton answers an article titled “Jay Z is Right: Radio is the worst place to listen to music.” Radio Stuff Update: We hear...

Duration: 00:36:39

Episode 135 - Radioplayer Canada

**Sponsored by PromoSuite Next*** March 10, 2017 - Radioplayer Canada launches with great success allowing Canadians instant access to over 400 radio stations. Radioplayer's Lawrence Galkoff, Pat Bohn and Fred Jacobs weigh in. Plus, Ronnie Stanton chats about the dangers of FM stations taking on Trump.

Duration: 00:42:30

Episode 134 "Enemy of the State"

February 24, 2017 Radio Stuff is sponsored by Promo Suite Next - to learn more, go to http://promosuite.com/radiostuff/. What is radio’s role in this time of Trump? “Fake” News is the enemy of the American people. Corus Radio Network and former U.S. conservative talker Charles Adler joins the show to discuss how it feels to be branded an enemy of the American people. CKNW news veterans Terry Schintz and Gord MacDonald make a special appearance narrating “A brief and incomplete history of...

Duration: 00:35:08

Radio Stuff Episode 133

November 18, 2016 - Larry Gifford is "on the air" when Trump gets elected President, radio hosts enter bizzaro world as Glenn Beck mellows out and one long time political radio reporter in DC is silenced (but still alive!) An interview with engineer Rob Brown about the ReportIT app. Cubs win the world series, an earthquake rocks New Zealand and music radio jocks find a way to stop the music for a moment.

Duration: 00:25:52

Radio Stuff Episode 132

November 4, 2016 - a wide ranging Radio Stuff interview with Radio Futurologist James Cridland including discussions around radio on TV, citizen journalism, the influence of podcasters on broadcasters, the differences between UK, Canada, US and Australia radio, the US Presidential election, and other stuff

Duration: 00:25:54

Radio Stuff - Episode 131

October 21, 2016 - Larry is back after a podcasting hiatus. This show dives in the world of podcasting with Davy Sims author of "Podcasting for..." www.podcastingfor.com, Rock 101's new TV spot has captured the imagination of the advertising community, and talk host Simi Sara shares why it is important to read a book before you interview the author.

Duration: 00:33:50

Radio Stuff Episode 130

June 11, 2016 This show covers takeakways from the two-day national RTDNA conference in Canada including the changing expectations of radio & TV employees, the continued importance of great storytelling and the looming death of the TV news anchor. The conversation around the conference includes great insigts from CJOB-Winnepeg PD Scott Pettigrew and CKNW-Vancouver Assistant News Director Charmaine de Silva.

Duration: 00:26:12

Rob Greenlee, Head of Podcast Content - Spreaker

Rob Greenlee is the currently Head of Podcast Content at Spreaker and Adore Podcast Network. He co-hosts The New Media Show audio & video podcast that airs LIVE every Saturday morning at 9am PST/Noon EST and Spreaker Live Show on Spreaker every Wednesday at 3pm PST Live. How do you create a career in podcasting? What is “success” for a podcast? How much scale is needed to monetize a show? How much money can a podcaster make? What is the current state of the relationship between radio and...

Duration: 00:21:20

Radio Stuff Episode 121

January 7, 2016 - Radio Stuff kicks off 2016 with a conversation with David Lloyd, author of "How to Make Great Radio." (00:00 - 23:11) Radio Stuff Updates: #SaladGate - (23:11 - 26:05) Chris Evans & Top Gear - (26:05 - 29:30) I Am What I Play (29:30 - 31:32) Brandmeier (31:32 - 35:30)

Duration: 00:37:33

Radio Stuff 113

Radio Stuff is brought to you by www.broadcastingschool.com and www.sportscastingcareers.com 09/10/2015 - This week Larry Gifford dives into the "content" discussion with Broadcasting professor and media thought leader Dick Taylor. 1:45 – 18:24 They never called it content – Dick Taylor Plus more! 19:18 – 26:25 Colin Cowherd’s Pursuit of Happiness 26:25 – 28:00 Pandora opens Pandora’s box 28:50 – 32:05 When Trevor Dann met Bean 32:05 – 36:54 Why broadcasters use funny voices by KIRO...

Duration: 00:37:45

Radio Stuff Episode 110

***Radio Stuff is brought to you by www.broadcastingschool.com and www.sportscastingcareers.com*** 07/23/2015 - This week Larry Gifford (@giffordtweet) dives into two Radio Wars one in the UK and one in the US: DAB vs. FM and PPM vs. Voltair. In the UK, a lively debate is underway about the viability and reliability of Digital Audio Radio (DAB). Radio Futurologist James Cridland and founder and Creative Director of Folder Media defended DAB on BBC Radio 4’s Today Show. (00:00 – 7:45)...

Duration: 00:24:02

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