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Radio Sweden's programming is a window on the diverse perspectives and issues in Sweden today. We explore, debate, analyse and give insight into the way Swedish society and it's people are changing to meet today's challenges and opportunities.




Budget billions, hacking trial and church elections

It's total spending bill is SEK 999 billion for 2018 but some say that amount is too much. And police say a 38-year-old man from Malmö is behind Sweden's biggest hacking investigation yet. Also, while the country's general election is still months away, another Swedish institution, the Church of Sweden, held a vote just this week and saw record turnout.

Duration: 00:25:08

Aurora 17, neo-Nazis mobilise in Gothenburg, and the death of a Swedish icon

Parliament re-opened on Tuesday after the summer recess and the government is off to a rocky start as the Sweden Democrats called for a no-confidence vote against the prime minister over his handling of the IT scandal at the Swedish Transport Agency. Aurora 17 kicked off on Monday. It is a military drill that involves a mock attack on Sweden and it is taking place in and around Sweden's two biggest cities and on the strategically important Baltic island of Gotland. What exactly are the...

Duration: 00:24:30

Sweden sends President Donald Trump a message, prison service opens cell doors to public & new Millennium

Police chief Dan Eliasson is under investigation, Sweden's prison service opens its cell doors to the public and the latest Lisbeth Salander hits the shelves, we talk to author David Lagercrantz. Produced and presented by Dave Russell

Duration: 00:24:57

The week in politics, a controversial flagpole, student nations, and 50 years since Sweden switched to right-hand side driving

A controversial bent flagpole art installation has received mix reactions. A man displeased with the display attempted to saw it down on Thursday. It is back-to-school time as Swedish universities held their first classes for the term this week. A central part of student life at two of Swedens oldest universities is student nations or "nationer" in Swedish, but what are they and can international students join? September 3rd will mark 50 years since Sweden started driving on right-hand...

Duration: 00:24:49

Submarine death mystery, AKB - should she stay or go? - Ruben Östlund on his prize-winning film, The Square.

What really happened on board the Danish private submarine which led to the discovery of the dead body of a Swedish female journalist?

Duration: 00:27:59

Margot Wallström on North Korea, Swedish Elvis fans, and the Afghan with the Amnesty tattoo (plus Newcomer Diaries)

This is the week Swedes, and their politicians, get back to work. We tell you what to expect from the ongoing IT scandal.

Duration: 00:23:40

Freed Swede talks about kidnapping by al-Qaeda, elderly drivers under scrutiny, and Newcomer Diaries with Weronika

Radio Sweden speaks to Johan Gustafsson – a Swede who was held in the Sahara desert by al-Qaeda for nearly six years.

Duration: 00:23:22

Stockholm Pride for LGBTQ newcomers, Festival-goers and protesters: Eritrean diaspora divided, and Newcomer Diaries with Naga Jyothi

The week is Stockholm Pride’s 20th anniversary - Radio Sweden talks to newcomers and asylum seekers from the LGBTQ community.

Duration: 00:25:15

Sweden's political crisis and Newcomer Diaries

The biggest crisis to rock the centre-left government broke today and we present the first part of our summer series - Newcomer Diaries.

Duration: 00:24:24

Swede arrested in Turkey, a classified data breach, and Sweden’s stinkiest snack

This week, we spoke to a Swedish Radio reporter in Istanbul about the arrest of six human rights activists including a Swedish citizen.

Duration: 00:21:23

False warning alarm, Stockholm terror response three months on, and underground art

In this Radio Sweden Weekly round-up hear about the new commuter rail stations and their underground art, and why Stockholm was shocked by emergency sirens.

Duration: 00:20:22

Neo-Nazi controversy at Almedalen, Volvo goes electric, and the comeback of “ni”

On this week’s program, Radio Sweden goes to Almedalen Week in Visby.

Duration: 00:23:09

Remembering Michael Nyqvist and advice for the Swede released in Mali after almost six years

In this week's round-up, we hear about the renowned Swedish actor Michael Nyqvist, who passed away from cancer this week.

Duration: 00:25:35

Midsummer madness, sleep deprivation, pension funds and climate change

Swedes decamp for Midsummer - we delve into the past and present of this very Swedish celebration.

Duration: 00:28:24

How politicians in crisis hope to connect with suburban Swedes

As Sweden's main political blocks battle with each other right now they're also battling to stay relevant for voters, and this week they all visit the suburb of Järva to get closer to the people.

Duration: 00:24:10

Sweden's newest citizens; studenten; a museum of failure & the rise of robots

This week's Radio Sweden Weekly is cause for celebration with traditions old and new. While Sweden's newest citizens took a bow on National Day, graduating high school students have their day in the sun.

Duration: 00:29:14

Sexism in preschools, Veterans Day, and terrorism financing

In this week's news round-up, we hear from those celebrating Veterans' Day, which is soon to become an official Flag Day.

Duration: 00:24:00

United fans in Stockholm on Manchester bombing and Sweden mourns 007

Football's showcase final in Stockholm featuring Manchester United is overshadowed by the UK's worst terrorist atrocity in over a decade.

Duration: 00:24:36

Who let the cows out? Plus sport in schools and criticism of Trump

It's spring - let out the cows. Plus analysis of what Trump's contacts with Russia mean for Sweden's neighbourhood, and other news updates from the week.

Duration: 00:25:59

Child’s murder case reopened, the impact of the French election, and a top Swedish baker talks fika

The high-profile murder case of a four-year-old boy named Kevin has been reopened. Many of Sweden’s politicians were relieved by the election of Emmanuel Macron over the far-right candidate, Marine Le Pen. But what kind of impact could he have on the EU and Sweden? Radio Sweden spoke with Karin Svanborg-Sjövall, the CEO of Timbro, the Swedish right leaning, pro-market think tank. This week, it has felt more like winter than spring across Sweden. A Swedish celebrity gardener says this could...

Duration: 00:24:10

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