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Radio Sweden's programming is a window on the diverse perspectives and issues in Sweden today. We explore, debate, analyse and give insight into the way Swedish society and it's people are changing to meet today's challenges and opportunities.

Radio Sweden's programming is a window on the diverse perspectives and issues in Sweden today. We explore, debate, analyse and give insight into the way Swedish society and it's people are changing to meet today's challenges and opportunities.
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Stockholm, Sweden


Radio Sweden's programming is a window on the diverse perspectives and issues in Sweden today. We explore, debate, analyse and give insight into the way Swedish society and it's people are changing to meet today's challenges and opportunities.




Should vaccinations be mandatory, bonds go green and coughing correctly

After another outbreak of measles, should the government makes childhood vaccinations mandatory? One politician says "yes". Also, police say a man died and a woman was injured after a hand grenade the man picked up exploded. in southern Stockholm. And the government may make the bond market here a bit greener. Finally, during flu season what are the ways to protect yourself and others from catching the bug. Radio Sweden has the details. Producer/presenter: Frank Radosevich Frank Radosevich...

Duration: 00:22:47

News review of the year 2017

Radio Sweden looks back at the biggest stories of 2017, including the Stockholm terror attack, the government IT scandal and #MeToo. Producer/Presenter: Dave Russell.

Duration: 00:38:02

A proper uni, Evert Taube on the oud, and a crack-down on water pipes.

A special edition of Radio Sweden Weekly from Sweden's third city, Malmö, looking at how the police, universities, big business, and musicians deal with the city's diversity. From January 1st Malmö University will for the first time be classed as a full university rather than a högskola, or institute of higher education. We speak to its chancellor Kerstin Tham, and to employment minister Ylva Johansson about why education is so important for getting new arrivals to Sweden into work....

Duration: 00:23:10

Rape law to include consent, eroding beaches & the fertility app that's as effective as the pill

We look at Sweden's rape law with a proposal for it to include explicit consent before sexual contact. In this week's edition of Radio Sweden Weekly, there's anger over the handling of a gang rape case which led to the acquittal of 5 men. We hear of a new social integration programme that is more sweat than tears and what can be done about Sweden's eroding beaches? produced and presented by Dave Russell

Duration: 00:23:16

False asylum stories, double standards for mom and organic Christmas trees

Stories are for sale to help people get asylum in Sweden, a Radio Sweden and Swedish Radio investigation finds. The investigation focused on websites that earn money by selling fake asylum stories and tailor-made packages for those who want to come to Sweden. Also, a new book says working moms still face a double standard here despite the country consistently ranking in the top five of the World Economic Forum international gender equality study. And, if you're buying a Christmas tree...

Duration: 00:22:48

- Radio Sweden

Ahead of the weekend's Nobel festivities, a scandal rocks the Swedish Academy. Radio Sweden has met an Egyptian refugee who set up a network for ex-Muslims. We find out why the police are carrying out mass DNA swabbing in western Sweden, and why the Greens are dropping in the polls. In this week's edition of Radio Sweden Weekly, our reporter Loukas Christodoulou analyses the latest major opinion poll from Statistics Sweden. Barrister Anna Dahlbom Langley explains why she believes the...

Duration: 00:25:19

Reprieve for some asylum seeker minors, bridging the religious divide in Malmö

The government to grant reprieve to some asylum seeker minors. Why the Sweden Democrats' party conference was overshadowed by racism. The Rabbi and Imam looking to bridge the religious divide in Malmö. High schools competing to attract new student intake. Dave Russell

Duration: 00:23:36

#metoo, Sweden in Burma and White Monday

A government agency will look into harassment claims at work as the #metoo movement continues to spread. Also, shoppers are getting ready for the holiday rush, but some want consumers to avoid getting swept away in the hype. And could hackers cause your toilet to overflow? An investigation by Sweden Radio says yes. Plus, a wrap-up of Foreign Minister Margot Wallström's trip to Southeast Asia and why Denmark isn't happy with Sweden this week. Frank Radosevich...

Duration: 00:25:45

Swedish football joy, EU summit costs business & police bring in audio surveillance

Sweden makes history in qualifying for the 2018 World Cup. We hear business complaints over the EU summit in Gothenburg. Environment professor Johan Rockström on Bonn and the latest climate science. Police unveil the first audio surveillance in Stockholm suburb. We hear about the #10 miljoner project and Ferdinand the white moose/elk. Produced and presented by Dave Russell

Duration: 00:28:30

Home of Sweden's first pizza? A special program about foreign workers in Västerås

An hour west of Stockholm, Västerås profiles itself as a municipality with a long history of innovation and tech. In this special program, find out about foreign-born workers there, past & present. Västerås claims to be the first place in Sweden where pizza was served, thanks to Italian immigrants who moved there after World War II to work at the electrical company, Asea. Salvatore Macri, who's a chef, and others describe what it was like to move here back then. And the municipality still...

Duration: 00:25:54

Västerås shooting and organising against sexism in the media

A 20-year-old man is suspected of shooting at a police officer's home, in this week's round-up of news from Sweden. We also hear from a woman who's organising against sexism in the newspaper where she works. Plus clowns complain about Halloween costumes, and how the troops were fed during Aurora17, plus many other news items. Loukas Christodoulou

Duration: 00:22:34

- Radio Sweden

Where will the thousands who arrived in Sweden in 2015 live in the future? Modular homes are a temporary fix, but municipalities are struggling to find long-term solutions. We also hear how policy decisions are being made off the back of the social media campaign #metoo, but one critic says the campaign is damaging male-female relations. This week, the Swedish foreign ministry announced that the publisher Gui Minhai has been released from a Chinese prison, but his daughter, Angela Gui,...

Duration: 00:23:56

- Radio Sweden

Your best source of news from Sweden

Duration: 00:25:05

Scandal surgeon avoids prosecution, a Nobel 'Nudge' & golden spurtle triumph

Swedish prosecutors explain their decision why they have closed their investigation into the disgraced stem cell scientist Paolo Macchiarini. Shopkeepers in a Stockholm suburb tell us why they shut-up shop in protest Thursday lunchtime. Following Richard Thaler's Nobel Economics triumph, we speak to a Swede who is pushing for 'Nudge' policies here. We find out how Swedish film classics are helping immigrants learn the language and culture. There's a glimmer of hope for mew arrivals...

Duration: 00:28:09

- Radio Sweden

Your best source of news from Sweden

Duration: 00:23:45

Gothenburg braced for weekend violence, going undercover with the far right and Nobels curtain raiser

Gothenburg is braced for a weekend of violence as the neo-Nazi NRM is set to march through the city on the holiest day of the Jewish calendar.

Duration: 00:29:11

Budget billions, hacking trial and church elections

It's total spending bill is SEK 999 billion for 2018 but some say that amount is too much. And police say a 38-year-old man from Malmö is behind Sweden's biggest hacking investigation yet. Also, while the country's general election is still months away, another Swedish institution, the Church of Sweden, held a vote just this week and saw record turnout.

Duration: 00:25:08

Aurora 17, neo-Nazis mobilise in Gothenburg, and the death of a Swedish icon

Parliament re-opened on Tuesday after the summer recess and the government is off to a rocky start as the Sweden Democrats called for a no-confidence vote against the prime minister over his handling of the IT scandal at the Swedish Transport Agency. Aurora 17 kicked off on Monday. It is a military drill that involves a mock attack on Sweden and it is taking place in and around Sweden's two biggest cities and on the strategically important Baltic island of Gotland. What exactly are the...

Duration: 00:24:30

Sweden sends President Donald Trump a message, prison service opens cell doors to public & new Millennium

Police chief Dan Eliasson is under investigation, Sweden's prison service opens its cell doors to the public and the latest Lisbeth Salander hits the shelves, we talk to author David Lagercrantz. Produced and presented by Dave Russell

Duration: 00:24:57

The week in politics, a controversial flagpole, student nations, and 50 years since Sweden switched to right-hand side driving

A controversial bent flagpole art installation has received mix reactions. A man displeased with the display attempted to saw it down on Thursday. It is back-to-school time as Swedish universities held their first classes for the term this week. A central part of student life at two of Swedens oldest universities is student nations or "nationer" in Swedish, but what are they and can international students join? September 3rd will mark 50 years since Sweden started driving on right-hand...

Duration: 00:24:49

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