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Saskatoon, Canada


A podcast about pop-culture, TV, movies tacos, and everything else. It's two nerds versus the world, armed only with a bit of humor and a a stockpile of weapons grade smarm. Also the home of #TacoTalk




Versus ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ vs 8 Out of Ten Cats

Now that protests have finally died down, now that our customary 3 week spoiler silence ended, now that Jeremy finally had 5 minutes to toss the whole random grab bag of a podcast together, we are now ready to share the … [read more>>]

Duration: 01:28:59

Reveals #WhoWillWin Between #Batman and #TeamUnderroos in #OrphanFightClub

Back from the savage wastelands of the catocalypse Batman (Jeremy) and Tanner (Underoos) must journey to protect the sacred crystal skull of knowledge… So… They meet a new Indiana Jones? And a Janitor.. that, um… something about movies. Look, it is … [read more>>]

Duration: 00:44:14

Treats Gamgam To An All New, All Exciting, All Deadpool Extravaganza!

We waited weeks. Waited for it to be declared the highest grossing R rated comicbook movie ever. We waited for Disney to release a furry fanfic bait movie to kick it out of the number one spot. We waited for … [read more>>]

Duration: 00:41:48

Returns With Expendable Batmans And Rentable Porno Mansions (Rated R For Regrettable)

Following a month’s long hunt for the perfect pair of pants, Jeremy and Jason have reconvened in front of recording devices and forgiven each other for everything they said in their dueling tell-all books. And they’ve done it all for … [read more>>]

Duration: 01:07:40

Did It All For The Wookie (Our Contractually Obligated Final Show For 2015)

Cutting through the darkest clouds wearing only sunshine and taco sauce stained tee shirts, Jeremy and Jason have returned from the last great hiatus (for now), full of beer, piss, and vinegar, and they’re talking about the new Star Trek … [read more>>]

Duration: 00:59:54

Prepares You For The Coming Trump-pocalypse With Alternate Pulp Fiction Casting, More Batmans (Batmen?) and More

It’s almost like we never abandoned you for two months. Jeremy and Jason have returned, but where were they and who have they become?! Learn about their harrowing tale (busy working and playing Playstation) and also learn about their thoughts … [read more>>]

Duration: 01:07:20

And Bill Murray* Recap San Diego Comic-Con 2015

Surrounded by an ocean of discarded lanyards, empty hand sanitizer bottles, nerd tears, and a slowly dissipating funk cloud, it’s Bastard-Con 2015!, North America’s 4th biggest wholly audio nerd convention. This year, Jeremy and Jason offer an exclusive (ish) preview … [read more>>]

Duration: 00:45:47

Seeks Salvation Through Judgement Of Terminator Genisys

by…rising a machine or something. Hey Internet, do you like movies about ineffective robots that go back in time to muddled and defective plots riddled with holes? Then do we have a movie for you. Yes, Terminator Genisys is out and … [read more>>]

Duration: 00:38:55

And A Drunk Raccoon In A Denny’s At 3am Talking About Batman And Stuff

Abducted and probed thoroughly and lovingly by aliens or rednecks, Jeremy and Jason made their escape after a month in captivity, their only motivation to go home and podcast for you fine people. So… here’s the RadioBastard Podcast, live (taped) … [read more>>]

Duration: 01:00:13

Celebrates 33 Years Of Pants, A Salute To David Letterman

If you want to blame someone for Jeremy and Jason’s immature penchant for weird comedy and their fixation with amusing themselves above all others, you’d better hurry up and catch him before he disappears into the ether. David Letterman, the … [read more>>]

Duration: 00:55:24

Schools Supergirl and the Warlords of YouSuckLand

From the harsh terrible wastelands (the internet) come two brave heroes (chubby guys with microphones) to do battle with (talk about) the evils of this world (ok, that last bit might be pretty accurate.) This week, Jeremy and Jason run … [read more>>]

Duration: 00:59:44

Forcefully Awakens To Find That Friendship Really Is Magic™

In a world where the machines have risen up, spellchecks are useless and autocorrect walks against wombat pinball.Internet word slinger Mason Fabulous and satin voiced flim-flam artist and brand expert Hermes “Bear” Brunson must band together to save the world … [read more>>]

Duration: 01:16:58

Dawns a Justice Teaser and Calls Out For More #DongsAcrossWesteros

This time on The Mucho Mucho Robusto Fuego Hour, the squat one and the one who is too big to squat get political by aligning with America’s hot sister Anna Kendrick for her Game of Thrones dong campaign #DongsAcrossWesteros #FreeTheDragonFromTheCatacombs. … [read more>>]

Duration: 01:17:18

Returns with A House Full of Taco Pinatas and Unicorn Sky Kittens for All

This time on the the RadioBastardization of your innocence podcast, Bob the Pirate and Not Grimace talk about Taco piñatas, adult themed Deadpools,no shawarmas for Ultron, good natured turtle murder and more… The More: Tommy Wiseau‘s “Full House” is not … [read more>>]

Duration: 01:04:16

Kicks Off #FebruMurray with Trailergasam Bowl III and the Defunding of Kick

Yes, that podcast is back and this time they are bringing hell with them, hell in the form of a pile of trailers in the annual Trailergasam Bowl™ and the return of everyone’s favorite month FebruMurray™. Twenty eight solid days … [read more>>]

Duration: 01:14:57

Double Downs’ on the Ghostbusters and the Fabulous Four

This time on that podcast… Hey, did you know they are rebooting Ghostbusters?Jeremy has a few plumbing related concerns about this. Meanwhile Paul Feig apparently found Jason’s weak spot – current Saturday Night Live comedy genius Kate McKinnon. Hey, did … [read more>>]

Duration: 01:17:42

Doesn’t Need Roads (Our First and Only BTTF II Reference of 2015!)

Welcome to the future. On this, the very first podcast of 2015, Cyborg Jeremy and Clone Jason sit in their hoverchairs (or as some call them, jazzy scooters) to talk about everything that has happened in the pop culture trendsphere. … [read more>>]

Duration: 01:11:29

Doesn’t Say Anything Bad About North Korea, Honest

TONIGHT, Jeremy and Jason endeavor towards glory in the dystopian Colbert Reportless future while discussingthe North Korean response to The Interview and Obama’sresponse to Sony’s response with a response that will in no wayget our site hacked. ALSO: Could Spider-Man … [read more>>]

Duration: 01:33:14

Shuts Down All The Trash Compactors On The Detention Level

This time on PODCAST, HUMOR Jeremy and guest host (that is totally not Jason) Neil B. Deep (see? Not Jason,) gather around the glowing internet fire to discuss all manner of things that pertain to fitness, finance, and faith. Also … [read more>>]

Duration: 01:18:50

Found The Droids You Were Looking For

Welcome back to the Award Seeking RadioBastard podcast, I’m drunk. This time on the show, we’re talking about Star Wars and a bunch of stuff that isn’t Star Wars(but mainly Star Wars,) so buckle in for some talk aboutStar Wars’causewe’ve … [read more>>]

Duration: 00:19:54

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