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New Years Day singer Ash Costello

My conversation with Ash Costello singer of New Years Day. We get into EP vs LP and the New Years Day new EP "Diary Of A Creep". We talk about re-imagining the songs and how that came to be. We get into some Soundtrack talk and Ash picks her favorite Rock soundtrack. She also gives her picks for the Flannel 5 and Nu Metal 6 pack. Ash weighs in on 2018 being the final year of the Warped Tour and why it's time and a band that she discovered last year on Warped Tour.

Duration: 00:17:22

Toothgrinder Justin Mathews Podcast

My conversation with New Jersey's Toothgrinder singer Justin Mathews. We talk about the new album and new direction as well as some specific songs on the album. Justin weighs in on GnR vs. Metallica and picks his favorite of the Flannel 5 (Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, STP, AIC) and lastly shares his New Years Resolutions

Duration: 00:18:32

Adelitas Way Rick DeJesus Podcast

In the van with Rick DeJesus of Adelitas Way talking about the music industry and record companies. We get into the new Adelitas Way album "Notorious" (out now) as well as some tunes off of the album. Rick also gives his picks for the Flannel 5, Metallica, Nu Metal 6 pack and talks Incubus.

Duration: 00:30:34

Sons Of Texas Mark Morales podcast

Here's my chat with Sons Of Texas singer Mark Morales. We talk about their 2nd album "Forged By Fortitude" (out now) and what was easier the 2nd time around with Josh Wilbur. We talk about how Texas is the new hotbed for upcoming hard rock and metal bands. Plus, Mark talks about discovering Metallica, picks his favorite of the Flannel 5, New Years resolutions and the great burger debate: In & Out vs. Whataburger

Duration: 00:14:13

Davey Suicide Podcast

Davey Suicide calls in to talk about the "Made From Fire" tour stop at Chain Reaction in Anaheim on December 20. Davey also talks about a new drummer on the tour and says good bye to the old drummer. Davey talks tattooing on the road and a typical day of life on tour. Davey talks about his favorite band Guns N Roses and picks his favorite of the Flannel 5 and Nu Metal 6 pack

Duration: 00:07:13

Core 10 Interview

I caught up with the guys from Core 10 backstage at the Garden Amphitheater back on November 18. The guys talk about the formation of the band and bringing in David Silveria on drums. David talks about how he got involved and how quickly it felt like a band. They also discuss their first single "Unforgotten" and their plans for album and touring. We also talk movie soundtracks and David talks about playing drums and some classic Korn songs

Duration: 00:20:32

Perry Farrell talks Rhonda's Kiss cancer charity event 12/8/17

Perry Farrell phoned in to talk about Jane's Addiction playing the 3rd annual Rhonda's Kiss cancer charity event this Friday (12/8/17) at the Hollywood Palladium. We also talk Jane's Addiction, Lollapalooza, a little tease about his next project and the holidays

Duration: 00:11:13

Whitechapel Zach Podcast

My chat with Whitechapel guitarist Zach Householder. We talk about the 10th anniversary tour "A Decade of Defilement" and some gems rediscovered. We talk about the new album and no strict time line for it and the possibility of another clean vocal song like "Bring Me Home". We also talk about the Holidays and family tradition. And we get into some movie soundtrack talk and say good bye to the Warped Tour in 2018

Duration: 00:13:25

Death Angel Podcast

Caught up with Mark Osegueda of Death Angel under the Gazebo on the Knotfest day of Ozzfest meets Knotfest 2017. We talk about the new album "The Evil Divide" as well as a couple of songs from it. We talk about the classic "Seemingly Endless Time" and how Kirk Hammett produced their first demo that lead to them getting signed. Mark also talks about his first impressions of Slipknot and his time performing with Metal Allegiance

Duration: 00:09:12

DED Podcast

Caught up with Arizona's DED backstage at Knotfest. We talk about working with legendary producer John Feldman on their debut album "Misanthrope". I asked the guys for their favorite on a couple topics like favorite Slipknot song? Favorite of the Big Four? Favorite of the Flannel Five and get their help on the Nu Metal Six Pack. Plus, we talk movie soundtracks

Duration: 00:10:36

Eighteen Visions James Hart

My chat backstage at Ozzfest meets Knotfest with Eighteen Visions singer James Hart. He talks about the reunion and reformation of the band after 10 years. He also talks about attending the very first Ozzfest back in 1996 and how he first heard about Slipknot. Plus, we talk about playing shows in the IE and an upcoming 18V show at the Glasshouse

Duration: 00:07:37

The Black Dahlia Murder Trevor Strnad

Trevor and I sip on some Coronas while grubbing on some chips and salsa and talk metal. We talk about playing Knotfest and the 1st time Trevor heard Slipknot. We get into the making of the latest Black Dahlia Murder album "Nightbringers" (out now) and the Metal Blade Records book "For The Sake Of Heaviness" (out now) and his relationship with the label. We also get into some music talk about Metallica, The Flannel 5, Nu Metal Six Pack and the Big Four

Duration: 00:19:09

Warbringer John Podcast

My conversation backstage at the Knotfest day of Ozzfest meets Knotfest. We talk about the new Warbringer album "Woe To The Vanquished" (Out Now) and how it's not just another thrash album. We talk about the evolution of thrash metal and how metal is good for even non-metal fans. We also talk So Cal, Mexican food and the proper way to order at In & Out

Duration: 00:18:02

Tombs Mike Hill Podcast

My chat backstage with Tombs main man Mike Hill. We talk about Ozzy and Mike picks some of his favorite songs. We talk about the new Tombs album "The Grand Anhilation" and being on Metal Blade Records as well as the new Metal Blade Records book "For Sake Of Heaviness". We also talk non-metal things like cats, cooking and eating at In & Out

Duration: 00:09:10

Bumblefoot Podcast

My conversation with the one and only Bumblefoot! He explains where his name came from and how it morphed into his name. We talk about his new solo album "Little Brother Is Watching" (out now) as well as his super groups: Art of Anarchy and Sons Of Apollo. Bumblefoot also remembers discovering Metallica, selects his favorite of the Flannel 5 and shares his favorite Guns N Roses songs to play live and his favorite recorded song from "Chinese Democracy"

Duration: 00:23:45

36 Crazyfists Brock Lindow Podcast

My conversation with 36 Crazyfists singer Brock Lindow talking about their new album "Lanters" (Out Now) and a couple of tunes on the album. We also talk about their current tour and free show this Sunday at the Slidebar in Downtown Fullerton, California. We talk NHL Hockey and the new Las Vegas Golden Knights. We talk radio, and craft beer. Plus, we get into Metallica, Flannel 5 and movie soundtracks

Duration: 00:19:13

Sponge Vinnie Podcast

My conversation with Sponge singer Vinnie Dombroski who are playing their debut album "Rotting Pinata" in it's entirety on tour right now. Vinnie talks about the tour and his favorite old tunes to play live. We also talk about their last album "The Beer Sessions" and craft beer. Vinnie weighs in on Kid Rock possibly running for senate and other detroit rockers in politics. Lastly, Vinnie picks his favorite of the "Flannel 5" and talks movie soundtracks

Duration: 00:11:39

Accept Wolf Hoffman Podcast

My conversation with the legendary Wolf Hoffman of Accept. We talk about discovering Mark Tornillo and reforming the band. We also get into touring and his favorite songs to play live. Wolf talks about living in Nashville and his disdain for sports. Wolf answers the age old question of "Analog vs. Digital" for music and photography and much much more

Duration: 00:10:41

Otherwise Adrian Patrick Podcast

My conversation with Adrian Patrick of Otherwise who just put out a killer new album "Sleeping Lions" (out now). Adrian talks about some tunes on the album and the inspiration behind them. We also talk Las Vegas sports and rockstars living out there. Plus, Adrian remembers discovering Metallica and picks his favorite of the "Flannel 5"

Duration: 00:16:45

Memphis May Fire singer Matty Mullins

Caught up with Matty Mullins of Memphis May Fire backstage at the Warped Tour. Matty talks about Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach having vocal surgery and talks about the tune they recorded together. Matty explains a couple tunes on the policy and talks about getting back in the recording studio. We get into Chester Bennington and mental health. Also asked Matty about discovering Metallica and his favorite of the Flannel 5 (Nirvana, PJ, Soundgarden, STP, AIC).

Duration: 00:10:54

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