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Memphis May Fire singer Matty Mullins

Caught up with Matty Mullins of Memphis May Fire backstage at the Warped Tour. Matty talks about Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach having vocal surgery and talks about the tune they recorded together. Matty explains a couple tunes on the policy and talks about getting back in the recording studio. We get into Chester Bennington and mental health. Also asked Matty about discovering Metallica and his favorite of the Flannel 5 (Nirvana, PJ, Soundgarden, STP, AIC).

Duration: 00:10:54

"Wired In The Empire" episode 3 (9/16/17)

Saturday Nights at Midnight "Wired In The Empire" on 96-7 KCAL Rocks! Here are the highlights from episode 3 (9/16/17). Matty Mullins from Memphis May Fire talks about Chester Bennington and introduces a new tune. Dylan from I Prevail picks his favorite of the "Flannel 5". Candiria singer Carley Coma talks about discovering Metallica. And lastly, Ben Flanagan from Black Map picks his favorite 90's soundtrack

Duration: 00:09:55

John Connolly Podcast

My chat with John Connolly of Sevendust and his side project super group Projected. We talk about the recording of the new double album "Ignite My Insanity" (which is out now)during the Sevendust touring cycle and coordinating everyone's schedules. We also talk new Sevendust and look back on 20 years since the release of their debut album. John talks about his two favorite albums from his two favorite bands: Metallica and Pantera. And John picks his favorite of the "Flannel 5"

Duration: 00:25:26

"Wired In The Empire" episode 3 (9/9/17) with John Connolly

Saturday Night at Midnight "Wired In The Empire" on 96-7 KCAL Rocks! Here are the highlights from episode 3 (9/9/17) with special guest John Connolly of Sevendust and Projected. We talk about the kick off of the Football season and John's expectations this year as a Falcons fan. John picks his favorite of the "Flannel 5". We talk about his super group Projected and the recording of their new double album "Ignite My Insanity" (out now). John talks about his favorite two favorite bands:...

Duration: 00:12:37

Candiria Carley Coma Podcast

Caught up with Carley Coma of Candiria backstage at the Warped Tour in Pomona, California. We talk about writing and recording the latest Candiria album "While They Were Sleeping" out now on Metal Blade Records. We talk about the influence Metallica had on him wanting to become a musician. Carley also picks his favorite of the "Flannel 5" and his favorite 90's soundtrack and more!

Duration: 00:16:23

"Wired In The Empire" Episode 2 aircheck

"Wired In The Empire" (9/2/17) Saturday Nights at Midnight on 96.7 KCAL-fm. Scott Stapp remembers Chris Cornell and talks about his new band: Art Of Anarchy. Fire From The Gods AJ & Ritchie talk about making music with Jonathan Davis of Korn. We get into some "Ozzfest meets Knotfest" bands. And close out the show with Pat from the band Movements plays a tune and picks his favorite of the Flannel 5

Duration: 00:10:34

Movements Patrick Miranda Podcast

Caught up with Movements singer Pat Miranda at the last date of the Warped Tour at the Fairplex in Pomona. We talk about the Warped tour and feelings on the last day of the Warped Tour. We also talk about future touring plans as well as the upcoming debut album from Movements (coming out this Fall). We also talk about Metallica and Pat picks his favorite of the Flannel 5 (Nirvana, Pearl Jam, STP, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains) and more

Duration: 00:09:30

"Wired In The Empire" episode 1

What the HELL is Wired In The Empire? My brand NEW Hard Rock/Metal show Saturday Nights at Midnight on 96.7 KCAL Rocks! One of my favorite topics: 90's movie Soundtracks, Candiria frontman Carley Coma picks his favorite. Memphis May Fire singer Matty Mullins talks about Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach's surgery. And closing out the show, I Prevail guitarist talks about how he discovered Metallica and picks his favorite tunes from them.

Duration: 00:07:39

I Previal podcast

Caught up with I Prevail guitarist Dylan backstage at the Fairplex in Pomona on the final date of the Vans Warped Tour. We talked about Warped tour and who he's become buddies with as well as the rigors of doing Warped Tour. We talk future touring plans as well as recording new music time line. We talk about their killer album "Lifelines" and if it was everything Dylan wanted it to be. We talk influences and discovering the mighty Metallica as well as a couple of his favorite tunes from...

Duration: 00:10:13

Fire From The Gods AJ And Ritchie Podcast

Caught up with Fire From The Gods singer AJ and drummer Ritchie backstage at the last date of the Warped Tour at the Fairgrounds in Pomona, California. We talked about the Texas music scene and playing the Warped Tour. We talk Football (American and British) and video games. The guys also talk about discovering Metallica and their favorite of the Flannel Five (Nirvana, AIC, PJ, STP, Soundgarden) and more!

Duration: 00:13:02

Black Map Ben Flanagan Podcast

My conversation with Black Map singer and bassist Ben Flanagan. We talk being engaged and bay area sports. We talk about touring again with Chevelle and whether social media is fun or a necessary evil. We also talk 90's rock, movie soundtracks and about that OTHER band from the bay area METALLICA

Duration: 00:06:54

Mark Slaughter Podcast

My chat with the legendary Mark Slaughter. We talk about the early days with Vinnie Vincent Invasion and how that lead to forming Slaughter. We talk about the Slaughter/Great White concert at Sea Legs LIVE in Huntington Beach on July 30. And we also discuss his 2nd solo album "Halfway There" which is out NOW.

Duration: 00:12:24

Blacktop Mojo Matt James Podcast

My conversation with Blacktop Mojo singer Matt James. We talk about their current headlining tour as well as their album "Burn The Ships" (out now). The band's take on social media and their upcoming appearance on "Sammy Hagar's Rock N Roll Roadtrip" TV show and how that came about as well as the decision to cover the Aerosmith classic "Dream On" and more!

Duration: 00:05:32

Adrenaline Mob Russell Allen podcast

My chat with Adrenaline Mob singer Russell Allen all about their new album "We The People" (out now). We talk about their current tour and his vodka company. We talk growing up in Southern California, working at Medievil Times, being a Raiders fan and more. We also talk about the band's mascot "Skully" and the late great AJ Pero

Duration: 00:12:51

Wednesday 13 Podcast

The Duke of Spook-Wednesday 13 talks to Mike Z about his new album "Condolences" (out now). They talk about touring, toys, murderdolls and more!

Duration: 00:11:18

Warrant Podcast

My conversation with Warrant's singer Robert Mason (in studio) and founding member Erik Turner (on the phone) talking about the new Warrant album "Louder Harder Faster" (out now). We talk touring, wine, and which band member does the most social media. They both remember Chris Cornell and Jani Lane. We also talk about the possibility of playing their debut album in it's entirety for the 30th anniversary (in 2019) as well as the iconic album cover of "Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich" and...

Duration: 00:13:55

Davey Suicide Podcast

My conversation with Davey Suicide all about the new album "Made From Fire". We also talk about touring with Doyle of the Misfits, advice for young bands and if Davey Suicide is a band or a man?

Duration: 00:07:10

Scott Stapp Podcast

My conversation with Scott Stapp about his new Art Of Anarchy. We talk about joining the band, making the album as well as some specific songs on the album. We also discuss, cooking and college and being Native American. Lastly, we close with Scott's thoughts on the passing of Chris Cornell

Duration: 00:14:21

Great White Mark Kendall Podcast

My conversation with Great White shredder Mark Kendall. We talk about growing up in Southern California and how Mark IS Great White. Plus, we talk about some classic tunes, video vixen Bobbie Brown, different singers and reuniting with producer Michael Wagner for their new album. Lastly, we dig into a few tunes off of the new album "Full Circle"

Duration: 00:20:48

Hell Or Highwater singer Brandon Saller Podcast

Mike Z’s catches up with Hell or Highwater frontman Brandon Saller to chat about the band’s new album: Vista (OUT NOW). They also share some Atreyu talk about their forthcoming album and their appearance at the upcoming “Blackest Of The Black” Danzig Festival over Memorial Day weekend, May 26-27. Mike Z makes Brandon speechless with an old VHS of his 1st band: Retribution (which became Atreyu).

Duration: 00:08:18

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