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Episode 21 - Stella Kennard

Stella and her safety walk buddy Chahat drop by to chat about their recent boost in confidence performing for a Delview audience at Live At Lunch and Drama productions. We talk about The Beatles, Liverpool, and the girls entertain us with some tunes on the uke! Deora informs us about what's left in 2017. Stay tuned for the end for special holiday sing-a-long. See you in 2018!

Duration: 01:02:38

Episode 20 - Jacob Andresen

Our 20th Episode!!! Mr. Sahli and I talk to Jacob Andresen about his performances as an actor at Delview as well as his adventures in Europe. He tells us what it's like to be a bass player in our new favourite band @theoakstones, performing rock concerts live, and the intense process of working on their first studio recording to be released near the end of the month, "Dark Sunday". Khushi joins me for a celebration of our 20th episode and 26,411 can achievement for Thanks For Giving 25 and...

Duration: 01:21:15

Episode 19 - Lazarous Taban

Laz, freestyle rapper and just a wonderful, thoughtful person in general joins Mr. Turpin and I in the Drama Studio for a fun conversation about hip-hop, Star Wars, history, and how to get into "flow". Turpin tries to go Aaron Burr on me to start things off but before that, Jivan visits us one last time before graduation to talk about the week and years ahead. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:30:03

Episode 18 - Alandra Matei

Miss Alandra Matei - singer, actor, retail salesperson. In this episode we talk about what Alandra gets out of performing, her ridiculous experiences with store mannequins, and what she plans to do in the future to try to combine all her passions. Mr. Turpin surprises us with some impromptu beatboxing and Khushi practices her high-fives.

Duration: 01:13:15

Episode 17 - Brianne Miller

Ms. Miller shares her wisdom on salmon dresses, throat voices, pets, food, sports, and other crazy things. Things do get a bit crazy with Ms. Hanson, Ms. Schalk, and Ms. Miller around the mic. Khushi starts us off with what's on the weeks ahead and we finally connect on a high five!

Duration: 01:04:40

Episode 14 - Nicole Dennis

Nicole Dennis from small town Laird, Saskatchewan shares her wisdom from growing up as one of 3 teenagers in a town of 200. She's as multi-talented as she is humble! Ms. Hansen co-hosts, Shagun joins us with school event updates, and I try to fend off the mysterious swarm of flies making my microphone buzz... unsuccessfully - sorry!

Duration: 00:43:38

Episode 9 - Diaz Kambere

Former White Caps defender and our very well loved Youth Care Worker Diaz joins us to talk about immigrating from Uganda, soccer, and life as a pro athlete. Mr. Turpin makes up for my severe lack of soccer knowledge (and brief absence to deal with an issue) and members of the Class of 2016 join me for updates.

Duration: 01:02:31

Episode 8 - Beth Scott

The multi-talented Beth Scott talks to us about unicycling, band, singing, dancing, musical theatre, Alexander Hamilton, anxiety, NYC, dogs, acting, improv, and more! My new co-host Shagun is fired Trump-style (even though she told me she'd be late). This was recorded during our 30 Hour Famine (sorry no clips!).

Duration: 00:55:21

Episode 7 - Giovanna Barros

Ms. Hanson joins us in a conversation with Youth Olympic Athlete Giovanna Barros who recently played for the Brazilian Curling Team in Lillehammer Norway. She talks about curling, The Youth Olympics, Brazilian food, culture, and the upcoming Olympics in Rio. What are you waiting for? Just listen! Calm down Shia.

Duration: 00:53:32

Episode 6 - Adrian Cano & Curtis Wickham

Adrian and Curtis join me and Mr. Turpin to geek out about film and to talk about their new movie, "My Best Friend's Birthday" ( ) which will be playing at Strawberry Hill Cinemas on April 8th. Tickets available at the box office soon! Maritoni joins us for an update on what's coming up. Have a terrific Spring Break and see you in 2 weeks!

Duration: 01:08:27

Episode 5 - Connor Lyons, Karan Randhawa, Kushant Gounder

Delview alumni Connor Lyons, Karan Randhawa, and Kushant Gounder drop by to talk about movie ratings, University life, speed cubing, professors, weird grading, coding, and other stuff for almost an hour and a half! Yes, we broke a record. Also Jshan is back to tell us about the week ahead and the We Are Love Festival coming up on Feb. 25th.

Duration: 01:26:12

Episode 3 - Jivan Johal

Super-talented Jivan Johal has a piano-side chat with Mr. Hoskyn and I about how he got started, piano lessons, composing his own music, inspirations, and improv. He dazzles us with a couple of impromptu performances and even brings down the podcast with his dark piano witchcraft. Shivneel starts the podcast with some updates and his crazy accents.

Duration: 00:45:17

Episode 0 - Cecelio Watches the Star Wars Trailer

I was getting ready for the first Raideo Podcast ever when our awesome custodian Cecelio dropped in (along with Ms. Hanson in the staff room). We talk about Friday, Star Wars, Sci Fi and watch the new TFA trailer together. We find out that Cecelio has NEVER SEEN STAR WARS BEFORE! Not your typical episode, but fun nonetheless!

Duration: 00:04:42