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Episode #23 – Lynch: Need or Want & Interview with LV Raiders Booster Club

Join Sonny and Murf this week as they interview Richard Cervera, President of the Las Vegas Raiders Booster Club (Las Vegas Raider Nation). He breaks down the current Raider Fan presence in Las Vegas, how it will be when the Raiders are located there and brings a special message to Raider Nation as a whole. Sonny and Murf also discuss: Why it’s hard to root for the A’s right now, Carr being the future of the NFL, Is Marshawn Lynch a Need or a Want, Is Sherman to the Raiders a good thing...

Duration: 01:34:01

Episode #22 – Vegas Vote & Interview with Scott Winter

Join Sonny & Murf this week as they interview Scott Winter (@Scott_WinterNFL) NFL credentialed writer for Last Word on Pro Football and Silver and Black Pride. He breaks down his coverage of the Owner’s meeting taking place in Phoenix this week. Also tells his story going from casual fan to NFL Credentialed writer in less than a year. The Degos also discuss not letting your identity be wrapped in a sport team as this could lead to emotional instability for your life. That said, Go...

Duration: 02:09:38

Episode #21 – Lynch Hype, Free Agency and Mario Tovar Interview

Join The Degos this week as they interview Mario Tovar (@MrTovar_87) writer and Just Blog Baby. He discusses being an unbiased Raiders fan and how social media gives fans a platform in this day and age. The Degos also discuss BEASTMODE rumors, did the leak this too soon, did Cook get signed because of one catch and the offense taking shape as the most potent offense in the NFL. For the month of March if you review & rate our show on iTunes you’ll be in the...

Duration: 01:20:18

Episode #20 – Scott Winter Interview and Gannon Jersey Giveaway

Join The Degos this week as they interview Scott Winter (@Carolina_Raider) writer for, and as he discusses in depth knowledge about the stadium situation in both Oakland and Vegas. The Degos also touch combine, draft and free agency as it pertains to the Raiders. For the month of March if you review & rate our show on iTunes you’ll be in the running for a Rich Gannon throwback jersey giveaway. Look for The Raiders Fancast on...

Duration: 01:34:32

Episode #19 – Raider Fancast Rant

Join The Degos this week as they discuss they try to make sense of 35 years of inability to get a stadium for this beloved franchise. The Degos also touch on Todd Downing being promoted to OC. Look for The Raiders Fancast on iTunes, Stitcher, Podcast Addict and more. Weekly show, discussing all things Raiders. The Raiders Fancast. Brought to you by The Degos. A podcast by fans for fans.

Duration: 01:33:44

Episode #18 – Disagreement doesn’t equal Hate

Join The Degos this week as they discuss the continuing discord occurring within Raidernation that was led this week by fans coming at C-Wood on twitter. Listen to The Degos as they break down the psychology behind this type of behavior and what can be do The Degos also touch on Raiders’ pro-bowl selections and why Gabe Jackson was snubbed. As well as Derek Carr’s recent comments concerning his contract and his thoughts behind it. Annnd Alex Smith sucks at Dodge ball!!! Look for The...

Duration: 01:21:01

Episode #17 – Our Carr broke on the way to Vegas

The Degos also touch on a topic they have avoided all year, Vegas. The Degos have a frank and honest discussion about the Raiders potentially moving to Vegas and the implications for both local and national fans. Look for The Raiders Fancast on iTunes, Stitcher, Podcast Addict and more. Weekly show, discussing all things Raiders. The Raiders Fancast. Brought to you by The Degos. A podcast by fans for fans.

Duration: 01:14:13

Episode #16 – Space City & Lament

Join The Degos for a quick interview with Rocky and Israel as they tell Raider Nation where the hot spots will be in Houston this week for the playoff game. Rocky and Israel also share about the origins of Space City Raider Nation and where they each got their fandom from despite being raised in Texas around Cowboys fans. This week The Degos also vent about their frustration with the last game, frustration with fanbase and overuse of the word Bandwagon, but do end the show on a positive...

Duration: 01:40:40

Episode #15 – Zee & broken Carr

Interview with Zee, Rap Artist who created the new song called “Raider Nation Anthem.” Join The Degos for a full length interview with Zee, the Rap Artist behind the new song called “Raider Nation Anthem.” This song has generated over 1.5 million views on Facebook in the last 48 hours. Zee discusses his inspiration behind the song, his past and future work as a musician, his faith and the origins of his Raider fandom. This week The Degos also discuss: Are the Raiders better with McGloin...

Duration: 01:07:06

Episode #14 - Fancast Interview with Aaron Chambers

Episode #14 - Interview with Aaron Chambers Join The Degos for a full length interview with the Bend Oregon Raider Nation (B.O.R.N.) founder. Aaron discusses his booster club's endeavors to make Bend a better place through community work by feeding the homeless, volunteering with the Ronald McDonald house and more. Check out this local news broadcast about their Christmas float here - Aaron also...

Duration: 01:10:45

Episode #13 - Raiders & Presents

Episode #13 - Raiders & Presents This week The Degos discuss their top three Christmas presents they would give the Raiders to help them most in the playoffs. Also discussed is: The new joy it is to be a Raiders’ fan, Murf’s love affair with Charles Woodson, Raiders vs Colts preview, Reaction to the games over the weekend, Probowl selection Raiders being in the playoffs. Subscribe via itunes, Sticther, Podcast Addict and many other podcast players. Weekly show every Wednesday...

Duration: 01:22:24

Episode #12 - WON now IN

Instant reaction show to Raiders clinching a spot in the playoffs after beating the Chargers. It's been 13 seasons Raidernation. How do you feel?

Duration: 00:16:27

Episode #11.3 - Win & In

- Win and In - 208 games since last made the playoffs - Raiders are relevant in the Month of December - Sky is not falling - Twitter/Social Media can make you a bad sports fan - Raidernation is divided and needs to stop - Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Duration: 01:14:33

Episode #10 - Pinky & the Pain

BEAT THE BILLS! - Ever heard a grown man squee about a QB? You will. - Game day rituals. - We love C-Murder.

Duration: 01:20:13

Episode #9 - #1 in AFC & Over Eating

BEAT THE PANTHERS! - Happy Thanksgiving - Los Raiders handled business in MC. - Gotta get in Cam's head.

Duration: 01:20:10

Episode #8 - Bye Week & the Hype

BEAT THE TEXANS! - Marquette King was everywhere. - Who will the altitude impact most in Mexico City? - Yes, Vegas...again. *sigh*

Duration: 00:58:00

Episode #7 - Bronco Beatdown & Full Tilt

BYE WEEK! - Extra week to enjoy the win. - Who did beating Denver mean most to? - Coliseum looks good on prime time.

Duration: 01:11:00

Episode #6 - Jaguars Recap & Be Grateful

BEAT THE BUCS! - Raiders are playing loose on the road. - Enough with L__ V____. For now anyway. - Famous Jameis is good to throw a pick or two right?

Duration: 01:12:49

Episode #5 - Chiefs Recap & Relocation Discussion

BEAT THE JAGUARS! - Andy Reid owned us and is now 16-2 after a bye. - Viva Las Vegas! - If Cleveland is to bounce back vs the Jags.

Duration: 01:03:31

Episode #4 - Chargers Recap & History Lesson

BEAT THE CHIEFS!!! - Phillip went all Phillip but Coop went all Coop. - Jack Del Huevos is the best coaches nickname ever. - 4-1! Be could be 2006.

Duration: 01:07:58

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