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The show does not have a website. It does not drive listeners so we decided to kill it. We concentrate on our Facebook page. Thank you.

The show does not have a website. It does not drive listeners so we decided to kill it. We concentrate on our Facebook page. Thank you.
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The show does not have a website. It does not drive listeners so we decided to kill it. We concentrate on our Facebook page. Thank you.






Episode 84: Woof! Woof!

On this episode, Jason Mcguire of Ride BMX tells us about Ride's plans to take over the internet. Rich Eames joins us for D.I.R.T. and leaves us hanging. We introduce our new segment called "Trail Dog" and Brad is bummed that Skyway is not quicker with the barking sound effect. Boo hoo, Brad! We "Cross The Finish Line" with pretty boy, Trent Jones of Thrill / BOX. He admits to being amazing.

Duration: 02:14:35

Episode 83: Pros Schmos

On this episode, Rachel Mydock, AA Femme Fatale, sits in with the crew. She brings her "dad." He was a weird cat. "Live with Clive" learns that he is the next sales executive for Rail The Berm. We clear up any confusion about the "big hill" during "Main Frame." During D.I.R.T. we learn about Donny Robinson's outlook on toilet seats. We introduce our new tech segment called "Thing-A-Ma-Jig." Phil Maxwell of BOX is its inaugural guest. Thanks, Phil!

Duration: 01:57:26

Episode 82: Randy, Did You Know?

On this episode, "Skyway Nick" gets salty. Mike Carruth of BMXNews.com talks incessantly about the news. Greg Romero of BMXTraining.com quips his way through the 2017 race season. Randy Stumpfahuser has an F in his last name and learns to be quiet when Colin is speaking. Lastly, Dale Holmes tricks "Bobby Motomag" into a BMXWeekly.com interview at the 2017 USABMX Hall Of Fame dinner in Chula Vista, California. Rail The Berm The Bicycle Motocross Show is brought to you by... SupercrossBMX.com...

Duration: 02:19:28

Episode 78: Local Legend


Duration: 02:27:34

Episode 73: Bi-Sanctional Curious

On this episode Colin comes out of the "closet." Brad is promoted to co-host on his own show. A.J. Doherty demotes himself. Al Roybal admits to having one, where two is optimal. Bruce Morris does'nt answer the call to greatness. Sir Richard Eames does and shows his stamina. "Skyway Nick" stops by and does not say a word. "Bobby Motomag" fears that "Skyway" will return permantley. His fears could be justified.

Duration: 02:40:16

Episode 72: #72 Full Face Helmets Are For Ugly People.

On this episode, "Full Face Helmets Are For Ugly People" Colin passes his kidney stone on air. Gross! A.J. Doherty stays home to rest. 3 shows in a row have taken their toll. Kai Sakakibara agrees that racers are mostly ugly people. During the news Brad wishes LA and Paris good luck with that. Dani George agrees to being the "Heart Surgeon" full time... the "Dan-imal" is no more.

Duration: 02:23:20

Episode 69: #69 Gary, Colin, Motomag, Maggot, gOrk and Brad Walk Into Gordy's...

On episode #69, "Gary, Colin, Motomag, Maggot, gOrk and Brad Walk Into Gordy's." Gary Laurent stops by to show us how beautiful he is. Colin takes over the show and does not let the new guy talk. His name is A.J. Doherty... we think. gOrk comes clean on his hatred of women and the cruisers that they love. Maggot has a lot to learn about naps. Brad is thrilled to not say one thing.

Duration: 02:16:15

Episode 68: #68 Thinly Sliced

On episode #68 Thinly Sliced, we order from a new joint... Cafe' Willoughby. What was supposed to be a wall to wall gOrk episode is replaced by a bit of Mike Carruth mixed with P.A.L. track board member Nick Valencia combined with a pinch of "Fast" Layne Gainer. We give away the Throdwn Pro XXXL frame that "Fast" Layne Gainer broke in two at the trails. Do not tell the winner Scott Ferguson of Mukwonago, Wisconsin.

Duration: 02:10:25

Episode 67: #67 BMX Racing Good? BMX Racing Bad?

On this episode... "#67 BMX Racing Good? BMX Racing Bad?" This is our first show from Gordy's Bicycles. Tracer Finn explains how he would beat Billy Joel in a fist fight. Mike Carruth enjoys a P.B.R. at the races. Mike Gentilcore's P.H.D. proves useful against Michelle Cairns. We give away a Rennen Design Group Smart Sprint but you have to listen. As well, we annouce the giveaway of our Throdwn Pro XXXL frame test frame. Thank you for listening!

Duration: 02:42:16

Episode 66: #66 Kiss The Sprocket

On this episode the new audio guy falls asleep. "The Podfather" Dale Homes has us kiss his sprocket. During D.I.R.T. we discuss the tremendous growth of BMX racing in the United States. Bruce Morris reminds us that he is the fastest man in Australia. "Afro Bob" teaches us the economy of language. Jake Stephenitch of Spark BMX Training gets twitchy. Jordan Rupe of BMX Straight Rythm brags about his family tree. During RTB Back Pages we learn about Yucaipa BMX in California,...

Duration: 03:07:01

Episode 65: #65 BMX Racing Is For Weirdos

On this episode... #65 BMX Racing Is For Weirdos. We expose a lot of horse s#$t opinions. Rich Eames of British BMX loves him some Laura Smulders. Scott Towne agrees with Brad that BMX racing is stupid. Listen to Rail The Berm anywhere you get podcasts or at RailTheBerm.com - RTB is brought to you by… SupercrossBMX.com SparkBMXTraining.com PedalingInnovations.com RennenDesignGroup.com FatDadBMX.com BMXMania.com RideToEndObesity.com - The R.T.B. crew is Brad, “The Stile Man” Colin...

Duration: 02:52:23

Episode 64: #64 We Hate Jason Carnes...

Show #64... On this episode Jason Carnes of The Berm Academy shows why he is loathed. Farewell Kentucky Kid. Cameron Moore talks Florida USA racing. Kenneth Gustafson of Doublecross BMX gets beyond the semis on the show.

Duration: 02:11:35

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