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Rally & Engage: Online Fundraising & Marketing Insights For Nonprofits

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Farra Trompeter On Nonprofit Communication Plans

On today's episode we talk with Farra Trompeter, the VP of Big Duck ( During our conversation, we talk about how a year-round communications strategy can improve your fundraising at year-end and practically how do you go about crafting a plan that fits your organization’s goals. SHOW NOTES: *Rally & Engage Interview w/ Farra on Brandraising - *Mapping Your Donor Communications...

Duration: 00:25:38

11 Ways To Boost Your Year-End Fundraising Email Results

On this episode, I wanted to share the audio from a recent training I hosted. During the training, I shared 11 ways you can get more of your supporters to open, engage, and respond to your year-end fundraising emails. With only 1 week left of the year, I thought this was a timely conversation to share with you. Enjoy :) BEST PRACTICES: 1. Segment Your Audience 2. Spend Time On Your Subject Line 3. Make Your Emails Human 4. Purpose Over Design 5. Be Compelling 6. Make It Easy To Take Action...

Duration: 00:28:33

#GivingTuesday: 7 Ways To Make Your Campaign Stand Out

In this episode, we share 7 ways you can ensure your nonprofit's fundraising campaign stands out on #GivingTuesday. As a global day of giving, #GivingTuesday should be an integral part of your nonprofit organization’s year-end fundraising plans. The day, which coincides with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, kicks off the charitable season when many potential donors are focusing on the upcoming holidays and end-of-the-year giving. Now in its fifth year, the event has grown exponentially. Last...

Duration: 00:25:57

Wild Woman Fundraising On Writing Fundraising Appeals That Effectively Raise Money

On this episode we talk with Mazarine Treyz ( about the core elements of effective fundraising appeals, how the best appeals are centered around stories of one, and even touch on lessons you can pull from your favorite works of fiction when you’re writing your appeals. SHOW NOTES: *Mazarine's year-end fundraising masterclass ~ *Fundraising staff attrition cost article ~...

Duration: 00:53:40

Lori L. Jacobwith On Crafting Fundraising Stories

On this episode we talk with Lori L. Jacobwith (, about how your organization’s culture matters more than you think and how to craft a compelling fundraising story that drives response (even without an ask). SHOW NOTES: *Lori's consultancy, Ignited Fundraising ~ *Message Pyramid ~ *Ebook: Taking Your Nonprofit Stories From Boring to Brilliant ~...

Duration: 00:31:50

Rob Wu On Why People-Based Fundraising Is The Future

On this episode we talk with Rob Wu, the CEO and Co-founder of CauseVox ( On today's episode we're going do something a little bit different than we usually do. Every single month we have the opportunity to talk with hundreds of nonprofit leaders and hear how they're thinking about fundraising, what challenges they're facing and how they see their relationships with supporters are shifting. Over the past six years we've learned a lot, observed over 20,000...

Duration: 00:27:26

Rachel Ramjattan On Donor-Centric Communications & Fundraising

On this episode we talk with Rachel Ramjattan, the founder and principle of Nonprofit Plus Team(, about how you can be more successful with your year-end communication and how to truly be donor-centric in your communication. Since the age of 12, Rachel has been actively fundraising to help people living in poverty. She is passionate about helping nonprofits get better at doing good. Her friendly personality, “Can Do” philosophy, and vast experience with...

Duration: 00:36:09

Vanessa Chase Lockshin On Nonprofit Storytelling In Year-End Fundraising

On this episode we talk with Vanessa Chase Lockshin, the President of The Storytelling Nonprofit (, about what makes a good story, how stories can amplify your year-end fundraising campaign, and a few examples of nonprofits telling their stories well. Vanessa is an international non-profit consultant, thought leader, trainer, and speaker. She’s part of the next generation of professionals bringing change to the non-profit sector and challenging...

Duration: 00:34:20

Jonah Halper On How To Build Long-term Donor Relationships

On this episode we talk with Jonah Halper about the similarities between traditional dating (not tinder dating) and donor cultivation, four rules for healthy donor cultivation, and practical steps you can take to begin cultivating long-term relationships. Jonah a principle at ALTRUICITY, a fundraising and marketing consultancy, the author of the book ‘Date Your Donors’, and has over a decade of experience in philanthropy, specializing in new donor acquisition. SHOW NOTES: *ALTRUICITY, a...

Duration: 00:35:58

Taylor Corrado On How Nonprofits Can Leverage Content Marketing

On this episode we talk with Taylor Corrado about lessons nonprofits can learn from how for profit companies approach marketing, how today’s “connected world” has changed the way we fundraise, and effective ways nonprofits can leverage content marketing to rally more people around their cause. Taylor is currently on the Digital Marketing team at American Express, however has previously help nonprofits raise money online through various marketing roles at FirstGiving, HubSpot, and Blue...

Duration: 00:39:52

Project Aware Fundraiser On Aligning Passion With Occupation

On this episode of Rally & Engage by CauseVox, we talk with Lauren Wiskerson. She is the Fundraising Specialist at Project AWARE, a growing movement of scuba divers protecting our ocean planet. For two decades Project AWARE’s mission was to educate divers about emerging ocean issues and encourage participation in underwater conservation activities. More than 1000 dive operators and countless dive volunteers committed to marine protection efforts worldwide. Today, Project AWARE is doing...

Duration: 00:34:31

John Haydon On How Nonprofits Should Be Using Facebook In 2016

On this episode we talk with John Haydon about how nonprofits are using Facebook in the wrong way, new ways nonprofits can use Facebook in 2016, and a method John uses to help nonprofits craft a social media strategy. John is one of the most sought-after digital marketing experts for nonprofits and charities. He has helped hundreds of nonprofits realize their best marketing and fundraising results. John has spoken at the Nonprofit Technology Conference, New England Federation of Human...

Duration: 00:37:30

Children of Vietnam's ED On The Power Of Integrated Fundraising Campaigns

On this episode of Rally & Engage by CauseVox, we have the opportunity to talk with Nancy Letteri. She is the Executive Director at Children of Vietnam, a nonprofit focused on alleviating child poverty. We talk about why we must think about about fundraising in a different way, how to get your board involved in fundraising, and how planning can help you keep momentum through your next campaign. Find more episodes on iTunes or Children of Vietnam's...

Duration: 00:37:18

Why We've Started A Podcast About Online Fundraising

On this episode of Rally & Engage, a podcast about online fundraising hosted by CauseVox, we have the opportunity to talk with Rob Wu, the CEO and co-founder here at CauseVox. We thought we’d take the first episode and talk about his story before cofounding CauseVox, what shifts he has seen over the past six years in online fundraising, and why we’ve decided to start a podcast.

Duration: 00:13:09