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Amanda & Marie do a weekly podcasts answering problematic questions and rambling on the daily world

Amanda & Marie do a weekly podcasts answering problematic questions and rambling on the daily world
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Amanda & Marie do a weekly podcasts answering problematic questions and rambling on the daily world




EPISODE 30: Amanda and Marie talk about themselves

This week on #RambleRamble we discuss ourselves , or rather different random experiences and insights throughout our lives to date like the 'traditional life milestone's, hitting puberty, dating, friendships, falling in love, and marriage-shmarriage, among others. Amanda apologizes in advance for being a dick to Marie near the end of this episode. Oh and #HappyValentinesDay motherTruckers! ******************************************* . . . ------ Reference Links: 1. 2. 3. ------ . . . Follow...


EPISODE 29: Raven Symone Huxtable, White History Month, and is Marie a Racist?

This week on #RambleRamble we discuss half-ass friends, what #RavenSymone reposted on her social media that caused a stir and the attempted fabrication of yet another facet of the history books by white people. ******************************************* . . . ------ Reference Links: 1. https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/ti-responds-after-raven-symon-throws-shade-at-him-jay-z-and-more-news.43377.html 2. http://www.vh1.com/news/347960/nefertiti-today-show-egyptian-white/ ------ . . . Follow us on...


EPISODE 28: #Porn, #JayZ and #LOreal cosmetics

This week on #RambleRamble we discuss the state of Virginia's perplexing correlation between #porn and human trafficking, L'OrΓ©al cosmetics faux-#diversity agenda, and #JayZ's typical nigga-response to what would he have done if it had been #Beyonce that cheated on him instead. ******************************************* . . . ------ Reference Articles: 1. http://www.wfaa.com/news/virginia-proposes-porn-watching-fee-to-prevent-human-trafficking/512770395 2....


EPISODE 27: #Ciara, #Monique vs #Netflix, #TidePod

This week on #RambleRamble we discuss how former relevant R&B artist #Ciara stirred up some shyt on wife vs g/f, #Monique and the negativity bias she is being shown a la Black Twitter / IG, and how the #TidePodChallenge is just what the doctor ordered ...to eliminate obtuse Gen Zs from the population. ******************************************* . . . ------ Reference Articles: 1. https://www.glamour.com/story/ciara-reposts-video-dragged-sexist 2....


EPISODE 26: Happy #2018, #Transphobia and #Racism

Happy New Year Guys!! This week on #RambleRamble we discuss the conjecture of 'Transphobia', specifically in regards to the recent incident where R&B singer #Ginuwine was accused of it on #CelebrityBigBrother. We also spoke about the growing extemporaneous outbursts of the #AfricanAmerican community in classifying certain insensitive blunders as #RACIST / #RACISM. ********************************************************************* THIS WEEK'S PROBLEMATIC QUESTION: Should you continue to...


EPISODE 25: #Holiday, #Christmas, Reflecting on #2017 and Pondering on #2018

This week on #RambleRamble Amanda and Marie did a 'special' year end wrap up show, while inebriated of course. ENJOY! . . . Follow us on Twitter @RambleRamblePod and write to us at RambleRambleShow@Gmail.com


EPISODE 24: #KeatonJones , #GenderNeutral Kids, Wish.com #FatShames & Why Help Poor Decision-Makers?

This week on #RambleRamble we discuss that damn #KeatonJones fiasco, how an Asian #mom thought she was above the decree of Flight Attendants, how #PINK (that singer lady from the 90s) is raising her DaughterSon under that detrimental #GenderNeutral guise, and how wish.com took fat-shaming to a next level. ********************************************************************* THIS WEEK'S PROBLEMATIC QUESTION: Should you continue to help people that consistently make poor life decisions?...


JOINT SHOW: @RambleRamblePod and @PodcastVsState

This week on #RambleRamble we team up with #PodcastVsTheState for a joint show bonanza!! We discussed how #Robots are slated take over 800 million+ jobs by 2030, how #Rihanna refused to jump on the 'token #Transgender in my Ad' trend, and how #NetNeutrality is being challenged by raptorial corporations and the greedy white men therein. ********************************************************************* THIS WEEK'S PROBLEMATIC QUESTION: Is #ColinKaepernick guilty of appropriating...


EPISODE 23: #EnikoHart, #LenaDunham, Lawyer Dog, and Mental Illness Deniers in The Black Community

This week on #RambleRamble we discuss #EnikoHart giving birth to her multi-stage dividend financial investment πŸ‘€, #LenaDunham opening her slobbering Rottweiler mouth again when no one asked her sh*t, and how a Louisiana court entrapped a black man in the most bewildering of ways. ********************************************************************* THIS WEEK'S PROBLEMATIC QUESTION: Is it true that the black community (American, African ,West Indian all included) doesnt take mental health...


EPISODE 22: Bye #MeekMill, #AirIndia Body Shames, #HIV Restaurant & Why Do We Give Second Chances?

This week on #RambleRamble we discuss Real Philly Nigga #MeekMill getting put in the slammer for a smooth 2 - 4 years, Air India body shaming their flight attendants, and how a new restaurant that recently opened is staffed by #HIV positive employees πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€. ********************************************************************* THIS WEEK'S PROBLEMATIC QUESTION: Is there a fine line between giving someone second (third..fourth..etc.) chances and allowing bad behavior to prevail?...


EPISODE 21: #KevinSpacey, Tyrese, Chrisette Michele, B.O.B & Can a Double Standard-Less World Exist?

This week on #RambleRamble we discuss Amanda's #Halloween2017 um....experience, the logical fallacy of a Red Herring so aptly displayed this past week by #KevinSpacey, #Tyrese , and black people's self-appointed 'lord and savior' #ChrisetteMichele. Oh and we also made mention of #FlatEarth proponents, #B.O.B and #KyrieIrving' πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€. ********************************************************************* THIS WEEK'S PROBLEMATIC QUESTION: What kind of world would you envision for women if...


EPISODE 20: Social Media Harms Brains, November 8 & Are Onlookers of Sexual Assault Accountable?

This week on #RambleRamble we discuss some harmful effects of #SocialMedia on the Brain (Trolltitus), why 101 people will be screaming out their daylights on 'November 8, 2017', and #GabrielleUnion's TMI interview with Sway. ********************************************************************* THIS WEEK'S PROBLEMATIC QUESTION: Should people who witness sexual assault or rape and don't report it be held accountable too (along with the rapist)?...


EPISODE 19: Black-on-Black Bigotry, Student-Teacher Love Affair & Are True Friendships necessary?

This week on #RambleRamble we discuss how some African-AmeriKKKans want to prevent Blacks from other countries from getting a fair shot at an #Education, the so-called 7 reasons to remain #single (and creepy), and how a former High School student pens the tale of his love affair with a Teacher (That student is now a teacher mind you πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€). ********************************************************************* THIS WEEK'S PROBLEMATIC QUESTION: Is making friends strategically...


Random Rambles

While we take a break from the 'regularly scheduled program', enjoy this short compilation of Amanda and Marie's pre-show rambles. Raw and Uncut!!


EPISODE 18: #KylieJenner Preggers, The #TakesAKnee Saga, & Are Men Less Emotional Leaders?

This week on #RambleRamble we discuss pregnant white trash elite #KylieJenner, Celebrity-in-Chief #Trump talking more smack about 'Takes-a-knee-gate', and how a new study links online #Trolling to Male's #Narcissism. ********************************************************************* THIS WEEK'S PROBLEMATIC QUESTION: Why do people think men are less emotional leaders? ********************************************************************* . . . ------ Reference Articles: 1....


Episode 17: #KevinHart, #LeahRemini, Hypocritical #Christians & Should You Snitch On A Cheater?

This week on #RambleRamble we discuss the cheating man-squirrel #KevinHart, Leah Remini outing Jada Pinkett Smith as a Scientologist, the well-meaning white lady who was 'kicked out' by a church she was volunteering at because she's #Gay and a #Jew, and also take a questionable look at #YoungJoc's penchant for feminine attire and hairstyles. πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ ********************************************************************* THIS WEEK'S PROBLEMATIC QUESTION: Is it wrong if another person outs...


Episode 16: #InsecureHBO Finale, Weak #GameOfThrones Women, & Isn't Gentrification a Good Thing?

This week on #RambleRamble we discuss #InsecureHBO S2E8 Finale, some well-meaning white lady's opinion about the 'overly-emotional' female characters on #GameOfThrones, the complexities of buying a home when Black in #AmeriKKKa, and how Tajikstan (yes that's a real country) recently publicized a law for women to stop wearing Hijabs. ********************************************************************* THIS WEEK'S PROBLEMATIC QUESTION: If you take a second and think about it, isn't...


Episode 14: Mean #JoelOsteen, Mean Principal, Mean #BillMaher & Pro-Action Anti-Praying #Christians

This week on #RambleRamble we discuss #JoelOsteen locking niggas out his church during #HurricaneHarvey, #BillMaher's [supposed] fat-shaming jokes, how #Google created algorithms to target folks who search topics about depression, some principal who legging -shamed her students, and how the healthcare management company, #Aetena, revealed the #HIV status of 12,000+ clients....on accident. ************************************************************** THE PROBLEMATIC QUESTION FOR THIS WEEK...


Episode 13: #ZadieSmith Hates Mirror-Time, Self-Help vs Therapy & Can You Be Mad If Your Nudes Leak?

This week on #RambleRamble we discuss small penises, follow up on the D.O.J's spying news report, explore British Novelist, #ZadieSmith's abhorrence of extended mirror time for little girls i.e. how it sets the stage for low-self esteem in women, and also we take a look at how a recent study found that self-help may be as equally beneficial as seeing a trained therapist; and if that's the case, should #Therapy be obsolete? ************************************************************** THE...


Episode 12: #Charlottesville, #TigerWoods, and How Can We Un-Brainwash Racist Whites?

This week on #RambleRamble we discuss the so-called 'White Nationalists' and #Charlottesville, #TigerWoods's love for the lit life, and The Department of Justice requesting 1.3 M IP addresses of visitors to Trump protest. ************************************************************** THE PROBLEMATIC QUESTION FOR THIS WEEK ASKS: ************************************************************** If people can be 'un-brainwashed' from [overly] religious views, can they also be as easily...


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