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RDR 5th Anniversary Show

The 5 year anniversary is in full swing in this episode. Hollywood is Rip Roaring Drunk and we have Gabe from Dip That HydroGraphics. We give away custom dipped prizes through out the entire show. We have a tribute to the music and life of Oliver McElhone. We bring back Al's List or Craigs List. Some crazy stories to cover and that #RDR brand of humor #Delco loves

Duration: 02:16:12

Rambo's Delco Radio LIVE 9-10-17

The originators of Delco Radio start celebrating 5 years of blue collar awesomeness early. They relive some of the funnier moments and play clips so the old listeners and new listeners can travel back in the past. You don't need a Delorean and we have your flux capicitor. PS. Listener John brings us Pizza www.RambosDelcoRadio.com </form>

Duration: 02:24:23

RDR Labor Day Special

RDR recorded a special Labor Day episode on Thursday. Enjoy on your way down the shore or if you are stuck in with bad weather. Things get weird in this episode. Crowdfunding for a new Vagina... need I say more #RDR www.RambosDelcoRadio.com having fun with #Delco Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/lIOUA8zESU4

Duration: 02:03:25

Rambo's Delco Radio 8-13-17

The whole gang is in studio tonight. We cover our first field assignment with the Philly Bev Tax invading #Delco. The return of the Delco Update. Music by LapDaddy. Bonner guy huffs a bird. Local Drunk drives himself to the police station and so much more.

Duration: 02:29:10

Rambo's Delco Radio 7-30-17

THe most offensive #Delco radio show meets the Philly Offensive. The creator JJ talks all things offensive and being offensive with the RDR crew. The also have #Delco Shrek look for Paris Hilton, Burning you hands on monkey bars is news worthy?, and MRJR releases thier new album "Wizard Island."

Duration: 02:14:27

Rambo's Delco Radio LIVE 7-17-2017

Welcome to the special Monday night edition of RDR. Rambo is back in studio and the boys are on fire. Nothing better than Big AL and Rambo breaking each others balls. We have hot topics. The boys talk about a Herion OD that hits to close to home. The topic becomes heated but real. RDR willing to say what others aren't and their blue collar #Delco way. News? That's Not News! has both Aaron Carter and Shia Lebouf getting arrested and acting like the D-Bags they are. Local music with...

Duration: 02:46:54

Rambo's Delco Radio 7-2-17

The boys are back! They have the "No Sleep til Delco" guys Phil, Peter, and Ryan in studio. Bringing up some of the most recent #Delco Scumbags, Local music by Moment To Capitalize, and some strange stories from around the world

Duration: 02:06:06

DelcoDelphia LIVE 6-27-17

DelcoDelphia LIVE for the first episode of the summer. Philadelphia 76ers traded up for Fultz. Is the Process officially over? Do you want to see LeBron James in a #Sixers uniform? The Philadelphia Flyers drafted well but dealt some big names. Delco do you still trust Ron Hextall? Is the Flyers the new process? We discuss MacGregor v Mayweather!

Duration: 01:22:37

Rambo's Delco Radio 6-4-17

Hollywood Holbrook and Big Al take over the studio and feature the bands from Delco Day 2. They talk about 5 Below being a #Delco business, their first beer, and go "F" yourself Kathy Griffith. Grab a beer and enjoys some great local music talent. #DelcoHarder www.RambosDelcoRadio.com Want Delco Day 2 info just click the link below. https://www.facebook.com/events/1633899523292513

Duration: 01:56:24

DelcoDelphia 5-30-17

Philly sports is in a state of flux! The Phillies are the worst team in baseball. The Flyers & Sixers still have many questions marks. The Eagles seem to be making strides but with one year contracts. How do you feel about the Blount contract? How do you feel being a Philly sports fan in #Delco at this point.

Duration: 01:10:33

Rambo's Delco Radio 5-21-17

We have fun giving away FREE CONCERT TIX AND METALLICA CDS LIVE ON THE AIR tonight. Big Al , Delco Joe, Hollywood Holbrook, and Delco Jesus bring "love" stories about spooge and penis reveals in court, debut music from "Bored as Hell". and discuss the impact of the loss of Chris Cornell.

Duration: 02:43:06

DelcoDelphia LIVE

The #Delco boys host a LIVE reaction the NBA Draft lottery. Is this the end of the process or more tanking. You decide! Also they talk how much longer before the Sixers are contenders and the future of sports radio.

Duration: 01:13:58

Rambo's Delco Radio LIVE with Delco Proper

The studio is full on this episode. We have John McKeever and Tommy Pope from Delco Proper LIVE and in studio to clear the air of last weeks episode. We discuss their Comedy Central Show and everything #Delco. We will talking the Barnaby's of Havertown fire, Blow Job machines, and have music from Ciara Cantwell. We find out about douche Rambo from high school and "Saint AL." #RDR updates you on Delco Day 2 #DelcoHarder www.RambosDelcoRadio.com

Duration: 03:22:18

DelcoDelphia LIVE 5-2-17

The boys react to the Philadelphia Eagles draft picks, Rivals mocking us in our own backyard, the NBA Draft lottery and so much more blue collar#Delco awesomeness.

Duration: 01:15:43

Rambo's Delco Radio 4-23-17

Rambo joins the boys back in the studio. They interview Upper Darby Superintendent Michael Chitwood, play music by Jesse Gimbel and the Sadistic Biscuits, discuss the new Delco Proper pilot, and so much more with NO PANTS. We are also gave out free RDR t-shirts LIVE on the air. New listener offers first RDR tattoo.

Duration: 02:53:43

DelcoDelphia 4-18-17

"FREE GIVEAWAY SHOW" Live on DelcoDelphia. Did someone leave a window open? This is a draft filled episode. The boys jump into the DeLorean and gun it to 88. Lets look over the past 5 drafts and reshape the future.

Duration: 01:23:32

Rambo's Delco Radio LIVE 4-10-17

Big Al, Delco Jesus, Hollywood Holbrook and Delco Joe are making #Delco great again. An interview with Donald Wood from Ring Rust Radio. Great invertiew about how wrestling has evolved. Local music video by "MRJR" (a Delco Day 2 Band). The Penis Seat in Mexico, Street Justice, a not so helpful Teacher's aid, an over reacting viral snowflake, and the banned Pepsi ad and so much more! www.RambosDelcoRadio.com

Duration: 03:01:47

DelcoDelphia LIVE 4-4-17

DelcoDelphia live from RDR Studios. We have Eagles trade for Timmy Jernigan. What are the implications on the draft? Romo goes to CBS and only Dallas cares. What excites Delco about this year's Phillies' team? Sixers season coming to an end. We run through some lottery scenarios. NCAA Tournament.

Duration: 01:19:43

Rambo's Delco Radio 3-26-17

Here is what 10,000 plus LIVE viewers loved. Big Al, Delco Jesus, Hollywood Holbrook and Delco Joe are making #Delco great again. They are joined by one of #RDR orginals, Silly Willy. They bring you an action packed episode with local music by "Scars Like These." To Gender, or Not to Gender is actually a question. Joe Parkinson calls in for a rematch with Sammy "O". Our Daily Crimes are full of Fast Food junkies and the boys have the BMI to take them on. www.RambosDelcoRadio.com

Duration: 02:13:27

DelcoDelphia Live 3-21-17

DelcoDelphia LIVE on March 21st 2017. The boys discuss Nova getting bounced from the NCAA Tournament and your brackets getting busted. Speaking of brackets, Delco Delirium is heating up and getting deciding who is the best of the best in #Delco eats. They dive into the Eagles moves in free agency and what it means for the draft.

Duration: 01:30:16

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