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37. More than enough reasons to be a little worried about Apple.

We are finally out land of 16gb Devices. The iPhone SE comes with 32gb. Finally a new iPad - be it a bit of a ‘curate’s egg’. The Product(RED) iPhone makes an appearance and we make time to ponder the meaning (or otherwise) of a slightly unusual Apple Patent.

Duration: 00:58:40

Apple's 1 Infinite Loop Of Poor Genius Support.

How long do you have to spend in an Apple Store to walk out with a new set of problems with AirPods and iPads. Three hours... this and more in this weeks show featuring a new guest.

Duration: 01:44:20

Essential Apple Podcast 35: Happy Birthday Adobe Illustrator and “Other Stories”

On this weeks show somehow we end up talking about Electric Pork, ways to scan your network on both iOS and Mac OS. Wireless charging, do we really need it and is anyone surprised that Microsoft can ready your Skype messages? Essentialapple.com A huge thank you to our Patreon subscribers:)

Duration: 01:02:44

34: A Big Mac, Diet Coke and 3 Points Please

Another mixed bag of loosely based Apple discussion. The pitfalls of using iOS for podcast production, finally running with nothing more than an Apple Watch, Simons been installing more Beta updates, and you can get arrested at McDonalds for using an Apple watch. Plus a load more other nonsense.. ### This and other episodes are available at: [iTunes](https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-essential-apple-show/id983364510?mt=2&i=367582682&ign-mpt=uo%3D4) |...

Duration: 01:27:51

33: And We Had Some Post...

Another week and the podcasting juggernaught rolls onward. This week we talk about live streaming from your Mac to places like twitch or YouTube. Samsung and their quality assurance advert, Households deserve minimum 30Mbps broadband and we had some post...

Duration: 01:02:19

32: There’s always a way to go overkill

This week we talk about joining the MyMac.com network, where are the iPad pro’s, digital audio workstations, why is there such a large leap from basic to pro, what about us mid range types. Show notes on www.essentialapple.com [Amazon Affiliate Link](http://geni.us/amazonaffilate) [Patreon](https://www.patreon.com/essential?ty=h) And if you’d like an invite to the slack room you can DM twitter.com/@essentialapple

Duration: 01:00:18

Ep 30: Why There's Been No Show For A While.

A very short one this time around to let you good listening folk out there why there's not been a show for a whole.

Duration: 00:05:31

Essential Apple Show 29: Why yout don't record a show on a Sunday.

This week we discuss why the AirPods are delayed, purchasing apps, directly instead of from the App Store, why can't we have subscriptions for games as well as apps and Apples third party customer care.

Duration: 01:04:17

Essential Apple PodCast 005 – ‘Dodgy Bluetooth Vans…’

A strange week of Apple news from rumoured thunderbolt displays, rumoured iPhone release cycles, rumoured rumours and sources familiar with the matter. Yet we still manage to pack over an 1h 20 mins with something.. Full Essential Apple Show Notes Amazon Affiliate link Patreon Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus

The Essential Apple PodCast 004 – ‘Darn Hobbits…’

Another week and another episode of the Essential Apple show and we have a new game to start things off simply called "What's in my hand". We discuss iPhones potentially becoming cheaper after sales slump, iPads and education might be marked for failure, Skype issues for podcasters, Nemos hardware store and Google IO. https://essentialapple.com/in-the-news/essential-apple-podcast-004-darn-hobbits/ Essential Apple Show 4 Show Notes

Essential Apple 003 – ‘Self Guiding Trainers

Trainers that tell you where to go, BBC goes all netflix, Barry’s new career path / diaries of an allotment owner, Apple invests in Didi, Nemos hardware store and worth a chip.

Essential Apple: Some people get to call him T.C

On the show this week, hot on the heels from his MyMac 602 appearance is Mr Karl Madden and all the way from his special Apple secret bunker is our resident Canadian Matt. We discuss the future of intel, the future of apple music, the rise of the machines, the need for automated beer deliveries for Karl and how Tim should of responded to wall street. https://www.essentialmac.co.uk/in-the-news/essential-apple-podcast-001/

61 : the fate of a certain gentleman..-

Theres some big news for the podcast this week, bigger than should you have ribenna in a pint of Guiness. Joining me once again are Barry and Karl from the Mac and Forth show to cast an analytical eye on Apple's world in the last 7 days. It's the last in the line of the Rampant Mumblings Podcast but it's not all bad news.

Ep 60 – Subscription based Internets?

This week Barry, Karl join me and we discuss the subscriptions we have which support our internet usage. Apple releases a new sleeker, faster and rose gold”er” Macbook. Nemo’s hardware store and this weeks feedback (thanks Sergy) https://www.essentialmac.co.uk/podcasts/ep-60-subscription-based-internets/

Putting the band back together

This weeks talking points https://www.essentialmac.co.uk/in-the-news/podcast-getting-band-back-together/ KGI Analyst Expects 25% Drop in Apple Watch Sales in 2016 Apple Watch is a Flop (Unless You Ask People Who Have One) Talk of a Locked iPhone 6 Hack from Cellibrite iPhone SE Bluetooth Gate Proposed Feinstein-Burr Encryption Legislation Leaks Out Nemos Hardware Store http://ezq.com/smart-led-cable-details.html http://www.radtech.com/products/procable-ultra-heavy-duty-lightning-cables...

ep 58. sideshow bob time

There's not a lot to like about the batman vs superman, double Nemo and a new segment. Cheap "ish" movies of the week.

Ep57 - unsurprising but are we surprised?

podcast In this weeks podcast episode Karl Madden and Rick Mccorriston join me right after the Apple 21st event. Well when I said sort of we did have a few technical issues but we got there in the end. Recorded an hour after a technical impressive but somewhat muted Apple event. Nemo's Hardware Store The Mapmaker FYL Back Pack Show Support Amazon Affiliate link:If you do some shopping this week with Amazon, clicking this link gets us a small but apprecaited bit of comission from any...

FBiOS. We're no experts....

There can only be one story to talk about this week and thats FBiOS. We cover will the law eventually outlaw devices that have no backdoor? The Uk Snooper’s charter think so but the main question we ask. Do we have right to privacy in this day and age? You can find the Rampant Mumblings Podcast via iTunes,Spreaker, Sticher, TuneIn, SoundCloud and Opinion. Supporting the show If you shop at Amazon just by shopping normally at amazon but by going through our affiliate link. By using this...

Just one more go.. honestly.

Rampant Mumblings 53 : Just one more go.. In this episode. What it's like when youre Netflix account gets hacked, Addictive games on iOS and a special extended edition of Nemo's Hardware Store where he interviews PuroSound, makers of kid friendly headphones. Damn Addictive Games If you thought Mr Jump was bad, Super Hexagon is even worse thanks to it's incredibly funky 8 bit retro sounding audio. Netflix Account Access This week I found myself wondering why my netflix was coming up in...

Netflix isn't the only fruit

Looking at alternatives to Netflix this week with me is Karl Madden from the Mac and Forth show. We talk about viewing habits, can Netflix really beat the studios, Amazon "is it really prime" video, and Now Tv. A slightly different episode than normal and it would be great to see some new shiny reviews in the iTunes Store. Contact the show via @oceanspeed
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