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Episode 31: Hacking Creativity

What exactly is Hacker Dojo? A Silicon Valley secret and the perfect place to to begin expanding the ways we understand what creativity is and how it works. Find out what artist and technologists have in common and what they can learn from each other. Thank you to Terri, Diwakar, John, Michael & Barry. Extra special thanks to Vicky Hora & Marcy Delgado. Don't forget to take part in our Monthly Creative Challenge. It is for everyone. This month's prompt is TRANSFORMATION. For more info...

Duration: 00:17:25

Episode 30: Looking Back to Move Forward

Lam & Chad look back on the original format of the show and all the lessons that they learned. As this podcast goes forward it's important to remember the past and to learn from it. This features sound from Random Badassery episode that are not available anywhere else on line. We hope you enjoy it.

Duration: 00:49:43

Episode 28: The Coen Brothers | Kids with Chemistry Sets

Lam & Chad talk about directors Joel & Ethan Coen. Our thoughts on advertisements The intimacy of audio Making things without worrying about results Working with the same people Refreshing dialog scenes Make what you want to see What three Coen movies we'd tell people to watch The chemistry of remixing components Allusions & self-reference The creative bravery of doing no research Flexibility and meticulous detail Creativity should be fun and joyful Leaving room for other people's...

Duration: 01:40:31

Episode 26: Fight For a Future

Positive mindsets Looking forward with purpose Acknowledging where you make a difference Having trouble finishing books Discovering blindspots Logo by Drew Roulette || Music by CRUELS Our Subreddit || Support Us

Duration: 01:32:27

Episode 25: The Poet of The Body & The Tramp

Lam draws upon the final speak from Chaplin's The Great Dictator Our monthly creative challenge: mutation Speaking your mind in the moment with kindness Chad digs into section of Walt Whitman's "Song of Myself" Don’t get overwhelmed with choice "I am the poet of the body, And I am the poet of the soul. The pleasures of heaven are with me, and the pains of hell are with me, The first I graft and increase upon myself–the latter I translate into a new tongue." – Walt Whitman, "Song of Myself...

Duration: 01:43:58

Episode 21: 20 Questions Face/Off

We felt like doing something fun and different with his episode. What about a Q&A episode with a twist? What about a Q&A episode where we ask each other the questions? So that's exactly what we did and as result this is probably one of our more wide spanning episodes. Who is Lam's favorite painter? What 80's or 90's movie defines Chad as a person and much much more. Lots of thoughts on creativity, live and all the good stuff you've come to expect from Random Badassery.

Duration: 01:52:06

Episode 20: BONUS | Redirect Your Flow

Lam is making big changes, the guys talk about creativity in life choices, artistic expression in coffee, the way we find only what we look for, having difficult conversations and Chad explains how to use mind maps to re-claim energy. --Sorry guys, we couldn't find the Anthony Bourdain episode Chad refers to. But it was definitely an episode of No Reservations and any episode of that show will do really.-- Logo by Drew Roulette || Music by CRUELS Recorded with Cast Our Subreddit ||...

Duration: 01:45:37