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Episode 10 - US trips, sticky couches and Irish Hurricanes

The gang got together fully for the first time to talk about our recent and upcoming and past US trips, the weird weather going on that is changing and causing hurricanes in Ireland. Also we cover online retailing and the expectations as a customer and sticky fabric on couches. Search and find us on any social media by looking for Random Urban Memories! :)

Duration: 00:56:44

Special Episode: Our new Social Media Manager Catriona

We are today introducing Catriona Hegarty as our social media manager. Quite simply we sucked at it, and she was glad to start straighten us out. Cat is a phenomenal resource on music, trends and events around the world. She spent 9 of her life years on a cruise ship, on multiple levels of authority. She has been around the world, she has seen all the weirdness you can image. So let's see what she has in store for us.

Duration: 00:52:22

Special Interview Episode with Kevin from Tech Showdown

Today we get to meet PC enthusiast and hardware reviewer from his famous channel "Tech Showdown". We discuss the trials and tribulations of becoming a YouTuber and the work that goes into it. The premise was an insight into what is required. For all you non-tech folks out there, don't be scared off. We only discuss hardware towards the middle, purely for the fact that there is so much going on right now. Please check out his channel:

Duration: 00:50:31

Episode 9 - LIVE! - Galway Races, Housing Crisis and Taxation, DNA

Today we streamed not only the podcast live, we combined it with a Facebook Live Stream! We discuss the Galway Races in Ireland that are about to kick off and how messy they are. Also we discuss the housing crisis and Mortgages and the taxation measures the government wants to implement. (again). Also we talk about Shane getting DNA analysis and waiting for the result. We then touch on the ethical implication of human embryo editing.

Duration: 00:57:16

Episode 8 - Bad habits on airplanes, handmarks on asses on Instagram, Shane's Facebook posts

Today we will discuss the annoying people that insist of getting up when fasten seatbelt sign is on and other terrible habits on airplanes. Also David has found it quite annoying how some Instagram models have random handmarks on their asses for no reason. The state of social media today is ridiculous. Also David would like to know what the hell Shane was talking about in some of his private Facebook posts.

Duration: 00:52:48

Episode 7 - Singing Justin Bieber, meatsweats, overeating, assassination, trolling, making a murderer

We doubt David's singing abilities, illness, a steakhouse visit and suffering from meatsweats and overeating 'til you get fucked up symptoms. We come across assassinations by North Korea and Russia (unfortunately we did not source the article mentioned), we touch on trolling and cyber bullying briefly. O.J. Simpson and making a murderer twists our opinions.

Duration: 00:43:14

Episode 6 - Human augmentation, Apps, mortgages and high level scamming

We discuss the simpleness of doing nothing and dip into our global financial regulation and boo'ness along the way. As we progress, we touch on the concept of human augmentation and the future of self driving cars. App development and evolution of "disruptive" things that made a change in the world are also on the menu. High level scamming is mentioned and a little touch of economics flavours it all.

Duration: 01:05:03

Episode 5 - R Kelly, Phobias, fake tan, spiders, germophobia

We discuss our and strange phobias (especially the fear of flying and Santa's helpers), how nasty some fake tan is, spiders as pets and emotional connections to them. And wash yourselves!

Duration: 00:45:30

Episode 4 - Taking exams, crap jobs, nationalism, old politicians and Kanye

We discuss David taking exams, Shane's Turkish connection, foreigners having to take crap jobs, nationalistic tendencies and the problem that older generation politicians stand in the way. And a bit of Kanye. Why not.

Duration: 01:04:45

Episode 3 - Conspiracy theories, nasty ass drinks, child discipline

We touch a tiny bit on conspiracy theories, certain drink experiences that made us hate the drinks we experienced and how child rearing is different to what we were used to.

Duration: 00:51:24

Episode 2 - Getting married, Frodo is a bitch and going vegan

Apart from quantum time differences, we discuss being married, David's hatred for the protagonist of lord of the rings, going vegan, losing weight and some hip hop.

Duration: 01:03:48

Episode 1 - The Introduction to the Rumboyz

Welcome to the Rumboyz Podcast. Due quantum reversal techniques, we had to pre-record the introduction to our podcast, even after it all had happened. We talk about whatever you or we want at any stage. But seeing that we are a couple of episodes in, we had to explain the time-lapse.

Duration: 00:40:01