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Episode 13: Too Many Sports

Sherief returns to the podcast. In Randum things we are playing and watching Shawns still into his phone games, Sherief is still into Ark and Ray is into some weird things. In Randum news we talk about the nba draft, possible trades, and the Cavs front office. Then we talk about old video game companies getting back in the market. Finally we talk Spider-man villians, Venom the anti-hero, and Jon Snow. Neither Shawn or Sherief really have a topic so the podcast devolves into odd talk.

Duration: 00:57:12

Episode 12: The return of Mr. Smith

The much awaited return of co host Anthony Smith. The comedic banter between Shawn and Anthony is in full swing. In Randum things we are playing and watching Anthony brings up Sense8 and multiple sports games. Shawn expands on his family feud addiction and deer hunter escapades. Ray talks bout what he liked from e3 and how Friday the 13th is going. In Randum news we talk about dodgeball charity event and Flatliners remake before we move into a few political topics that don't catch on. After...

Duration: 00:56:16

Episode 11: Rays Crazy E3

Shawn and Ray are joined by shawns coworker Rich in a slighty upbeat podcast. We start with what we are playing and watching. Shawns playing family food and Rays playing Friday the 13th and Marvel heroes. In the news we discuss Wonder women, Punisher, The Jets, Trumps budget, Far Cry 5, Sony and Lebron James. In Randum Topics only Rich has a topic and then we move onto Rays weird E3 predictions. Special Guest: Rich.

Duration: 00:55:31

Episode 10: Everything should be supernatural

Ray and Shawn are joined by Ab tonight. Shawns voice is back but so is the buzzing. We talk about nba finals , Netflix cancelling shows, Jets trades and free games for ps plus and xbox live.

Duration: 00:35:47

Episode 9: The Ghost of Shawn

We are back for another week of antics. For some reason shawns mic didn't work while he talked into it but worked when ray did. We talk about what we are playing and watching which isn't much new then we delve into news topics. We start with the reboot of resident evil then talk a bunch about sports. We wrap up the news with gta 5 sales and then Tom Holland becoming Nathan drake. In the randum topics we send out our regards to all the people affect by the bombing at the arianna grande...

Duration: 01:11:41

Episode 8: Just a brotherly thing

Its just the brothers on this one. We discuss new Netflix shows in the works, nba sponsorships, new helmet tech, and some games shawn doesn't like. Ant calls in towards the end and some parts are hard to hear but we will figure out if that's a viable way to get everyone on a show if they cant physically make it.

Duration: 00:51:11

Episode 7: Its been awhile

We are back with all the energy we need. Sometimes our convos just take on a life of their own so hope you enjoy the ride.

Duration: 01:22:28

Episode 6: The Three Amigos

Ant and Sherief are out this week so Smith Shawn and Ray get to go all crazy. Shorter episode this week but still as entertaining as ever. We talk about Carmen sandiego, shawns love life, and a bunch of other Randum things.

Duration: 00:47:14

Episode 5: Dont order pizza

The Randum guys are back for another week of odd talk. It somehow always goes into things we don't intend it to. We talk a lot of the current political climate and touch on big movie and game news. We end on Ants football segment since hes the only one to come up with anything else to add. The question we have is are there rules with in your group of friends regarding exs? We answer for us and hope you guys comment how you handle it.

Duration: 01:21:19

Episode 4: Shawns weird dick

In another week of oddball antics the guys and I talk about a wide array of topics. No sex talk really this week unless you count the numerous times shawns dick is brought up. We are able to keep the podcast to around an hour again which we hope happens every week but sometimes things just get outta control.

Duration: 01:14:31

Episode 3: Just goes there

This one gets running in ways we didn't think it could go in. Shawn goes into his weird places, The Anthonys go hard in the sports area, and sherief adds in his stories of man eating snacks. Some topics may not be talked about enough and some may be talked about too much. Hope everything is to your liking.

Duration: 01:56:48

Episode 2: The Restart

We change up the format of the podcast. The audio is a lot better but I still have to figure out what that interference is. We took a few weeks off for personal things but hope to get an episode out once a week. This week we talk about what we are playing and watching, news stories that interested me, and we end with a bunch of nonsense. Hope you like the changes and email any suggestions you have, we'd greatly appreciate some input.

Duration: 01:04:07

Episode 1: The Begining

We start this journey a little bumpy. We talk about the draft, pain Olympics, more football, and where we see the podcast going. The audio is a little rough and Shawn turned his mic off at some point. At least we know it can only get better from here. Warning there is spoilers for Logan towards the end. If you don't want to be spoiled don't listen to the last 15 minutes.

Duration: 01:28:04