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Podcasting High Rankin's weekly, Rankin Radio show. Contains foolish chat, questionable music and poor attempts at humour.

Podcasting High Rankin's weekly, Rankin Radio show. Contains foolish chat, questionable music and poor attempts at humour.
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Podcasting High Rankin's weekly, Rankin Radio show. Contains foolish chat, questionable music and poor attempts at humour.






Season 5 - Episode 80 - The Brave Boys Of Rankin Radio

James recalls his many years on the game. Will goes off the deep end on pronouns. The Brave Boys Of Rankin Radio are born.

Duration: 01:34:52

Season 5 - Episode 79 - Smoking Your Mind

The boys tackle the Christmas John Lewis advert, will puts forward his top list of things to blame. Jim is involved in a furious twitter SJW mob and the boys come up with some genius life hacks.

Duration: 01:35:37

Season 5 - Episode 78 - What About The Ghosty?

The boys play songs they have written about Kevin Spacey. James tells a ghoulish tale and takes shots at some classic films.

Duration: 01:29:41

Season 5 - Episode 77 - Kevin Spacey's Gay

The boys are back talking the toot and shooting the breeze. We reach peak Metro with a collection of what not to put in your vagina stories, Will tells a harrowing tale of horror and violence. Jim is back from his holiday and definitely didn't join ISIS.

Duration: 01:09:32

Season 5 - Episode 76 - All By Myself

Jim is away on his holidays so it's just Will in on his own. Going through news and reporting on strange new underwear trends and public defecation.

Duration: 00:49:01

Season 5 - Episode 75 - Sorry About The Wait

More bowl busters get dropped. Christian parades his hoochy koochy about and Twiddy is a general nuisance. Sorry about the wait between episode. We had some tech issues as per fricking usual. Here we have two episodes in one as we lost part of the recording of last weeks show.

Duration: 01:56:49

Season 5 - Episode 74 - Bowl Busting Visions

The boys are park after a series of failures in recent weeks. A copy of a childrens book authored by Si Twiddy has been found. A new game focussed on James' bowl busters is born.

Duration: 00:35:38

Season 5 - Episode 73 - Get On The Bag

R Kelly gets worked over and Will narrates a Christian Quest for James. James has an elaborate who-done-it and Christian's hoochy koochy is once again causing trouble.

Duration: 01:09:43

Season 5 - Episode 72 - Time Travelling Dicksmith

Peter Andre tries to convince James to help out with some odd jobs. Christian is spotted selling something he shouldn't. Should you really be using time travel to sling dick?

Duration: 01:05:49

Season 5 - Episode 71- Creeping

What a lovely pair of soft, comfortable moccasins. Why ever would you be wearing such shoes? James receives an eye opening letter from a recent Uber driver of his.

Duration: 01:28:56

Season 5 - Episode 70 - Pegging For Jesus

Christian's in, probably on pingers, who knows. Pegging, what is it? Is Jim up for it? Squeal Or No Squeal makes a dramatic return.

Duration: 01:09:32

Season 5 - Episode 69 - Bangerless Love In A Park

James tells a peculiar story about the recent Henfield Dog Show. Christian is back to field questions and concerns about his absence. Another Level get the lyric treatment.

Duration: 01:02:29

Season 5 - Episode 68 - Cook His Little Head

More information about the doctrines of The Church Of The Nomadic Stepdad including their 10 commandments. The boys come up with potential new shows for Trickstar.

Duration: 01:12:52

Season 5 - Episode 67 - The Church Of The Nomadic Stepdads

We're back in business! The boys look into the fastest growing religion in the world, The Church Of The Nomadic Stepdads. Jay-Kay emails in to suggest lyrics for a new version of his hit single, Cosmic Girl.

Duration: 01:51:37

Season 5 - Episode 66 - Going Pill For Pill With Corbyn

This this the most childish episode of Rankin Radio yet? It's certainly possible. James is groomed by Glastonbury's Michael Eavis and Kayne gets the lyric treatment.

Duration: 01:51:51

Season 5 - Episode 64 - Flip Reverse It

The boys get stuck into some Blazing Squad and some very blurry lines. Who really is Illamandad? How hard is Christians uncle? A relationship 'of sorts' with Enormous Bear Man?

Duration: 01:13:07

Season 5 - Episode 63 - I would Smash OFCOM To Bits

Robbie Williams' seminal work, Rudebox is torn to shreds. James is at the end of his tether with OFCOM. Are bonobo monkeys the way forward or na?

Duration: 01:20:14

Season 5 - Episode 62 - The Fidget Spinners Of The Apocalypse

Christian has his dinner, Twiddy and Mitten bring the wets. Is gender a social construct? Is James really trying to give legitimate excuses for owning a fidget spinner? Do you have enough fibre in your diet? Find out!!!

Duration: 01:10:10

Season 5 - Episode 61 - Summer Girls

Finally the inevitable happens and Will suffers a full scale mental collapse. If you have any information that can help him, please get in touch through facebook or twitter. Thank you.

Duration: 02:32:35

Season 5 - Episode 60 - Sockin A Duck Ya Botch

The boys discus options for population control, Ed Shearan phones in, the popes boner pills are brought into contention. Cloud eggs.

Duration: 01:41:12

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