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Michael Steele and Rick Ungar keep you up to date with the latest breaking news and headlines. We like to have fun and we like to get things done. We are the home of Rational Radio.

Michael Steele and Rick Ungar keep you up to date with the latest breaking news and headlines. We like to have fun and we like to get things done. We are the home of Rational Radio.
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Michael Steele and Rick Ungar keep you up to date with the latest breaking news and headlines. We like to have fun and we like to get things done. We are the home of Rational Radio.




"We certainly wouldn't want to reward...a big and enthusiastic supporter of torture."

When President Trump fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Twitter, he used the same tweet to name current CIA Director Mike Pompeo as his choice to fill the top job at the State Department and current Deputy CIA Director Gina Haspel to step up into Pompeo’s role. Haspel’s nomination raised questions on both sides of the aisle because of her involvement in running a CIA black site in Thailand. Many members of the intelligence community defended Haspel and many senators have not raised...


“How far have our politics fallen, when we refer to the opposition as ‘losers’?”

Senator Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) says he knew the Republican Party was headed in the wrong direction in the mid-2000's when it "stopped talked about fiscal conservatism and started talking about flag-burning.” Senator Flake, then a member of the House of Representatives, says the GOP abandoned its conservative principles, spending vast sums of taxpayer money and focusing on fighting at the front lines of the culture wars. On March 15th, the senator stirred up some controversy in a speech at the...


"If there's documentation in your file that says 'You're a liar, you haven't been candid'...that is very often a death sentence."

Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe Friday night, two days before McCabe intended to retire and collect his full benefits as a federal employee. The FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility recommended McCabe’s termination earlier this month, citing an incident in 2016 where he allowed FBI agents to give information about the Clinton investigation to media outlets. Some lawmakers on both sides of the aisle agree that McCabe’s firing seems justified in...


"There are a lot of Republican lawmakers who are sick of this."

In the wake of the Parkland shooting, a number of Republican lawmakers want to call for stronger gun reform. However, these rank-and-file congressmen are concerned that they'll be skewered by the NRA and primary challengers if they try to voice their opinions or push legislation without support from Republican leadership. Elaina Plott, a staff writer for the Atlantic, talked to a number of Republican lawmakers for her piece, “I Think We Have a Leadership Problem.” Ms. Plott talks to...


"My fear is that the president now is going to surround himself with folks who will just say yes."

The House Intelligence Committee is suffering from infighting over the handling and conclusion of its Russia investigation. Meanwhile, Republicans and Democrats alike are searching for answers and insight in the wake of Conor Lamb’s apparent victory in the special election for Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional district. Members of Congress and world leaders are wondering where alliances and agreements stand amidst the shake-ups at the State Department and in the Trump administration. To...


"I think the Democratic Party may be split a little bit on do we go resist or do we go Conor Lamb?'

The special election in Pennsylvania’s 18th district remains somewhat unsettled. The New York Times officially called the election for Democratic candidate Conor Lamb, who leads Republican candidate Rick Saccone by mere hundreds of votes. Many in the GOP, including House Speaker Paul Ryan, said Lamb won because he ran more like a Republican than a Democrat and that Dems won't be able to replicate Lamb’s strategy nationally in November. Ed Henry, chief national correspondent for Fox News,...


"The goal here was not to have a State Department. He [Trump] didn't want really a Secretary of State."

President Trump fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson via tweet in the wee hours of Tuesday morning. The president’s decision came after months of reports that the president was upset with his top diplomat over policy differences and an incident in which Tillerson referred to Mr. Trump as a “F***ing moron.” Secretary Tillerson leaves the State Department under-staffed, with low morale, and low standing in the international community. As Max Bergmann, a former State Department official,...


"People want decency and no drama."

Senator Jeff Flake called for a Republican to launch a primary challenge to President Donald Trump in the GOP primary in 2020. Is there anyone in the GOP that could give the president a run for his money? Evan Siegfried, a political strategist and author of “GOP GPS: How to Find the Millennial and Urban Voters the Republican Party Needs to Survive”, doesn't think so. He says no one in the GOP could beat Donald Trump in a primary right now. However, Siegfried does think there are candidates...


"North Korea is not denuclearizing itself."

At today's press briefing, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders clarified that President Trump would not engage in “negotiations” with North Korea when he meets dictator Kim Jong Un. “We’re not in the negotiation right now,” Sanders said. “We’ve accepted the invitation to talk, based on them following through with concrete actions on the promises that they’ve made.” Sanders’ comments came amidst a firestorm of commentary from politicians and pundits on both sides of the aisle...


"We are about to give them what they've been asking for since 1954."

South Korean National Security Adviser Chung Eui-yong announced today at the White House that President Donald Trump accepted an invitation from North Korea dictator Kim Jong-Un to discuss denuclearization. The meeting, which is supposed to take place before May of this year, would be the first-ever meeting between a United States president and a North Korean leader. Is this a diplomatic breakthrough or just another major ploy by the famously manipulative North Korean leadership? Career...


"If you're a consumer out there, your protections have been weakened."

The Senate is currently deliberating on the “Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act”. It seeks to update and reform some of the regulations that Dodd-Frank put on financial institutions in 2010. The idea behind Dodd-Frank was to protect consumers from another "Great Recession" and from paying for another massive bank bailout. As we approach the 10-year anniversary of the market crash, some Democrats have suggested that the Senate bill will loosen regulations that...


"When he [Trump] gets hit a certain way, he starts to draw a line."

Anthony Scaramucci wants to make it clear that he is not an apologist for President Trump. "I call the balls and strikes as I see them,” he said. Scaramucci sees himself as an explainer or interpreter of sorts. He explains the president’s unique way of doing business. It’s a continuation of what he tried to do in his 11 days on the job as the White House communications director. Scaramucci talks with Rick Ungar and Michael Steele about the chaos in the White House, the departure of Gary...


"Donald Trump is everything the Republicans thought Barack Obama would be."

E.J. Dionne, longtime columnist for The Washington Post, describes the current crisis of faith in our government institutions and representatives in his column “The cost of our war on public life.” He asks, “How did we get a government of this sort? For decades, our country has been witness to a war on public life. Legitimate dissatisfaction with government has turned into contempt for government itself and a denial of the indispensability of politics.” Michael and Rick assess the...


"I’m hoping this is Trump’s head wink."

After a White House meeting with CEOs of U.S. steel and aluminum manufacturers earlier this week, President Trump announced his intention to place tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. While members of the administration like Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross defended the move, domestic and international markets and governments responded very differently. The Dow plunged 500 points after the announcement, Canada threatened an “all-out” trade war and the European Union threatened to impose...


"Due process protections are a fundamental bedrock of our American society."

President Trump suggested an unprecedented violation of due process yesterday at a bipartisan meeting on gun control at the White House. While discussing gun confiscation the president said, “I like taking the guns early, like in this crazy man’s case that just took place in Florida ... to go to court would have taken a long time…Take the guns first, go through due process second.” Those words sent shockwaves across the political landscape and shocked and dismayed gun-owners. Cam Edwards,...


"We're not honest about race in this country."

Last Friday night, CPAC communications director Ian Walters made racially-charged remarks about Michael Steele at the conference's Ronald Reagan dinner. He said Michael was elected as RNC Chair "because he was a black guy". Michael and Rick responded to Walters' repulsive remarks Saturday morning and continued this conversation Monday night. Today, Mr. Walters wrote an op-ed in The Hill to defend and double-down on his comments, disparage Michael’s management of the RNC and bash “fake...


"We need a second special counsel."

On Saturday, the House Select Committee on Intelligence released the Democrats' memo on alleged FISA court abuses. Democrats wrote their counter-memo because they wanted to disprove claims in a Republican memo written by Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif. 22). House Republicans say the FBI knowingly misled the FISA court in order to obtain a warrant to spy on then-Trump campaign aide Carter Page. Congressman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio 04), a member of the House Intelligence Committee and...


"Finally, it's out there."

CPAC communications director Ian Walters made racially charged and disparaging remarks about Michael Steele at the conference's Ronald Reagan dinner Friday night. Michael and Rick responded Saturday morning, talking with CPAC chairman Matt Schlapp and other guests about Walters’ repulsive remarks. The guys continue the conversation tonight. Both liberal and conservative pundits and politicians voiced their disgust about what Walters said. Michael explains how the conversations with Schlapp...


Michael Steele responds to Ian Walters

Ian Walters, the communications director for CPAC, spoke at the Ronald Reagan dinner Friday night and said that Michael Steele was elected as RNC Chair because he was a black guy. Steele & Ungar was LIVE from CPAC Saturday morning to respond to Walters' ugly and repulsive comment.


"I wish Trump would embrace the other half of governing: communication."

Rational Radio Daily is LIVE from CPAC! Gary Johnson, the former governor of New Mexico and 2016 Libertarian Party nominee for president, has been out of the national spotlight since the end of the election, but keeps his eyes on the direction of national politics. He tried to sum up his thoughts on the current immigration debate, saying, “If we build a wall across the border, at some point, as a nation, we’re going to tear it down because of the stain it represents on our Republic.”...


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