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Ep17 - Cobble Stones and Cameras

Hello All! Welcome to Episode 17 and thanks for joining us for another Raw Podcast. This week we talk much of general chit chat and cobble stones. A little on the new Nikon D850 which will be launched Thursday the 24th of August and a little about photo editing apps for phones. Enjoy and thanks for listening. See you on Episode 18! Dave & Paul To find out more from us then you can check out the following. So then, where to find more from Paul. Web – mhphoto.ie Facebook –...

Duration: 01:09:23

Ep16 - They are Islanders

Hello All! Welcome to Episode 16 and thanks for joining us for a special episode of the Raw Podcast. This week we have two guests. Nick O'Keefe and Tomasz Kornas. These guys are two brave souls who are undertaking quite a task. They are organising Irelands first wedding photography and videography conference, at the least the first of this scale. To be held in Kilkenny next March they are planning to have 16 speakers, workshops, a photowalk and plenty more to keep people entertained and...

Duration: 00:45:43

Ep15 - x100f smartslides flohub spark

Hello All! Welcome to Episode 15 and thanks for joining us for another Raw Podcast. This week, Dave asks Paul how he's enjoying his Fuji X100 and also if he's still enjoying his Canon 5DMKIV as much as he did initially. His answer may surprise you. Also…. The DJI Spark is out! Just look at this thing! Unreal. Dave is drooling over this big time, especially now that his Phantom 4 is is in a few pieces… :( https://www.dji.com/spark Oh. and here is the best Spark review yet from the hilarious...

Duration: 01:04:29

Ep14 - Dave crashed his Drone

Hello All! Welcome to Episode 14 and thanks for joining us for another Raw Podcast. Paul has went and done it and bought himself a Fuji X100F. It was bound to happen :) http://www.fujifilm.com/products/digital_cameras/x/fujifilm_x100f/ In other news … Dave has crashed his drone. A tree stepped out in front of him. Paul is off to Ibiza for a wedding and is trying to decide on what to bring. DJI are bringing out ANOTHER drone. We drone on about that for not nearly long enough. And lots of...

Duration: 00:53:06

Ep8 - Photography Workshops

We’re back with a bang..bang boom! Soz for being so late with this one the frequency will increase very soon. In this weeks episode the bouy's talk Mavic vs Karma and eat some cheese. The jokes are flying cos the coffee is too..well flying or falling you decide. Dave talks more on Xpro-2 vs Xt-2 worth a listen. Finally we talk workshops, the merits of them and how they are good for your photography career. We talk some very been on and whats coming up with Dave and some workshops he's...

Duration: 01:40:51

Ep6 - 5DMK4 XT2 Unboxing

Today is the day folks! It's September 8th and that means only one thing! Well two things…. The Canon 5DMK4 and the Fuji XT2 are out today! Will Paul take the leap? Will Dave go through with yet another trade in? All will be revealed in this slightly longer than normal episode that was actually recorded over the course of a few days. Aside from the camera news there is also some talk on Apple's latest Keynote where they launched some new shiny stuff. Paul's eyes get all glazed over. So,...

Duration: 01:14:13

Ep4 Canon 5d4 Worth Waiting for?

Hi folks! We’re back with Episode 4 of Raw Podcast! Thanks for joining us! This week our main topic of conversation is surrounding the release of the Canon 5d Mark IV. Is Paul excited? Is he bursting with joy to get his hands on the new machine from Canon or is it all a little underwhelming… Maybe Dave will switch camera system again, who knows. Aside from we have a few more small bits and an explanation about where the heck we’ve been. And also an apology from Dave yes thats right.. an...

Duration: 01:47:18