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Rays Podcast: Latino Talk That Informs, Inspires

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Philadelphia, PA






RP267: Puerto Rico Crisis Comes To Washington; Why Net Neutrality Matters

Rays Talk Show Episode 267: Host Ray Collazo talks about the latest threat to Puerto Rico that’s coming in form of Republican Tax bills with Gretchen Sierra-Zorita of the National Puerto Rican Agenda. Gretchen outlines the provisions in the proposed tax bills that could do more harm to Puerto Rico than any hurricane. Gretchen reveals why mobilizing in Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania around this issue is so crucial now! Collazo also updates us on the current state of play with Tax legislation...

Duration: 01:06:02

RP266: DACA Deepdive…#DefendTheDream

Rays Talk Show Episode 266: Host Ray Collazo is joined by Immigration Policy expert Carlos Guevara of UnidosUS to take a deepdive into the state of DACA/Dream Act policy. Collazo and co-host Leo Perales quiz Carlos on the state of play in Washington around potential Dream Act legislation potentially being shoe horned into current Budget/Tax Packages. What leverage do immigrant activists now have as the debt ceiling deadline approaches? Will Democrats stand by the Dreamers during these...

Duration: 00:50:25

RP265: Say It Ain't So Luis?! Taxes Fight. Was That Really Ray With Lin-Manuel?

Rays Talk Show Episode 265: Host Ray Collazo is joined by Chicago Political expert Larry Gonzalez on legacy of retiring Congressman Luis Gutierrez and what's next for El Gallito. Leo Perales joins to consider what leaders are ready to step up in Congress now that Gutierrez is leaving and review the other big political news with Ray. Latest on Tax debate, Puerto Rico, Net Neutrality and the big football game coming up with Leo and Ray's favorite teams. And Leo gets to the bottom of Ray's...

Duration: 01:12:11

RP264: Unity March For PR; How North Philly Would Handle Moore; Taxes….We Talking About Taxes?!

Rays Talk Show Episode 264: Host Ray Collazo interviews activist and entrepreneur Wanda Mora about her experience mobilizing aid and advocacy through her Puerto Rico Strong campaign. Mora reveals how her campaign has raised $60K for relief efforts and what she has learned about herself and her community through this experience. Collazo and Mora discuss the next steps for Puerto Ricans to take control of our destiny with political mobilization that begins in many ways at the Unity March for...

Duration: 01:20:30

RP263: “If We Don’t Fight, We Die.” Whitefish, Flake And Elections

Rays Talk Show Episode 263: Host Ray Collazo and Co-Host Leo Perales of “The Perales Report” update us on this week’s hottest political headlines. Updates on Puerto Rico: The humanitarian crisis continues while a company with 2 employees from Montana gets a $300 Million dollar contract. What could go wrong? Collazo and Perales why ‘Voces Unidos’ concert mattered. Jeff Flake’s resignation: How does Flake’s resignation impact 2018? Answers may surprise you. And listen to why Collazo says...

Duration: 00:53:09

RP262: “When Others Were Scared To Help Us;” World Series Preview

Rays Talk Show Episode 262: Host Ray Collazo is joined by Marketing expert, philanthropist and Astros Superfan Rolando Rodriguez to update on the Texas recovery. Rodriguez shares how the Trill Multicultural team responded when some were scared to enter their communities in Houston in aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Listen to how Trill raised money and brought hope to some communities that have still been largely forgotten during Harvey recovery. Collazo and Rodriguez discuss parallels to...

Duration: 01:01:12

RP261: Unidos PA' PR; Won't Accept 2nd Class; DACA Deal; Prayers For NoCal

RP261: Host Ray Collazo is joined by activist Angel Medina who shares his experience post Hurricane Maria and the real story on the island and throughout the diaspora. #UnidosPaPR Collazo is also joined by Leo Perales to discuss future of potential DACA deal, Budget attacks and impact of Trump/Corker feud on upcoming congressional fights. Collazo and Perales debut the "Hey Ray" segment. Prayers to our friends in NoCal dealing with forest fires.

Duration: 01:16:46

RP260: Ayayay Trump; Puerto Rico Strong; Can Gun Control Happen; Prayers For Vegas

Rays Talk Show Episode 260: Host Ray Collazo and guest host Leo Perales provide latest update on Puerto Rico crisis. Why Trump hit a new low on his visit and what Puerto Ricans are thinking right now. Collazo lays out what needs to be focus now and what lessons Puerto Ricans should take from the harrowing last few weeks. Las Vegas is on everyone's minds, hearts and prayers. Collazo and Perales share why this tragedy especially hits home and prospects for a legitimate conversation on gun...

Duration: 00:55:17

RP259: Puerto Rico And Mexico Love; When Trump Attacks; Latest on Zombiecare

Rays Talk Show Episode 259: Host Ray Collazo provides latest updates on Zombiecare and his analysis on what Trump’s attacks on pro athletes really mean. Collazo also shares the latest on the Puerto Rico and Mexico crises and why Puerto Rico is so important to millions of Americans and should be important to all of us. Listen to Marlene Peralta discuss the ongoing fight to pass DACA into law and her take on recent New York City elections.

Duration: 00:49:49

RP258: Why We Never Forget 9-11; Irma Update; Bannon Got A Point?

Rays Talk Show Episode 258: Host Ray Collazo discusses the 16th Anniversary of 9-11 with Jason Llorenz and why its still so relevant today. Collazo also gets updates from Alex Easdale and other residents of Florida and Texas on recovery efforts and lessons learned from this incredible experience. Collazo also breaks down why we need to keep listening to Steve Bannon.

Duration: 00:58:30

Emergency Podcast: DACA, This Is Not A Drill! What's Next For Dreamers.

Rays Talk Show Episode 257: Host Ray Collazo is joined by Immigrant lawyer Jose Sanchez and Political Strategists Elbert Garcia and Madeleine Villanueva to discuss our reactions to President Trump's decision to end the Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Sanchez explains the legal ramifications for DACA recipients while Garcia lays out the feelings of activists in Florida and around the country. Panel lays out the key next steps we must undertake to advocate for the...

Duration: 00:57:53

RP256: Real Houston; DACA Under Attack; More Than A BBQ

Rays Talk Show Episode 256: Host Ray Collazo is joined by Houston resident Conchita Reyes who shares with us the Houston story from a mother turned responder. Conchita shares what’s really happening on the ground you need to know and how this experience has changed her life. Collazo also shares his thoughts on what is really behind the impending announcement by the Trump administration on the future of DACA. Rays Talk Show also reveals what is next for this administration of hate and not...

Duration: 00:43:15

RP255: Evil of Trump/Arpaio; Play 1070; Prayers For Texas

Rays Talk Show Episode 255: Host Ray Collazo shares what President Trump’s pardon for former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio means for our politics and our souls. Collazo is joined by Arizona activist and artist James Garcia to discuss the local reaction to the latest insult to the Latino community and American Civil Rights. Garcia shares the historical battle against Arpaio’s reign of terror that led to this historic moment. James Garcia explains how this sort of struggle led to the...

Duration: 01:07:51

RP254: Trump Is Bad For Your Health; Comey Pre-Gaming

Rays Talk Show Episode 254: Host Ray Collazo is joined by Health Policy expert David Thomsen to discuss the current state of health debate in Washington. Thomsen breaks down why the House passed AHCA bill is sooooooo bad (especially for Latinos) and why we need to #ProtectOurCare now more than ever. Thomsen shares what to expect in Senate debate and how we can put pressure on our federal officials to stop this attack on our health. Thomsen and Collazo discuss the mood in Washington during...

Duration: 00:45:10

RP253: Adios Paris, Texas Civil War, NBA Finals; #Covfefe

Rays Talk Show Episode 253: Host Ray Collazo discusses the hottest political topics of the week from the perspective of the streets. Collazo lays out why Trump's likely withdrawal from the Paris Climate Change Agreement has disasterous implications for our environment and the economy. Collazo and his Facebook Live audience also engage in the ongoing Texas Civil War being declared against tejanos by state government with passage of SB4, which legislates racial profiling. Shame on Texas...

Duration: 00:40:25

RP252: CBO Score Horrible, Trump Budget Worse; DeVos, Black Women Speak Out, Props to Clarence Thomas?

Rays Talk Show Episode 252: Hosts Ray Collazo and Elbert Garcia discuss the hottest political topics of the week. Highlights of Episode 252: --Gianforte attacks a journalist, teacher calls Latina student a 'likely terrorist,' immigrants gets profiled after being an accident victim. Is Trump's tone putting targets on the back of journalists and people of color? --The CBO score and Trump's budget plan release confirmed what we already knew: the AHCA and Trump's proposed budget suck. Listen...

Duration: 00:50:58

RP251: Trump Declares War; PR Parade Drama; Manu; #IDEFY

Rays Talk Show Episode 251: Host Ray Collazo details how Trump's proposed Budget is a declaration of War on working people and especially Latinos. Collazo breaks down how the Administration has a trick up their sleeve to try to literally starve millions of Latino children. He also discusses how you can get engaged with a phone call to 1-866-426-2631 #HandsOff. Collazo keeps up posted on the ongoing drama impacting the National Puerto Rican Day Parade. Listen to why Collazo thinks the...

Duration: 00:34:52

RP250: Aye Dios Mio GOYA; True Public Enemy #1; Despacito!

Rays Talk Show Episode 250: Hosts Ray Collazo and Elbert Garcia discuss the hottest political and social topics from the streets. Is the appointment of Robert Muller to be the Special Prosecutor in the Russian investigation the beginning of the end? Who does Collazo think is now in line to the next elected President of the United States? Who does Collazo consider to have been the true public enemy #1 to the Latino community? Collazo and Garcia also provide their Capitol Hill updates,...

Duration: 01:07:16

RP249: Montes On Safety & Justice For All; Happy Mothers' Day!

Rays Talk Show Episode 249: Host Ray Collazo is joined by Danny Montes of Californians For Safety & Justice to discuss the state of safety in this country. Montes shares how policies impacting criminal justice and immigration enforcement create atmosphere of insecurity in Latino communities around the country. Montes shares how Californians are feeling right now about the unethical behavior of the Trump administration. Collazo and Montes also give us their latest take on Comey firing,...

Duration: 00:35:30

RP248: Comey Surprise, Texas Under Attack, #ProtectACA

Rays Talk Show Episode 248: Host Ray Collazo and guest Elbert Garcia comment on the hottest political headlines from the streets. Collazo and Garcia discuss how Comey's firing by President Trump shouldn't surprise anyone, why Congressman Carlos Curbelo reminds us of your shady brother in law, and how we can #Resist the Senate's steps towards repealing the ACA and health access to millions of Americans. Governor Greg Abbot signed SB4 into law this week. Hear why Collazo believes this new...

Duration: 01:01:31

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