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52. Therapist Nick

Michael and Nick give advice on when people are uncomfortable with your best friend being a horse, what to do about racist parents, keeping a package you're not sure was meant for you, embarrassing moments with your best friends mom, and when poetry steals your heart

Duration: 00:57:02

51. President Michael: Mike for Cool

Michael and Nick give advice on moving back in with the parents, keeping motivated enough to at least look like you're motivated, what to do when an ex blocks you, how to get back at a sick brother and how much flirting from your SO is too much

Duration: 00:49:02

50. Through the Great Vine

Michael and Nick are joined by their friend Curtis to give advice on dealing with a tough period in life, how to compromise on the radio when driving, what to do when your relationship stinks.... literally, and how not to seem like a douche when you are one

Duration: 01:01:46

49. Mr. Three Down

It's our New Year/Nick's Birthday episode so we decided to do a show that has nothing to do with either of those things and it's basically just a regular episode! Michael and Nick give advice on resolutions with best friends, hiding your pets, the never ending battle for thermostat president, getting caught with inappropriate drawings at work, and using gifts to buy gifts

Duration: 00:57:55

48. Christmas Meat Curtains

Michael and Nick give Christmas advice!

Duration: 00:59:57

47. Nick's Mold

Michael and Nick give advice on looking for subtle signs that someone might not be a faithful person, whether someone is too young to be giving others advice, contacting someone on other social media platforms that you saw on a dating app, who's responsibility is it to kill a spider?, and how not to feed the trolls on youtube

Duration: 01:00:22

46. Morgue and Free man

Michael and Nick give advice on how to escape jail, how to not be an insanely jealous freak, how to overcome the holiday music, should you get a real or a fake christmas tree, and how to get people to get over your alcoholism

Duration: 00:54:52

45. I'm Perched

Michael and Nick give advice on how to get out of running, being with someone who your friends make fun of, getting your SO more into the sexy time, what to do when someone takes credit for your work, and hiding your porn collection.

Duration: 00:59:49

44. Fume Of Perf

Michael and Nick give advice about what to do when someone is a great messy cook, what it means when someone "likes" your posts, sucking up to unfunny bosses, when someone smells so good they smell bad, what to do when your girlfriend/boyfriend isn't who you thought they were.

Duration: 00:51:12

43. In Dwarf Hands

Michael and Nick are joined by Nick's wife Ashlee to give advice on being over humped, how to lose a carpool buddy, moral obligations of marrying your mother, keeping secrets from your SO, and what to do about someone who gets away with too much.

Duration: 00:53:06

42. Welcome Back Ramrhow!

Michael and Nick give advice on what to do when you're bored, great shows to binge, how to get rid of people who won't leave, when someone DNA tests your patience, and when to let go of revenge

Duration: 00:53:46

41. Candy Corny

Michael and Nick answer questions about Halloween that they found on Quora.

Duration: 00:45:02

40. Milk Duds

Michael and Nick give advice on how to move a date along faster, what to write in your wedding vows, what to do about unwanted dildo guests, messy husbands, and what to do when your roommate is "bugging" you

Duration: 01:03:52

39. Velvetly

Michael and Nick give advice on putting labels on relationships, when your kid has sticky fingers, what to do about annoying roommates, what instrument will get you the most action, and bed wetting friends

Duration: 00:53:43

38. Petting Almond Joys

Michael and Nick give advice on when kinkiness goes too far, getting rid of stalkers (ones even worse than Michael), bonding with your asshole teenagers, what to do when your SO becomes your boss, and how to tell someone they're actually not the life of the party.

Duration: 00:58:17

37. You OTT to Know

Michael and nick give advice on truck stop popularity, not needing booze to be confident, hunted back yards, getting over your boyfriends left overs, and peer pressure from teens.

Duration: 00:46:10

36. Protaint Chronicles + Bonus!

Michael and Nick give advice on getting rid of hermits, credit card mishaps, working with your crush, getting rid of ugly sentimental crap, and rules on texting a date after having a crappy time. Plus bonus! Here our new promo and behind the scenes of us making it.

Duration: 01:13:49

35. Shemale Logic

Michael and Nick give advice on bathroom renovations, how to stop procrastinating, more about getting your stolen stuff back, getting people to leave when it's closing time and how to date at a funeral

Duration: 00:49:34

34. Shirtless Mark Cuban

Michael and Nick give advice on when you're in to M & M, more advice on racial slurs in the bedroom, proper meet and greet etiquette, to pee or not to pee and lying to your employer.

Duration: 00:52:39

33. Name Brand Douche

Michael and Nick give advice on the best way to never have to live off the grid, what to do when things just don't smell right, how to tell if someone has went through a big change, when to keep your trap shut, and how to get back at your boss

Duration: 00:56:28

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