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Equality Beaters

Kellz fills Lu in on all the details of her girls trip. Her survival of a ocean attack and being mistaken for a stripper. We discuss the value of type A and type B friendships. Hang out this week with random girl talk with Lu and Kellz. Keeping it Real & Raw.

Duration: 00:58:03

"Ellis Island Mouth, Ft. Kiz, Zack and Kokye" Ep. 43

This week we discuss if it's okay to stare at women dressed in tiny uniforms at restaurants and bars like "Hooters" or "Twin Peaks". We also discuss frat parties, physical assets, dressing sexy, musicals and a fun story of a kissing bandit at a Chinese wedding.

Duration: 00:58:22

"Applebee's for Anal, Ft. Kiz" (Ep. 42)

Back with a BANG and we discover why Lu really needed EXTRA time off. Did Chyna pull off the ultimate American "DREAM"? So much to gossip about so little dig into this episode of Real & Raw with Lu, Kellz and back by popular demand........KIZ...

Duration: 00:59:47

"Questions That Make You Say Hmmm" (Ep. 41)

Kellz plays the question game with Jones from the podcast 'Stakes is High' and his childhood friend and listener of the show Nikki. We discuss everything from sexual positions to interracial dating to our biggest fears. Please enjoy the show and comment or tweet us your thoughts or answers. Thank you for supporting Real & Raw podcast.

Duration: 01:32:26

"Did you just call me a female Bill Maher, Ft. Jae" (Ep. 40)

Kellz and Jae from Just Say Words Podcast discuss totally go off topic and revisit the kissing discussion and talk about sex and sexual chemistry. Texting or talking what are people doing these days in the dating world? Kellz doesn't speak emoji. Jae does some weird comparisons of Kellz to Bill Maher and throws her under the bus for no apparent reason and makes her speechless because that is his goal to make women squirm. Please enjoy and let us know if you want to kiss Jae!!!!

Duration: 01:10:17

"Dry Humping Around" (Ep. 39)

This week Kiz one of Lu's best friends joins us for a 2 am pod where we have a total girl discussion where we talk about girl bullies, empowering other woman, being a good alley to other women. We discuss how to help Kiz get out of the friendzone going from friends to lovers and how Lu has turned many years of dry humping into long term relationships. She blue balled her way into a relationship and you can too. Enjoy this week's late night girls talk with Lu, Kellz and bestie Kiz!!!!!

Duration: 01:08:03

"Never Been a Side Chic? You Might Be NOW...." (Ep. 38)

Today, Kellz and Lu discuss all things small and large, as well as, if you aren't the main, gurllll or boiiii, you the side. We discussed topics Kellz heard on other shows DMST, TIOBL4CK and Sweats & Suits Podcasts. Give us a listen and possibly learn a lesson! We are fashionable late this week it's almost the freakin' weekend baby, bout' to have us some funnnn!

Duration: 01:11:09

"Thousandaire Matchmakers" (Ep. 37)

Romphims love them? Hate them? How do you think D and AP from Pepper in the Salt Shaker look in them? Kellz and Lu believe they have a brilliant idea in revolutionizing the way people date online. The only hook is Kellz and Lu will be playing "Big Brother"...

Duration: 00:59:03

"Whyte Swag and Aliens - are they real?" (Ep. 36)

Put down your bugles, the race to Thursday's show is here. Zach joins Kellz and Lu in this week's episode to discuss "white guy" swag; boarder line kidnapping convictions; music festivals; pulling 40-ish year-old women; Indy 500; Lil Whyte and more. The ladies have a fella on, and he has a PSA. Stay tuned.

Duration: 00:53:11

"Jamaican Me Naked" (Ep. 35)

Lu is back from Jamaica, and she talks about going to a nude beach, an awk facial and almost knocking over a 4 by 6 floating sushi raft on today's episode.

Duration: 01:06:59

"Indecent Proposal, Ft. Big Will and D from PITSS" (Ep. 34)

This week Will the wind beneath my wings and D his son from PITSS joins us for a open discussion where we discuss everything from gas station encounters to indecent proposals. Juicy story from Vegas is revealed. Please enjoy!!!

Duration: 01:25:49

"Bush Betta Have My Money" (Ep. 32)

Kellz and Lu mourn Izzy's last HUR-RAWL by talking too much about bushes. Izzy enlightens Kellz and Lu about the Business Women's Special, and they all wonder what a David Suzuki bush styling is. Izzy makes it rain with someone else's cash and recaps the night she saved a life with an inhaler. And, Smooch stops by but remains fairly quite.

Duration: 01:25:14

"Pour Some Greg On Me"

Kellz and Lu are dippin' out in two weeks, but first they dive into Kellz' former loves, Greg D, Dirty D and benjamins, baby! Lu insults over breeders at least three times. We find out Kellz is the patron saint of giving while Lu accidentally prays for herself. Also, Real and Raw podcast shirts are now available for $20!

Duration: 01:04:13

"Y'all Not Taking Me To The River Beach, Ft. Lisa & Dre" (Ep. 29)

This week we discuss Real Housewives of Atlanta, our monthly maintenance routines and girls trips. We learn how high or low maintenance we are and how germaphobic Dre is and the weird things she does in hotel rooms. It's hard being a girl!!!! Get Real & Raw with us this week!!! Enjoy

Duration: 01:11:59

"Bae Watch and Hand Checks, Ft. S.B." (Ep. 28)

Izzy can't keep her hands off her new girlfriend, Lu can't stop talking about her UTI and Kellz continues her journey of looking for the one while possibly hitting on Izzy's girlfriend and wondering if Lu's UTI is contagious. It's not by the way, but tune in for some contagious laughs on today's episode!

Duration: 01:21:31

"Support Our Motivators, Ft. Jones, VJ, King K, Bre, and Jae" (Ep. 27)

This week Kellz is joined by guest co-host Jones again to make calls to supporters that motivate us to keep grinding in this podcast life. We call VJ the BIGGEST Podcast supporter of many shows, King K from the Drunken Knights, Bre from Good Morning Beautiful and Jae from Just Say Words and the M.A.N. Podcast. Enjoy.

Duration: 00:40:37

"Spazz'n Out" (Ep. 26)

Your Real & Raw ladies are joined by Spazz. She rocks a mohawk and likes 9 inch cocks. Are you man enough to hang this week? Tune in to see!

Duration: 01:07:20

"These Friends are LOYAL, Feat. Jones From Stakes is High" (Ep. 25)

This week Kellz & Jones discuss friendships, loyalty of friends. Have you ever had to end a friendship? Are celebrity kids being overexposed?

Duration: 01:01:36

"Sock it to ME...The Roast of Kellz for her 29th Bday" (Ep. 24)

Izzy and Lu ROAST Kellz for 90 minutes for her birthday. Please enjoy!!!!!

Duration: 01:29:54

"Party People" (Ep. 23)

Every party needs tool, a d-bag, a hot chick, an obnoxious loud guy, the selfies kweens and more. Kelz and Lu dissect parties and the people that attend. Check out this episode and get woke on which party dweller you are. Beware, you may not like what you hear - especially if you are the creepy "let's make out" guy. But at the end of the day - party on people.

Duration: 00:54:28

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