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Despise labels and boxes? Driven to walk your own path and live with purpose? Desire to make a difference in the world? If you are the kind of person who asks the Big Questions about why, how and who you are, you need the Real Answers.




How to Raise Your Awareness

Life is continually showing you how to raise your awareness, but do you see it’s instructions? From my perspective, each and every moment of life is offering us an opportunity to become more aware. We are in a constant state of choice, in all of these moments, to either expand or contract. Expansion brings a richer experience of love, truth, gratitude, forgiveness, and service. Contraction brings limitation. The payoff of learning how to raise your awareness, even if it’s just in a few of...

Duration: 00:30:02

Intention without Attachment

Most of us are aware that being intentional has many benefits for our life, but did you know that the key to really getting results is intention without attachment? Intention without attachment means creating and holding an intention without becoming attached to a specific manifestation of the outcome of that intention. When we become attached to an outcome looking, or being, a certain way, we activate our fears related to having or not having it. This fear then shows up as a block in our...

Duration: 00:29:09

Be Your Best Self in Your Most Important Relationships 02/19/17

We often strive to create healthy and satisfying relationships. But, sometimes, despite how much we may try, we’re unable to create relationships that are mutually supportive and fulfilling. Find out how to create the positive change you want to see in your relationships this week on Real Answers.

Duration: 00:32:42

7 Steps to Personal Power 05/07/17

Our personal power is the key to our wellbeing and personal effectiveness. Personal power is the empowerment of the true self that exists in all of us. It provides us with strength, courage, and compassion throughout all life’s ups and downs. By learning how to improve personal power, we facilitate this life long pursuit of empowerment that encompasses every area of our life.

Duration: 00:29:19

Reconnect with Your Spiritual Self 05/21/17

There are times in our lives when, for one reason or another, the spiritual aspect of our experience moves to the side-line. For some of us, learning how to nurture spiritual development was never a part of our lives at all, and this shift may go unnoticed. For others, the shift may be a wide and gaping rift in our lives. Reconnecting with your spiritual self begins with learning how to nurture spiritual development.

Duration: 00:30:59

How to Regain your Personal Power after a Set-Back 04/30/17

Whether you lost your job or went through a breakup, some life changes can cut to the core of who you are. You could be left unsure how you feel about yourself, unsure who you are, and seriously struggling to carry on with life as usual. When you're going through these types of foundation-shaking changes, it is incredibly important to take action that affirms who you are and allows you to regain your personal power. This week on Real Answers Dr. Kate discusses how you can stay on track,...

Duration: 00:32:42

Signs Something in Your Life Needs Some Changing 04/23/17

When we get hit with a challenging life event, it pushes us, boldly and forcefully, to change. But what about the rest of the time, when nothing is horribly or chaotically wrong? Without the big signposts of high-impact life events, how do we know when we need to make changes in our lives, and how to we start to actually take action? This week on Real Answers, Dr. Kate identifies some of the ways you can tell that things just aren't working for you anymore. The first step toward changing...

Duration: 00:23:00

How to start feeling more happiness 04/16/17

It is unlikely that you, or anyone you know, actually live in a constant state of extreme bliss (I mean, really, can you imagine? You wouldn’t even know you were happy anymore!). It is unlikely, even, that you are constantly satisfied with all aspects of your life. Life is continually changing, and happiness can be a surprisingly fickle thing. Being attuned to the parts of your life that are shifting outside your satisfaction, and making sure to take care of those parts, is what prevents...

Duration: 00:32:39

7 Myths about Happiness, and the Truth that will set You Free 04/09/17

Establishing a true practice of happiness is an elusive but powerful skill. In its own right, it is a hard goal to achieve. Harder still, however, is chasing the myth of happiness, which seems both commonplace and unattainable. Busting the myths of happiness can be an important step toward truly being happy. This week on Real Answers, Dr. Kate identifies some of the big myths about happiness and helps you leave them behind as you step towards true happiness and fulfillment. tags:...

Duration: 00:27:52

Inspired Self-Care 02/12/17

It wasn’t until the 1950's that psychology and psychoanalysis became commonplace ways of thinking about people and their behavior. In turn, the rich inner-life that we all experience became just as real as our outer-world. I think that the conversation about self-care leaves out one major thing: and that's inspiration. So to kick off your self-care revolution, I’ll share 4 easy, rich, and deep ways YOU can bring more inspired self-care into your life. Tune into Real Answers to learn more!

Duration: 00:30:48

10 Self Care Tips SI 02/05/17

How do we come to terms with those parts of ourself that do not live up to our higher minded desires for ourselves? How do we come to accept, love and integrate them? This weeks show will talk about loving your shadowy parts so that you can be more of who you truly are.

Duration: 00:32:17

Loving Your Shadowy Parts 12/15/16

How do we come to terms with those parts of ourself that do not live up to our higher minded desires for ourselves? How do we come to accept, love and integrate them? This weeks show will talk about loving your shadowy parts so that you can be more of who you truly are.

Duration: 00:52:38

The Wisdom of the Shadow 12/01/16

The shadow is a term coined by Carl Jung to describe the parts of ourselves that we cannot see and therefore project onto the people around us. As we learn to take back these projections, we reclaim our wholeness and increase our compassion. Find out more this week on Real Answers.

Duration: 00:53:05

Understanding Our Defense Mechanisms 10/13/16

We all know that we get defensive from time to time but do you know that your defenses can guide you to understanding, connecting and living from your true self? Find out how this week on Real Answers.

Duration: 00:50:46

Navigating our Mask and True Self 09/29/15

What is our mask and how is it useful? How do we connect with our deeper nature? What is the relationship between our ego and our core self? These are the questions that guide this weeks Real Answers show.

Duration: 00:55:20

A Good Life is a Life of Total Self Respect 09/01/2016

Respect is a deep acknowledgement and honoring of the totality of who we are. It is a critical component of self-love. We can learn a lot through doing personal development work but it will not really begin to shift our life until we do the work with a fundamental respect for all of who we are rather than a desire to fix, improve or change who we are. .

Duration: 00:52:14

Achieve Exactly What YOU Want in Life 08/25/16

Where do we look to find what we truly want? How do we learn this skill of connection to our core when we have only been taught to measure our happiness in terms of material success or the happiness of those around us? If you have been asking yourself this type of question, listen to Real Answers and learn the three keys to creating exactly what you want.

Duration: 00:56:29

How to Create 'The Good Life' 07/21/16

From time to time it can be helpful to stop and take inventory of ourselves to see if we're living a life full of meaning and purpose. In fact, taking stock of ourselves and our actions gives us vital information about where we are on our path to fulfillment. On this week's episode of Real Answers Radio, I'll dig into the 6 fundamentals to creating 'The Good Life'. Listen in to learn more about developing your path to happiness.

Duration: 00:54:51

Find What You Love! (And Do More Of It07/14/16

Living your purpose is the key to your fulfillment. When you embrace your life purpose, you commit your effort to what you’re best able to do. And this has infinite positive outcomes. This week on Real Answers Radio, I’ll clue you in on what Life Purpose is really all about and give you tips to help you find your purpose. Listen in for powerful ways to create a harmonious life.

Duration: 00:57:46

Your LIfe Purpose is the Expression of Your Full Self 06/30/15

While life purpose is commonly thought of as fate or destiny, I prefer to think of it as the expression of your whole self. In other words, it's less important that you know it and more important that you are it. This week on Real Answers Radio, I’m going to talk about the skills you can build to help you live your purpose. Listen in for powerful ways to express your full self! Call in! Your questions are always welcome!

Duration: 00:55:09

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