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#R U Involved Or Committed?

Are we ready for a New Year, truly? Is 2018 going to be the other New years that has been past and gone? When do we find our NOW's and how long will we continue to say what are our Why's? In this segment we dive deep into taking massive action and evolving into the realness of who We are and Our commitment of being the best of Us! Stay tuned and join in! Be blessed!

Duration: 00:18:56


Happy Holidays to you all and every blessing to you! In this last 2017 segment of the year, we are on the discussions of "Upgrading Ourselves". Beyond any material point but rather the entire perspectives of whom we are, who we are becoming and the one that thrives within us. So the question to ask yourself is..Do, you need to Upgrade, You? Come join in and let's begin. Happy New Year!

Duration: 00:20:13

#Never Enough

In this segment we catch up on life a little but more importantly.. Our minds dip into the "Enough's" of life. How much is enough or how long will enough be on every journey we take within this life? And to those whom we cherish most? Please tune in and join the Double doses of talk with us!

Duration: 00:28:59

#Believe 2 See

In this segment we talk on the words of "We will Believe it when we see it VS We will See it Once we believe it?"- Wayne dyer. What is it that makes us wait for the evidence to show up for our Faith to be made true? Can we embrace what we know, feel and desire beyond reasons, in order to be able to..See it, once we Believe it? Please join us and let us know what you have to say. Stay Blessed!

Duration: 00:35:12


This segment is "#Weed Them Out". In our paths, we will all call out or upon those whom we hold close to giving us their inner feelings, emotions or insights...But when is enough, enough.. When their negative vibes start weighing upon our lives from the words they chose to give and or opinions? Come join the convo as we begin ever more so to, Weed Them Out. Please tune in & Enjoy

Duration: 00:28:34

#Prove It 2 You!

On this episode we discuss, giving the proof within our own lives, before we can truly unveil all that we are to those we feel may need the proving shown to. Who we are to ourselves, what we know and can discover on our own journeys and so much more. Come join the talk and enjoy on our #50th Episode, Thanks for all your Heart's & We Love You!!! :D

Duration: 00:25:34

#One Touch

In this segment, we talk about the "One Touch', that one touch to make all the pain disappear or our fears subside into the abyss. The power of the Infinite One to be ever present in our healing, growth, and lives. But though our doubts deep inside grasp's to the understandings of it.. Do we truly realize that it will be our Faith that the healings has already been done unto us? Sometimes we live by our sight and not on our Belief, which one do you hold on to? Please join in and enjoy! :)

Duration: 00:36:19

#Inner Betrayal

Hello everyone, in this segment we are discussing "Inner Betrayal pt.1". What are the things we deny ourselves and stay away from? Or where does our inner trust dwell from.. whom our greatest allies are and is etc. The Infinite Source, yes but in second place, will always be ourselves. Take a journey with the faamily ane enjoy! :)

Duration: 00:20:51

#You Changed Me

Hello RDDC-Famlians! In this segment we discuss being "Changed". What makes us feel changed and or inspired by people, places and so much more? How will or do we know that any change has happened as time goes on in life or with those we wished to change for or from? That is what we are talking about right now, so come listen, comment and enjoy! :)

Duration: 00:24:51

#Sorry, Not Sorry

Hello Everyone! In this segment we'll dive into "Not Sorry" stance. Being able to not have to feel bad or ask for permission to evolve into are truer selves ever more so. Understanding who we are, what we stand for and our deeper perspectives..Is truly something to make us all say, "Sorry, Not Sorry"..For embracing Who We Are! Tune In and join the talk :)

Duration: 00:24:10

#Your Now!

In this segment, we dive into the power of, Who you have become today and not who you were or to be remembered as in the past life. Keeping the memory of who we were is always a value within this journey of life but we also have to recognize Who we are and have become in "Our Now", from that growth rather positive memories or thoughts of others or the bad ones we have encountered. Come take this talk & walk with us all and reach into "Your Now! .. Enjoy :)

Duration: 00:31:34

#Do We Believe 2 Be

In this Beautiful segment we discuss the "Self Belief" principals within our lives overall. Rather it be our spiritual, mental, physical and emotional elements being envolved. Is it for us to deny what we visually see, feel and believe ourselves to be, within our doubts.. Or embrace it fully from the understanding's of the fruits that dwell inside us all.. Please stay tuned & join in the topic! Enjoy :)

Duration: 00:25:58


Hello RDDC Familians! In this segment we discuss #"WWYD" What will you do?..When life lifts you up or knocks you down. When the time comes to make your climb or move forward into the paths designed for you, by you? There always dwells the defining lines of what makes it, breaks it or takes it all. Come join in this topic and Enjoy!

Duration: 00:31:50

# The Breaking Point

In this segment, we discuss the levels of "The Breaking Points' of our and in our lives. How or what can get us past them, through them and to them. with life's everyday challenges. Please enjoy and be a part of the conversations. Stay Tuned!

Duration: 00:29:43

#How Far?

In this segment we will cover the lengths of the journey's we venture into. Our "How Far's" in the willingness to press on and through anything, in order to reach, achieve and prosper from all in that we know is ours to obtain. How far are we willing to take it and make it and reach our Greatness? Join in and please enjoy!

Duration: 00:25:04

#Half Way

In this segment, we cover some of the conversations of what is our fulfilling levels within our inner and or outer selves. Is it for us to seek the completions of what we "Think is making us fuller in this life, instead of fully relying upon what already is the fullness of us. Join In and please enjoy!

Duration: 00:19:57

#No More

In this segment we talk about the thing's that are no more or need to shift there. How much can one take and or give, until it's time to cut it off and transition to higher places on all aspects? What makes someone finally say, "#No More"? Join the Conversation and enjoy!

Duration: 00:33:53

#The Side Effects

In this segment, we speak on the topic of "The Side Effects" of life and the journeys we have taken through them. Rather the greater times or the worst of all leads to where are we at now, where are we going, and what is to become of such things.. This is a very deep talk and we hope you all feel the spirit! Enjoy & join in.

Duration: 00:22:04

#No One

In this segment we discuss not letting, No One.. Define your paths, ups, downs and or journeys in life. To understand what it truly matters to listen from within, rather than outwardly. We answer an 'RDDC familians' question upon this subject. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:18:16

#Are We Committed?

In this segment we touch the depths of being truly committed to what we desire, dream and "Say' that we are after 100% of the way..But 'Are We Committed', in to the slightest levels of where we should be, in order to have what we know we deserve..? Press play and join in on the convo Family, enjoy!

Duration: 00:25:19

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