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This podcast is about teaching you how to think about business and your unique purpose, strengths and passions and bring those into your real estate career. In this industry you have the ability to build a business that fits you. In real estate there are so many ways you can build a business. I will teach you how to not only make good money but also make a difference in the world.




RELR 45 | Leads You Love [New Podcast Show for Real Estate Agents]

Listen to the New Leads You Love Podcast here:

Duration: 00:05:29

Inspired Daily | How to be consistent with your sphere

CONSISTENCY is the number one thing agents say they need but aren't. Part of that inconsistency is because we don't know what to say to everyone. So we end up with either generic touches to everyone that don't really connect or inefficient custom touches we try to create for each person. It becomes tough to manage and so we don't stay consistent. This is why I teach Tribe building. It's relevant and it's efficient. But many of you have existing databases and ask me, "what do I do with...

Duration: 00:02:29

Inspired Daily | Facebook Posts

Facebook is a social platform. It's a place to connect. Here's a quick clip from a recent coaching call helping a client think differently about Facebook.

Duration: 00:01:37

RELR 44 | The 5 Steps to Staging and How to Use It To Get More Listings

Staging is critical to serving our sellers. It's a stated expectation they have of us as agents, according to NAR. And it's a no brainer for maximizing the sale of your listing. In this episode of Real Estate License Roadmap, Andy Capelluto from the International School of Staging shares 5 Steps to the Staging process. An exciting twist to our conversation happens when we begin to talk about how to use Staging as a way to actually generate more Listing Leads and standout from other...

RELR 43 | Old Farming vs Smart Farming for Real Estate Agents

Farming for Real Estate Agents has been a slow, expense and mostly passive strategy reserved for those agents with big budgets. Yet there are so many agents that are talented and brilliant. They get into this business and sort of struggle with all the advice they are given and examples they see. But because our desire is so insatiable to get to our goal, we as entrepreneurs go out and do many things, most of which don’t quite feel right. For those of us that actually get traction in our...

RELR 42 | Authentic Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents with Christina Ethridge of Leads and Leverage

Facebook Ads can be a big black hole that sucks your marketing dollars to never never land... unless you know how to structure it right. Stop "boosting" your posts or running ads that offer home evaluation. Christina Etheridge from Leads and Leveragehas a great approach for building a warm list of clients using Facebook ads that make sense. You can learn more about Christina and her programs at

RELR 41 | 16 Crazy and Useful Ways to Spoil Your Farm in 2016

Real Estate Farming is one of the most under-utilized strategies in real estate marketing. Geography provides leverage nothing else does. As you head into 2016, make sure you're including highly visible and value-added ways to contribute to your community. Today's post gives you 16 crazy and useful ideas for spoiling your farm in 2016.

Duration: 00:49:17

RELR 40 | What’s a Gap Analysis and Can It Give You More Focus?

Where do we go from here? Theres where you are. And theres where you want to be. What stands in the way is the confusion, clutter, too many ideas, too many voices telling you which way to go, how to run your business, what the successful agentsdo. Its overwhelming and it costs you focus. []

Duration: 00:58:50

RELR 39 | Creating a Local Podcast to Grow Your Audience and other Things –

Transitioning into a real estate career is a lot []

Duration: 01:29:09

RELR 38 | Market Analysis & Reading Markets – w RELR Listener Denise

Market Analysis is one of the key things consume []

Duration: 01:18:20

RELR 36 | Are Introverts Crazy for Getting into Real Estate? – w RELR Liste

Introverts can be just as successful as a []

Duration: 01:58:22

RELR 35 | Etiquette, Ethics and Everything Else – w RELR Listener Kimberly

Getting your real estate license is only scratch []

Duration: 02:02:43

RELR 34 | Can I Do Real Estate Part Time? – w RELR Listener Lana

What you need to do if youre think []

Duration: 01:24:57

RELR 33 | [Q&A] How to Add Value to Buyers and Sellers – w RELR listener Je

Real Estate is highly competitive so how []

Duration: 00:51:25

RELR 32 | [Q&A] How do I Approach Marketing on a Limited Budget – w RELR Li

Using the Engagement Algorithm you can reduce yo []

Duration: 01:33:37

RELR 31 | [Q&A] Be Confident with Sellers – With RELR Listener Justin

There are 3 key pockets you should []

Duration: 01:26:56

RELR 30 | Effective Email Lead Follow Up

Most email is ineffective not to mention annoyin []

Duration: 00:42:41

RELR 29 | How to Get More Referrals From Your Database with Frank Klesitz

My notes from this episode with Frank How []

Duration: 00:58:20

RELR 28 | Farming Success – From Brand New to #1 in 4 Years

From brand new to the #1 Team in 4 years is a great example of whats possible in this industry when you have a strategic approach. This week I interview Tiffany Fykes from FYK Realtor Group in Nashville, TN. Here are my notes as I listened to this interview. Great stuff. Pay attention. [...]

RELR 27 | [INTERVIEW] Make It About Them – B2B Strategy

On pace for 174 transactions this year, Alex Brandau reveals his simple approach with businesses that keep his referral engine going. In this interview with Alex youll see what to say, where to start and how to approach business people even if youre brand new to your city or to real estate. Its just [...]
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