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615: Make $1 Million Without Going to Work: How to Run a Hands-Off Team with Jeff Cohn

Returning guest Jeff Cohn makes over $1 million per year, even if he never sets foot in his office. That’s because he built his real estate team based on an entirely different type of business model. In his previous podcast, Jeff talked about what makes this model ideal for business owners. Today, Jeff shares some of the secrets to running a team like his successfully, including the three pillars of building a real estate team and the best system for holding agents accountable. Jeff even...


614: Get Bigger Commissions with Anthony Marguleas’ Strategies for Raising Average Sale Price

Why work harder for less money? By raising your average sale price, you can make lots of money in real estate without sacrificing all of your personal time. Today’s guest, Anthony Marguleas, has several of his best strategies for raising average sale price to share with Rockstar Nation. Listen and learn a way to pick up multiple high-dollar listings for just $100, a networking tip that will drastically increase your SOI’s value, and more on this Real Estate Rockstars!


613: Close 78% of Expired and Withdrawn Listing Appointments with Josh Gossard

When Josh Gossard goes to a listing appointment, he knows there’s a good chance he’ll get the listing. That’s because Josh closes 78% of his listing appointments successfully. How? Listen to today’s Real Estate Rockstars and find out! Not only does Josh share some of his best scripts, he covers a proven price-reduction strategy – something that’s absolutely crucial to have when taking on expired listings. If you want to get more listings, don’t miss this episode!


612: From Admin to Agent to Entrepreneur: How Linzee Ciprani Started Two Real Estate Businesses

Linzee Ciprani got her start in real estate like most do – working for someone else. Now, thanks to her strong entrepreneurial spirit, she runs two businesses in the real estate sphere: Round Table Real Estate Services and Ciprani Consulting. Today, Linzee shares how she made the incredible jump from an administrative position at someone else’s real estate business to owner and CEO of multiple companies. If you’re eager to break away and start your own real estate business, you won’t want to...


611: The Top 10 Real Estate Podcasts of 2017 with Christine Lee

Looking for those valuable nuggets of information that will help your business reach new heights? You’ll find them on this Real Estate Rockstars. Today, Pat and returning guest Christine Lee look back at the top 10 real estate podcasts of 2017. Listen as they discuss highlights from last year’s most popular episodes, including many of the best money-making ideas ever shared on the show. For avid fans and new listeners alike, this episode is the perfect recap of Real Estate Rockstars'...


610: Become the Best Buyer’s Agent in Your Market with Keri Schull and Dan Lesniak

Does it seem nearly impossible to set appointments with buyers? When you do manage to get buyers in front of you, are your attempts to close often unsuccessful? That’s all about to change! Billion-dollar agents Keri Shull and Dan Lesniak join Pat today to discuss their proven system for boosting business with buyers. Members of their team have used it successfully to earn nearly $500k per year working as buyer’s agents. Listen and learn exactly what this system is and why it’s so...


609: Content Marketing 101: The Best Ways to Market Your Business Online with Lyndsay Phillips

The old methods of real estate marketing don't work as well as they used to. Soon enough, they'll hardly work at all. If you want your business to survive, you’re going to have to brush up on content marketing. Thankfully, Pat’s interview with marketing expert Lyndsay Phillips will help you do exactly that. On today’s podcast, you’ll hear how to elevate your presence online with the best social media practices. You’ll also learn why Lyndsay thinks blogging is a great way to attract...


608: Maintain a 46% Profit Margin While Growing Your Team with Mark Pattison

Mark Pattison hasn’t been in the business long, but he’s already made a name for himself in the San Diego real estate market. After succeeding as a solo agent, Mark started his own team with just three years of experience. Not only is his growing team selling upwards of 75 homes per year, it’s managed to maintain an impressive 46% profit margin. On today’s Real Estate Rockstars, Mark shares the systems, strategies, and lead sources that helped him succeed as a solo agent and as a team...


607: Build a Failproof Real Estate Team with Dave Conord’s 5 Ps of Leadership

Most real estate teams fail. According to Long & Foster’s VP of Professional & Leadership Development, Dave Conord, poor leadership practices are often to blame. On today’s Real Estate Rockstars, Dave covers the 5 Ps – five items that every leader must consider in order to create a success-oriented business culture that inspires agents. If you have a team or plan on building one, the 5 Ps are exactly what you need to ensure that its foundation is failproof.


606: Make 20% Profit per Deal with Jack Gibson’s Strategies for Selling Turnkey Properties

Jack Gibson has been in real estate for less than three years, but he’s already generating $1 million in sales per month with turnkey properties! On this podcast, he shares his tried-and-true methods for finding and flipping homes, including how he’s always able to keep his profit margin at 20% or higher. Plus, for those of you interested in getting more off-market deals, Jack explains what it is that investors do to find and purchase homes before they hit the MLS. If you have any interest...


605: How to Step Out of Production and Scale Your Team with Matt O'Neill

Unless you step out of production, you can’t scale your team to meet its full potential – that’s what real estate agent Matt O’Neill realized while attending a Tony Robbins event. This realization led to the decision to step out of production for good, and Matt couldn’t be happier with his business or his life now as a result. On today’s Real Estate Rockstars, Matt explains how he scaled his business successfully and covers some of the pitfalls he encountered so listeners like you can...


604: Overcome Any Team-Building Struggle: Jon Cheplak’s Proven Recruitment Strategies

Forget what you think you know about team building! Today’s guest, Jon Cheplak, is about to tell you how to overcome any team-building struggle with better recruitment strategies. For more than a decade, Jon has developed and deployed solid growth strategies for aspiring team leaders. Listen as Jon shares several of these strategies with Pat before exploring the psychology behind what makes them work. If you want to get better at selling your services or simply better at selling, don’t...


603: Hit $1 Million in GCI by Buying Online Leads with Jesse Zagorsky

Online leads get a bad rap these days, but real estate broker Jesse Zagorsky knows that they don’t deserve it. After taking an entire year off work while living in Thailand, Jesse managed to rebuild his real estate business in record time by buying Zillow and leads. Last year, his team generated more than $1 million in GCI with a business based largely around online lead conversion. Listen to today’s Real Estate Rockstars and learn how they did it along with several of Jesse’s...


602: Recruit and Retain the Best Agents in Your Market with Brian Curtis’ Leadership Secrets

If you want the best real estate team in your market, you need to recruit the best agents. Leadership expert and head of Curtis Realty Group, Brian Curtis, joins us today to share what it takes to recruit and retain rising real estate talent. Listen and learn some of Brian’s top tips, including how to run free recruitment ads on major job-search sites like Indeed. Brian even gives a rundown on his automated three-step process for recruiting agents who already have great sales numbers....


601: Win More Clients Using Proven Value Propositions with Rowena Patton

Do you have a unique value proposition that sets you apart from other agents competing for clients in your market? Listen to today’s podcast with Rowena Patton and you will! Rowena has developed dozens of value propositions that carry weight with buyers and sellers. In addition to sharing several of these propositions during her discussion with Pat, she explains how listeners can create their own or implement some of hers. If you want to win more clients, you need to hear the advice Rowena...


600: Suffering from Buyer Burnout? Start Focusing on Listings like Trish Williams

Are you suffering from buyer burnout? Listing agent Trish Williams had the same problem until the day she decided to start focusing on listings. Now, just one year later, Trish has more free time and makes more money than she ever did with buyers. Even better, she has more control over her business and her life. On today’s Real Estate Rockstars, Trish shares what it was like transitioning from buyers to sellers and offers tips to buyer’s agents who want to do the same. If buyers are...


599: Master Off-Market Deals: Buy and Resell Off-Market Properties for Profit with Brent Daniels

Stop wasting time on expired listings and FSBOs – there’s too much competition. Instead, try your luck with Phoenix-area agent Brent Daniels’ bread and butter: off-market properties. On today’s podcast, Brent covers his entire off-market process, from finding properties to reselling them to investors for profit. Don’t miss a minute of this crash course on making off-market deals! In addition to learning which properties to look for, you’ll learn what to say when speaking to property...


598: Have Fun Drumming Up Business: Why Greg McDaniel Loves Lead Generation

Get ready to feast on some real meat and potatoes with prospecting master Greg McDaniel! Not only is Greg great at bringing in new leads, he actually loves the process. Here’s why: instead of constantly cold calling leads for hours on end, he throws professional parties and invites his database. Greg also hosts his own podcast, creates weekly videos, and mentors new agents. Basically, Greg does what it takes to bring in new business AND have fun doing it. If you’re ready to start loving...


597: Make Easy Money as a Hands-Off Property Manager: Outsourcing Advice from Aaron Marshall

Many real estate professionals shy away from property management because they think it requires too much time and effort. It doesn’t – at least not if you do it like returning guest Aaron Marshall. Aaron outsources the tasks that aren’t worth his time and winds up making a whole lot doing very little. Today, he discusses his system, the exact services he uses, and the things he’s learned over the years about property management so listeners like you can duplicate his success. Aaron even...


596: Close a Minimum of One Deal per Week as a Solo Agent with Brittiny Howard

Are you struggling to close one or more deals per month as a solo agent? That’s about to change! On this Real Estate Rockstars, Brittiny Howard shares the tips and tricks that helped her close a minimum of one deal per week as a new solo agent. Not only does Brittiny break her powerful prospecting process down for listeners, she explains the most important thing to do with a Zillow lead. Plus, other important issues, like agent safety, are discussed on today's show. Don’t miss it!


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