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Diabetes is a grind. How are we supposed to live our lives? Count carbs, take some insulin and smile? That's funny. We know there's more to it. You do too! gives a different kind of support. We're here to inspire people with diabetes to make the most of life. We want you to run marathons. We are dispelling hottub fears. We dish out ideas for using diabetes to pick-up women. We are not afraid of carbohydrates. Each podcast presents a new conversation between Ryan, Amber, John and prospective guests pushing the diabetes envelope. Look out for new shows once every two weeks. For a preview of the show's content, check out!




Chasing The Driving Dream with T1D | NASCAR Driver Ryan Reed | Real Life Diabetes Podcast 12

Diabetes and driving – race car driving that is… is the topic today as Amber recently won theLilly Diabetes My Diabetes Pit Crew Sweepstakes!She’s officially anhonorary member of Ryan Reed’s pit crew and was given the opportunity tointerviewthe Nascar driver about life on the road with diabetes. In this first everMiniPod, we talk real life […](Visited 3 time, 1 visit today)

Duration: 00:28:11

What You Don’t Learn At The Endo: 8 Diabetes Lessons Discovered The Hard Way | Amber and Ryan | Real Life Diabetes Podcast 11

As Amber and Ryan have poured their collective souls into the Internet (a slightly terrifying thought) over the past two years, they’ve noticed a few themes when it comes to living life with this disease. That’s what today’s all about: realness in the form of personal experience. With 40+ years of experience between the two, […](Visited 3 time, 3 visit today)

Duration: 00:41:32

How Integrative Medicine Can Transform Diabetes Management… With Supplements? Okay, Not Just Supplements | Tonya Cameron, RN | Real Life Diabetes Podcast 10

Welcome to the 10th episode of Real Life Diabetes Podcast withguest Tonya Cameron – She’s a dear friend and mentor of Amber’s from her Norman days of slinging pasta and chattingat Joe’s Taverna in Norman, OK. Tonya is a full time registered nurse, certified mirco-pigmentologist, lover of all things flora and fauna and a professional […](Visited 3 time, 3 visit today)

Duration: 01:11:31

Ask Us Anything #1: Is It Ever Okay To Go Low During Exercise, The Roommate Talk, and Why Someone Would Stick To Shots | Amber, Ryan, and John | Real Life Diabetes Podcast 9

For those who are familiar with how our website operates, this will come as no surprise–we held nothing back.Today’s show is all about sharing the diabetes journey. Every so often, it’s just nice to know that you aren’t the only one digging the trench. That’s sometimes the metaphor we use when thinking about diabetes on […](Visited 10 time, 9 visit today)

Duration: 00:55:32

How To Travel, Surf, And Be An Islander | Amber and Ryan from Hawaii | Real

All in all,Amber and Ryan were pumped to cross paths on the island of Maui and share their traveling journeys to date. How do each of them deal with airport security? What do they eat in airports? Snacks? You know they both had snacks. At the time, Ryan had been on Maui for a […](Visited 8 time, 3 visit today)

Person First Language, Low-Carb Vs. High-Carb Diets, Skinny Pants Syndrome,

At the age of 13, did an event define your career path? For Kelly, it happened. A PWD–the importance of using this term instead of adiabeticwas discussed, too–he now counsels patients with diabetes on a daily basis as part of a diabetes clinic. Hisreal perspective for patients is invaluable. He relates tothe ineffectiveness of the […](Visited 2 time, 1 visit today)

Duration: 01:52:47

A Journey Back To Playing Shows After Open Heart Surgery | Mike Hosty | Rea

This man has a story to tell and we jumped right into it. Mike Hosty is a musician by trade, playing 2-3 shows a week across the Southwest. His weekly Sunday institution at The Deli has entertained a couple of decades of students, leading to more than a few skipped Monday morning classes. We brought […](Visited 11 time, 11 visit today)

Navigating Parenting Fears, College Lessons Learned, And The Power Of Frien

It’s one thing to be the person receiving a type 1 diabetes diagnosis. It’s yours. It’s pretty straight forward for you. Take shots, count carbs, and survive. To be on the other side of the glass, as the parents, is another challenge in itself. Parenting can set the foundation for a successful life of type […](Visited 2 time, 3 visit today)

Duration: 01:39:56

Beer and Blood Sugar|405 Brewing Co.|Real Life Diabetes Podcast #4

Weadmire and respect whatTrae Carson and Jonathan Stapleton are crafting over at 405 Brewing, Norman’s first microbrewery.As people with diabetes, we were curious about the brewing process, the carbs, and, well, the taste of their Spring Stout. On all fronts, they did not disappoint. We talked about why carbs aren’t on the outside of most […](Visited 1 time, 1 visit today)

Being Mindful, While Drinking Coffee, and Inhaling Insulin | Amber Clour an

Amber and Ryan got together, just to catch up on the diabetic life. The diabetes world is booming with news. Inhaled insulin is on the diabetic radar again, with Afrezza now on the market. New research revealed how diabetes leads to an increased risk of depression. They were not surprised. Mindfulness plays a role here, […](Visited 572 time, 1 visit today)

Duration: 00:49:58

A Diagnosis That Catalyzed An Active Lifestyle | John Brandenburg | Real Li

On the second episode of the Real Life Diabetes Podcast, John Brandenburg joins the DDG Founders Ryan and Amber. His honesty, commitment, and outlook on life and type 2 diabetes was beyond refreshing. Imagine watching your father pass away from diabetes complications, your mother succumb to Alzheimer’s disease with diabetes, and then be given the […](Visited 698 time, 1 visit today)

Duration: 01:09:24

Introducing The Real Life Diabetes Podcast | Ryan and Amber |Real Life Diab

It’s official. DiabetesDailyGrind has a podcast! If you’re familiar with the content offered over on our pages, you’ll understand what’s coming in a podcast. Real support! The first podcast gives an intro to the passion behind the DDG and what lies ahead for the show. Listen and Subscribe on iTunes | Stitcher Show Notes In […](Visited 740 time, 1 visit today)

Duration: 00:38:05