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67: Solution Marketing (feat. Jesse Stricker)

Barry meets with Jesse Stricker, owner of Intek Corporation and winner of Small Business Week's Exporter of the Year award, about building real relationships with customers to help them come up with solutions that work for them. They discuss the importance of listening, asking the right questions and provide the best solution possible. Jesse discusses how providing solutions to clients has resulted in great referral sources.


66: Facebook Dark Posts (feat. Ed Dearborn)

Barry Coziahr chats with fellow marketing expert Edwin Dearborn, who has been featured in The Orange County Register, Entrepreneur, CBS MoneyWatch, Social Media Today, and other national media outlets. They discuss how business can use social media--notably in Facebook and YouTube--to both discover and reach their targeted audiences with proper search engine optimization and posting tactics like Facebook Dark Posts. Ed was formally educated in marketing and public relations in Hollywood,...


64: Hit The Right Notes With The Written Word (feat. Bob Baker)

This week Barry welcomes local author and business owner Bob Baker on the show for some Real Like Marketing. Bob has written several books to help musicians, authors and creative entrepreneurs of all kinds use their talents and know-how to make a living and make a difference in the world. Barry and Bob talk about copy writing and the different aspects of marketing that utilize great copy writing. They discuss how important the written word is and how it can make all the difference. At the...


54: 7 Worst Website Mistakes (feat. Sarah Coziahr)

Barry and Sarah discuss websites in this week's episode. They go over the 7 worst website mistakes you can make when building your site. Everything from no SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to your site's design not being mobile-friendly. At the end of the episode Sarah gives you a really great deal on how to improve your website.


52: Skill Building And Toastmasters (feat. Sarah Coziahr)

This week Barry welcomes Sarah Coziahr back on the show. Sarah interviews Barry all about Toastmasters. They discuss the ins and outs of the meetings, what exactly is Toastmasters, and how you can use public speaking and communication skills in marketing.


47: Service is the Sale (feat. Wade Weistreich)

In this episode of Real Live Marketing Barry Coziahr interviews Wade Weistreich, a local St. Louis Realtor. Barry and Wade discuss Customer Service. Wade gives us different ways he goes above and beyond for your customers to really create a lasting relationship. At the end of the episode Barry goes over several ideas of how to give that extra touch of customer service both before and after the sale.


44: Craigslist Unclassified (feat. Jackson Spencer)

Barry talks to Jackson Spencer of St. Louis Wood Floors all about Craigslist. Jackson gets 70% of his business leads (around 20 each week) from Craigslist, Barry talks with him about the different aspects of advertising on Craigslist. He shares with us several tips on how to best utilize this type of advertising. At the end of the episode Barry gives our listeners a special offer on how to take advantage of Craigslist advertising.


41: Content Is King (feat. Janel Patterson)

Janel Patterson, founder of Frienedy, joins Barry on this week's Real Live Marketing. She and Barry discuss cyber bullying, and the idea behind why she founded Frienedy, and how today's online world is changing. They wrap it up with some discussion on content marketing in terms of social media usage, and good types of content to share. To top it off, Barry gives his expert tips on what frequency to post to the most popular social networking services.


39: Networking Meetings that Fit You (feat. Joel Kirk)

Joel from Off The Wall Murals joins Barry this week to talk about networking. Joel is a part of a LinkedIn networking group in St. Louis, and attends BNI, and many other networking groups regularly. He and Barry talk about what makes a good networking group, when to change groups, and to top it off, Barry gives the top ten questions to ask at a networking event towards the end of the episode.


EP 38: Campaigns to Drive Your Biz (feat. Michael Oliver)

Barry interviews Michael Oliver with DSchofer about how he uses long term marketing campaigns to drive his designated chauffeur business.


36: The Testament of Social Proof (feat. Matt Ricketts)

Barry interviews Matt Ricketts owner of Better Life Maids. Matt talks with Barry about Social Proof and what that means in today's marketing world.


35: Marketing Training, Staying Ahead the Curve (feat. Sarah Coziahr)

Barry Coziahr welcomes Sarah, his daughter, back to show. Sarah interviews Barry about how training ties into marketing. They discuss the different aspects of training and how find the best resources.


34: Direct Mail is not Dead (feat. Steve Stanisic)

Barry talks with Steve Stanisic, of Specialty Mailing about tips on how to get the best results from your direct mail. They also discuss best practices for call to actions and using direct mail with other mediums such as online marketing.


33: LinkedIn Lead Generation (feat. Kathy Bernard)

Barry meets with Kathy Bernard with WiserU again to discuss another great way to use LinkedIn. We find out from Kathy how to really utilize those connections you have to get leads.


32: Facebook Following: Building Your Audience (feat. Darcella Craven)

Barry talks with Darcella Craven, of Veterans Business Resource Center, about popular posts, unpopular posts and how to get more likes and build a following on Facebook. See the full show notes at


31: Use LinkedIn to Build Your Team (feat. Kathy Bernard)

Barry discusses how to use LinkedIn to find valuable additions to your team with Kathy Bernard, owner of LinkedWise. They talk about how you can narrow down your search to find the best candidates.


30: Making Friends not just Customers (feat. John Thrower)

Barry meets with John Thrower to talk about connecting with your customers on a deeper level. Barry recommends three books to read on creating a "wow" factor for your clients. Read the full show notes at


28: Powerful Partnerships (feat. Kaye Brockmeyer)

Barry partners up with Kate Brockmeyer to talk about collaborating business to business. Learn how to find the right partners, how to work with competitors, avoiding partnership pitfalls so that you can confidently collaborate and other burning questions about making powerful partnerships work. Barry also provides his top three tips to creating the "wow" experience with customers. Read the full show notes at


27: Trade Show Secrets (feat. Clare Buser)

Barry talks with Clare Buser, owner of POSH! customizable jewelry about her success with selling at trade shows. Barry also shares his top 5 ways to promote your booth at a trade show. Read the full shownotes at


26: Effective Market Research (feat: Sarah Coziahr)

To celebrate the show's six month anniversary, Sarah Coziahr, Barry's daughter and business partner, joins the show to interview Barry on the topic of surveys and market research. Barry has been doing market research for many years and provides his top tips for researching your competition. View the full shownotes at


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