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Sue Your Urologist?

If you have recurrent kidney stones, or know anyone who has, then you might want to listen to this podcast.

Duration: 00:08:25

A surprising and dangerous cause of fainting in a young woman.

She fainted, collapsed, and even had seizure like activity. What we found in this healthy young woman might shock many.

Duration: 00:05:14

Covert SEXISM in the hospital

Sure, it's not the 1960's, we have Human Resource departments and rules about sexism but I suggest that there still are many forms of covert sexism in our healthcare centers.

Duration: 00:07:58

Keep Your Eye On Your Wallet When You Visit The Opthomologist

My own experience how I was billed, or more appropriately fleeced, for $159 Dollars after the eye doctor billed me for "Photo" of my eye that I never asked for , was not informed about, wasn't required, and was not paid for by my insurance. Please be careful and be informed. Even I was taken for ride by a fellow physician.

Duration: 00:09:31

Stupid Rich People

Through numerous interviews with physicians and patients I suggest that Stupid Rich People, who feel that more testing and more procedures results in better outcomes, are hurting themselves and driving up the cost of healthcare. These "Stupid Rich People" should be entitled to receive objective and science-based medical care. Their selfishness leaves them ripe for the duplicitous doctors "caring" for them who are all to willing to do unnecessary tests and procedures.

Duration: 00:11:50

Press Ganey Ratings For Doctors-- Great Idea for ?

Companies like Press Ganey are now selling the idea that patient surveys, and the consequences of bad ratings for the doctor, will result in improved patient care and better outcomes. If you don't realize where this story is going, here it is in just six minutes.

Duration: 00:08:50

Stop Assaults On Medical Providers!

Two nurses talk about the day they were assaulted and how poorly they were treated by their hospital and the system. Both have not worked since. We want to Stop Assaults On Medical Providers!

Duration: 00:19:28

A New Device For Your Heart -- Potential cure in good hands, potential stroke or death in the wrong hands

Like most new devices that require technical expertise the Watchman device can help thousands reduce their risk of stroke. But the device is new, the learning curve to be good at implanting it is significant, and there are too many doctors offering this complex procedure with not enough experience and ability.

Duration: 00:17:26

How Doctors Put Thousands At Risk For Cancer

In the 1990s a new type of stress test was developed that could be done in just half the time of the usual nuclear stress test. The only problem, that the patients were not told, is that it would result in an exposure of radiation equal to an additional 140 x-rays.

Duration: 00:22:39

Foxglove and the Pharmaceutical Industry

The story of Foxglove, William Withering and Big Pharma.

Duration: 00:12:40

He Ran To The ER With an MI and Was Told To Sit .. for NINE Hours

Mr. X thought this might be his last few moments alive when the chest pressure and sweats wouldn't stop. But the response from the Emergency Room was to do just about nothing. He walked out, the next day, and into another Emergency Room...

Duration: 00:07:44

Medical Journal Publishes Case of Uromyctisis

"Peer Review" Medical Journal known as Urology & Nephrology Open Access Journal recently published the first case of Uromycitisis. The author of the paper wa a Dr. Martin Van Nostrand who conducted the study at Arthur Vandelay Urological Research Institute.

Duration: 00:07:35

How Doctors And Pharma Manipulate Drug Trials

The classic standardized clinical trial used to be a simple trial of one endpoint, like death. But to find a way to reduce cost or improve the chance for a positive outcome cunning doctors along with Pharma are producing trials where there are composite endpoints or even trials that have "run-in periods" that toss out anyone with an adverse effect before officially starting the trial. Many may not be aware of this so I discuss two major trials, one with a positive composite endpoint even...

Duration: 00:09:00

Dr. Macaroni May Be Stealing Millions From Medicaid

I've uncovered a carefully planned scheme that appears to allow a cardiologist to inappropriately perform millions of dollars of studies and bill then to you, the taxpayer!

Duration: 00:07:23

A Capitalist's View on Single-Payer Healthcare

One visit to Labcorp, " The World's Leading Health Care Diagnostics Company", according to their website, and my opinion of Single-Payer Healthcare was cemented.

Duration: 00:07:29

Happy Father's Day To All The Dads Who Put Their Kids First

Many in medicine who are too naive or too foolish admire the physicians who spend their lives in the hospital yet sacrifice their family for their position. Today I'd like to honor those I met in healthcare who put their family first and say to them, " A job Well Done."

Duration: 00:04:45

In Medicine Cheaters Do Prosper

Sometimes even top physicians, responsible for training young doctors, find ways to cheat the system. Never before told stories that will shock the listener.

Duration: 00:10:22

Your Doctor Will NOT See You Now

Your old, or young, or just frightened to be admitted to huge hospital but you have your doctor who you've known for years to help you be calm and to make sure the remainder of the staff understands your complex disease. Too bad " Your Doctor Will NOT See You."

Duration: 00:08:51

Is she a Nurse? No, she's a CNA. The unsung heroes of healthcare.

You call for a nurse and she comes. You ask for help and she's there. She weighs you, checks your pulse and blood pressure but when you look at the ID it has CNA on it and not RN.

Duration: 00:09:22

Nurse Anne Marshall -- Healthcare Hero

Anne Marshall would soon find out about the target painted on her back after she tried to organize the nurses to improve staffing ratios and patient care at Cayuga Medical Center.

Duration: 00:09:10

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