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RealTalk MS Episode 13: The International Progressive MS Alliance With Prof. Alan Thompson

The International Progressive MS Alliance is an unprecedented global alliance of MS organizations, researchers, clinicians, pharmaceutical companies, and people living with progressive MS, transforming the landscape of multiple sclerosis. This week, we're talking about the work and the progress of the Alliance with Professor Alan Thompson, Dean of Faculty of Brain Sciences at University College London, and Chair of the Alliance's Scientific Steering Committee. We're also talking about a...

Duration: 00:21:45

RealTalk MS Episode 12: The Difference Between Men and Women With MS

Multiple sclerosis affects men and women differently. Women are 3 times more likely to get MS, but men often develop more significant disabilities from MS. This week's guest, Dr. Rhonda Voskuhl, is a trailblazer in not only exploring the differences between the sexes in MS, but in identifying what seems to be a safe and effective treatment for MS symptoms. So why aren't pharmaceutical companies lining up to bring this treatment to market? Hear what Dr. Voskuhl has to say about that and more...

Duration: 00:23:39

RealTalk MS Episode 11

Whether it's research, news, or even pending legislation, there's a lot happening around the world that's going to impact families living with MS. In this week's podcast, we'll round up some of that news and bring you up to speed on some of the things that you ought to know about. We're talking about how the pending income tax legislation can be financially devastating to families living with MS - and we'll explain what you can do about it right now. We'll look at a new clinical trial...

Duration: 00:17:59

RealTalk MS Episode 10: Caregiving

November is National Family Caregivers Month, and we're talking all about caregiving. Being a caregiver for a family member with MS or any chronic illness can be one of the greatest blessings that a person may receive. It can also be one of the most stress-producing, anxiety-creating, and even life-threatening undertakings that a person may endure. No one ever applies to be a caregiver, and the job doesn't come with an instruction manual. So we're going to be discussing: We'll even share...

Duration: 00:27:04

RealTalk MS Episode 9: MS & Depression

Experts estimate that about 50% of the people living with MS are impacted by depression. And left untreated, depression can darken your entire outlook on the world. It has a way of making everything less. We're going to explore MS and depression with my guest, Dr. Amy Sullivan, Director of Behavioral Medicine at the Mellen Center for Multiple Sclerosis at the Cleveland Clinic. We're also talking about a study that may offer some good news about what seems to be a highly effective drug...

Duration: 00:22:54

RealTalk MS Episode 8: The MS MOSAIC Study

This week's guests are Doctors Lee Hartswell and Katherine Heller, the co-primary investigators of the MS MOSAIC study from Duke University. Everyone listening to our podcast is eligible to participate in this study -- even if you don't have MS. And all of the data collection will be done through your smartphone, so you won't even have to leave home! More than just a study that will help us learn a lot about day-to-day living with MS, the MS MOSAIC study is a perfect example of how we're...

Duration: 00:27:23

RealTalk MS Episode 7: ECTRIMS Round-Up

Last week, more than 9,000 MS research scientists, physicians, and pharmaceutical industry experts attended ECTRIMS-ACTRIMS, the largest annual international MS research conference in the world. And we're devoting this week's podcast episode to talking about what they were talking about! Welcome to the RealTalk MS ECTRIMS Round-Up! You'll find out about how the "official" number of people with MS in the United States is now more than double what it was before last week. We'll talk about...

Duration: 00:18:12

RealTalk MS Episode 6: Being an MS Activist with Heather Fargo

This week, we're talking about MS Activism with the former mayor of Sacramento, California and current MS Activist, Heather Fargo. In last week's podcast, we talked about the prescription drug price transparency bill that was recently signed into law in California. Heather played an important role in the passage of that law, and we'll be talking to her about why that law is so important to the MS community. We're also going to talk about why it's important to use your power as an MS...

Duration: 00:23:26

RealTalk MS Episode 5: It's All About MS Research

This week, RealTalk MS is all about MS research. We often hear about some of the important outcomes of MS research. New drugs, like Ocrevus, are introduced. New information, like the connection between gut bacteria and MS, is published. But how and where does an MS research project get its start? How does it get funded? How much multiple sclerosis research is actively taking place today? Jon's guest this week is Dr. Bruce Bebo, Executive Vice President of Research at the National...

Duration: 00:24:38

RealTalk MS: Episode 4

This week's episode focuses on some of the cutting edge research being done in the Progressive MS arena. Jon's guest, Dr. Tim Coetzee, Chief Advocacy, Services & Research Officer at the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, takes us through the work of the International Progressive MS Alliance. Jon and Tim also talk about Ocrevus -- the very first drug to receive FDA approval for the treatment of Progressive MS, and what that means for future Progressive MS drug therapy. We'll also be...

Duration: 00:27:16

RealTalk MS: Episode 3

In this week's podcast, we're talking to Dr. Lilyana Amezcua, the lead investigator in a new research study that looks at how genetics and culture can impact the severity of MS among Hispanic-Americans. We'll also talk about how -- without much fanfare -- the U.S. Senate unanimously passed the RAISE Family Caregivers Act last week. We'll look at a new $10.6 million dollar study that's getting underway at the University of Nottingham, Nottingham University Hospitals in England, and a team...

Duration: 00:24:44

RealTalk MS: The Latest Threat To Healthcare in America

Join host Jon Strum as he talks about the serious threat that the Cassidy-Graham healthcare bill poses to the MS community. Jon is joined by former Representative Donna Edwards, who worked to pass the Affordable Care Act in 2010, and then found herself diagnosed with MS in 2016. We'll also be discussing the passage of an important piece of legislation in California which may end up leading the way for other states to create greater transparency in prescription drug pricing. We'll talk...

Duration: 00:24:49

RealTalk MS: Episode 001

Jon Strum cuts through all the jargon and breaks down the latest multiple sclerosis news. You’ll meet the scientists who are creating tomorrow’s MS treatments today. You’ll hear from the experts discussing how the latest tweaks and changes to our healthcare laws will impact your MS treatment. And we’ll be talking to the courageous MS warriors who are out there advocating on behalf of the MS community every day, as well as the men and women who are committed to living their best lives with...

Duration: 00:16:21