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Domestic Violence - Physical Vs Emotional Abuse

Dammy, Gee and Guest host Biola sound off on the topic of Domestic abuse/Violence. For this episode they compare physical with emotional abuse and wonder if one is really worse than the other. Have you found yourself in a physically abusive or emotionally abusive relationship? Thoughts!?

Duration: 00:12:40

Deciding between foreign and nigerian baby names when living in diaspora

Many people believe that a name holds the power to shape a child's self-esteem, identity and how he/she is seen and treated by others. It's no wonder choosing their child's name is a big decision for parents. Being Nigerian, many of us have traditional names which turn out to be conversation starters, source of admiration or racism in this part of the world. Knowing that 9 in 10 people won't pronounce your kid's name right the first time, do you prefer giving them foreign names or...

Duration: 00:24:03

Opposite-sex Friendships In Marriage

Is it okay to have opposite-sex friends when you are married? RWW6 ladies weigh in on how their friendship with guys have changed since getting married and on how comfortable they are with their husbands having close female friends.

Duration: 00:24:05

The Chills and Thrills of a Long Distance Marriage

Work obligations, visa issues or other obligations sometimes cause spouses to live away from each other. The RWW6 ladies discuss their experience with long distance relationship/marriage. Listen, enjoy and comment.

Duration: 00:27:43

Dressing Your Age And Marital Status

In this episode, we weigh in on how marriage has influenced our dressing and the importance of dressing modestly in general. What's your take?

Duration: 00:14:02

Children, Wait Times And Birth Control

Happy new year fam! In this new episode the young working wives discuss their thoughts about bits of family planning; having the discussion before saying "I DO", how long is okay to wait after marriage before having the kids and thoughts about birth control options.