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Reality Circus is a topical podcast encompassing many different aspects of our shared human experience on this spinning rock in space. There will be a variety of fascinating guests who will be discussing many exciting fields of interest ranging from philosophy, creativity and fitness all the way to music, books, comedy, science, mixed martial arts and much, much more!




Episode 002 - Luke Bicknell

Luke Bicknell is the founder and owner of Community Gyms in Bridge, Kent. He is an excellent trainer, a true student of movement and holds a black belt in Rushan Karate. In this episode we discussed how Luke became so passionate about fitness, the epic journey towards earning a black belt, his motivation for starting his own gym and how to balance being a bustling business owner alongside raising a young family. Check out Community Gyms on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more info or go...

Duration: 01:42:02

Episode 001 - Matthew Jongbloet

Matthew Jongbloet is a graphic designer who created the educational website Why Project, co-runs Live Learn Evolve and co-owns Humantra Co. He is one of my closest friends and is a true explorer of the human experience. I was very lucky to get him on the show before he left for India to discuss meditation, travelling and finding ways to try and improve our ways of thinking about life itself. Check out Why Project, Live Learn Evolve and Humantra on Facebook + Instagram for more info.

Duration: 01:37:52