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Reality Roundhouse - Episode 24

On this episode of the RRP professional wrestler and personal trainer Tommy Else stop by the studio. We talk about Tommy's wrestling career in Resistance Pro, the promotion that Smashing Pumpkins front man Billy Corgan founded. Then we talk our top 5 conspiracy theories: Did Paul McCartney die in 1966, is there subliminal advertising, who killed JFK, have we gone to the moon, and of course aliens and area 51.


Reality Roundhouse - Episode 17

On this episode of the RRP we go back to where it all started, as I welcome Bill Harris Jr to the studio. It took a little bit of time but we finally delivered the first ever RRP New Year Prediction Podcast. Bill and I give our predictions for 2017, including, President Trump being impeached, possible war, Hulk Hogan, aliens & UFO's, Nintendo, and find out what celebrities will not make it out of 2017 alive. I also give some MMA predictions and things to look for in the new year.


Reality Roundhouse - Episode 16.5

On this impromptu episode of the RRP Steve Muehlhausen boxing & MMA contributor for the Sporting News stops by the studio. We talk about this past weekends Bellator 170 fight card and the impact that Tito Ortiz had on the sport of MMA. Steve shares his opinions on the new owners of the UFC, USADA and Steve gives the RRP fans some inside information.


Reality Roundhouse - Episode 16

On this episode of the RRP I'm joined by the soccer analyst for the show Alex Perez, and newcomer to the podcast Ivan Salgado stops by to talk MMA and UFC fight night 103. We breakdown all the fights from UFC fight night 103 and give our fights to make going forward. I also explain the new and modified rules of Mixed Martial Arts.


Reality Roundhouse - Episode 15

On this episode of the RRP my friend and professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter Sinatra "The Black Mamba" Pool stops by the studio to talk about his upcoming fight and his career as a fighter. We also dive into the world of MMA, the UFC, and talk a bit about the social climate of the United States. *In this episode Sinatra goes into detail of a fight he had, below is the link where you can view that fight.* ...


Reality Roundhouse - Episode 14

On this episode of the RRP professional ESports gamer Marlon Morgan stops by the studio to talk about the world of competitive video games. Marlon explains how ESports has quickly became a multi million dollar a year industry. He also breaks down all the different game genres, tournaments, and opportunity in the growing ESports community. I offer Marlon the official title of ESports/Video Game Correspondent for the Reality Roundhouse Podcast...Will he accept? Finally I dissect the UFC...


Reality Roundhouse - Episode 13

On this episode of the RRP I'm joined in studio by Ben Meza a newcomer to the podcast and returning guest Alex Perez the official soccer analyst for the RRP. I tell the story of Mixed Martial Arts, from inception, all the way to the mainstream where the sport is today. In the first ever RRP MMA 101 episode


Reality Roundhouse - Episode 12

On this episode of the RRP I talk about the Mandela Effect, that's when you and thousands of other people all have vivid memories of something that never happened. I give several examples of this phenomenon, and blame CERN better known as the European Organization for Nuclear Research and the LHC Large Hadron Collider for this altered state of reality.


Reality Roundhouse - Episode 11

On this episode of the RRP I recap UFC 207 and talk a little bit about Ronda Rousey. I also break down the NFL playoffs now that all the teams are locked in, and of course I give my Super bowl Ll picks.


Reality Roundhouse - Episode 10

On this episode of the RRP I have a full house in the studio as we have the end of the year/queer podcast. I'm joined by returning guests Sara and Terrell, and welcome newcomers to the world of podcasting Stephanie and Larissa. We talk all thing gay and go over some common misconceptions on homosexuality.


Reality Roundhouse - Episode 9

On this episode of the RRP I do a quick year end review. I briefly go over some of the big stories and recap some of the high profile deaths that 2016 gave us. I also talk about a few major sport headlines from the year that was 2016.


Reality Roundhouse - Episode 8

On this episode of the RRP I'm joined by my friend and the official soccer analyst for the Reality Roundhouse Alex Perez. We recap what was UFC on FOX 22 and break down the big UFC 207 fight card featuring the return of Ronda Rousey.


Reality Roundhouse - Episode 7

On this episode of the RRP my friend and amateur fighter Angelo Walsh stop by the studio to talk all things MMA. We discuss his career as a fighter and his future plans. Angelo takes us inside a day in the life of a fighter and the chaos of fight day. We also talk about the future of the UFC, UFC FOX 22 fights, and the overall sport of MMA.


Reality Roundhouse - Episode 6

On this episode of the RRP Alex Perez the creator of the Final Third Podcast and the official RRP soccer analyst joins me in studio to break down the NFL season, NFL playoff picture, and the Superbowl. We give a brief run down of the college football playoffs and of course discuss the big UFC on FOX 22 card this week.


Reality Roundhouse - Episode 5

On this episode of the RRP my better half Kim joins me to break down our top horror movies of all time also we run down the best shows to binge watch on Netflix and Hulu. Macho Man Randy Savage makes a special appearance and I quickly glance over the UFC 206 card.


Reality Roundhouse - Episode 4

On this episode of the RRP my sister Sara and her friend Terrell stop by the studio to talk about religion, Scientology, ancient aliens, and the Dogon tribe.


Reality Roundhouse - Episode 3

On this episode of the RRP I'm joined by Alex Perez the creator of the Final Third Podcast. We talk about the UFC stripping Conor McGregor of the featherweight title, Alex breaks down some soccer for us, and we preview the UFC TUF 24 finale.


Reality Roundhouse - Episode 2

On this episode of the RRP Ryan Hackman joins me to talk some NBA basketball and we break down our top NBA street-ball team.


Reality Roundhouse - Episode 1

On this Episode I introduce Reality Roundhouse Podcast to the world with the help of Bill Harris from We discuss Social Media, 80s 90s Pro Wrestling and today's WWE.