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Ep 55 - Interview with Johnny Bananas

(SPOILERS) Johnny joins me to talk about why people don’t like him, his overall thoughts on “Dirty 30” (5:43), how he feels about what Camila is going through (10:38), his relationship with Wes (17:12), the AYTO people being part of the Challenge (20:35), strategy overall on the show (24:43), newbies going after the vets (28:14), his finale moment on Rivals 3 & everything that went behind the decision on keeping the $275k and not sharing with Sarah (30:02), does he like the “Champs vs Stars”...

Duration: 01:26:44

Ep 54 - (SPOILER) Your Final Four Breakdown

(SPOILERS) I talk for a bit about why you've heard basically radio silence from me for the last week and do a timeline of the events that have transpired since I tweeted last Tuesday, I give you your Final Four Breakdown (18:03), recap my tweet from Thanksgiving regarding the "Bachelor: Canada" spoiler (29:00), and then wrap it up with thoughts on "Bachelor: Winter Games" (32:00). Music written by Jimmer Podrasky (B'Jingo Songs/Machia Music/But Music BMI)

Duration: 00:40:46

Ep 53 - Interview with Cara Maria Sorbello of MTV's "The Challenge"

(SPOILERS) Cara Maria joins us to talk about her career on the Challenge, this season’s 2nd place finish and her immense dislike for Jordan (3:50), how the finale results didn’t air until the reunion show & how it was filmed (16:30), Camila’s issues (20:07), her confrontation with Kailah at the reunion (28:55), the Dirty 30 theme and strategy for the season (36:18), where her relationship with Abram stands now (46:48), her cheating on Abram during “Bloodlines” which then turns into a...

Duration: 01:43:43

Ep 52 - Interview with Olivia Caridi

(SPOILERS) Olivia joins me to talk about how she got cast, having the target on her back immediately (3:25), being an introvert & how it didn’t mix well with this show (4:44), the editing of her “character” (6:55), being the villain (10:57), her Teen Mom comment to Amanda being blown out of proportion (18:22), getting dumped on the 2-on-1 (21:04), the bullying she got post show & her move to New York at the time (23:27), her “Mouthing Off” podcast (32:56), her parents getting married on GMA...

Duration: 01:44:59

Ep 51 - Interview with Sadie Murray

(SPOILERS) Sadie joins me and talks about how she was actually pro-active in getting cast on the show, her 1-on-1 in Rome with Lorenzo (10:40), getting labeled the first ever virgin on this show (16:58), how she dated a producer immediately after the show (19:40), did she think she was getting picked the morning of the final rose ceremony (23:10), spills the tea on why they shot her getting dumped twice (26:13), how she started dating Lorenzo post-show (32:21), was Lorenzo the worst...

Duration: 01:51:55

Ep 50 - Interview with Astrid Loch

(SPOILERS) Astrid joins me to talk about her childhood, how she got cast & her limo entrance (7:08), production’s role before they come on the show (10:01), her first group date (10:01), the track and field group date that she won yet was known more for something else (21:53), how awful the farming group date in Wisconsin was (27:34), being friends with Rachel and her take on the Peter break up (35:22), accidentally spoiling Rachel’s season in an interview (41:13), why she was set to go on...

Duration: 01:21:43

Ep 49 - Interview with Prince Lorenzo Borghese

(SPOILERS) Lorenzo joins me to talk about how he was cast in a time where they weren’t picking from the “Bachelorette” pool of guys, did he know what he was getting himself into (4:48), the show airing opposite of “Monday Night Football” for his season (8:02), filming the show overseas (12:18), were they noticed in Rome (16:22), the honest reason he chose Jen over Sadie (17:46), his relationship with Jen post-show and how soon he knew it wouldn’t work (23:18), dating Sadie after breaking...

Duration: 01:03:02

Ep 48 - Interview with Sarah Vendal

(SPOILERS) Sarah joins me to talk about her recent move to Dallas, how she was convinced she was a fill-in (2:48), her night one gimmick on Nick's season and early favorites (6:16), the first group date where Corinne took her top off (9:33), finding out Liz had a previous relationship with Nick (18:39), the Track & Field group date (22:42), the drama in Wisconsin at the rose ceremony between Vanessa & DLo (28:20), her relationship pre-BIP with Robby Hayes (34:45), explaining what happened...

Duration: 01:32:40

Ep 47 - Interview with Jen Saviano

(SPOILERS) Jen joins me to talk about if she wanted Ben to be the “Bachelor” her season, her limo entrance and how she thought she’d fare after the first night (2:55), her impressions of Olivia (8:59), Lauren B. being the front runner in Vegas (12:35), the “Teen Mom” comment in Mexico City (17:16), her relationship with Nick before Paradise (25:42), what she thought of their relationship once she got to the island (29:29), her post-show relationship with Nick and why she felt the way she...

Duration: 01:35:56

Ep 46 - Interview with Amanda Stanton

(SPOILERS) Amanda joins me to talk about how she got cast on the “Bachelor,” how long did she think she’d last (6:22), her first 1-on-1 in Mexico City (8:18), Olivia’s “Teen Mom” comment that was blown out of proportion (11:34), Ben meeting her daughters on her hometown (15:57), going on Paradise last summer (20:50), what she knew about Josh beforehand (22:12), any hesitation about getting engaged (24:01), the mistake of Josh moving in so quickly (26:55), what she thought her role in the...

Duration: 01:35:31

Ep 45 - Interview with Kenny King (Part 2)

(SPOILERS) Kenny joins me for Part 2 to talk about how he got his start in wrestling, what his schedule is like (5:40), how he would explain wrestling to the average person who has a preconceived notion of it (9:22), did being on the “Bachelorette” help or hinder his career (16:40), why he didn’t appear on BIP & what he thought of the DeMario/Corinne situation (21:46), his impression of Peter while on the show (29:01), Rachel & Bryan as a couple (32:50), and finally end with the Rapid 10...

Duration: 01:01:34

Ep 44 - Interview with Kenny King (Part 1)

(SPOILERS) Kenny joins me to talk about how he got cast, the reaction he received in the wrestling locker room when they found out he was going on the “Bachelorette” (7:34), first night impressions (9:19), what his daughter thought of him doing the show (12:20), losing the obstacle course date to Whaboom (14:25), losing the mud wrestling date (24:54), his feud with Lee (26:48), the infamous 2-on-1 with Lee in Norway (32:31), his thoughts on Lee’s appearance at the MTA (37:30), does he...

Duration: 00:59:24

Ep 43 - Interview with Desiree Siegfried (Part 2)

(SPOILERS) Part 2 of Desiree’s interview starts off with her explaining how it was possible to be distraught after Brooks left then propose to Chris days later, also discusses the safe house visits she had with Chris while the season was airing (7:33), how her and Rachel faced the same criticism from the media (9:43), her brother’s comments post-show (12:31), how she felt about me having the wrong spoiler her whole season (17:00), was she upset at how the show was edited & how it focused...

Duration: 01:00:58

Ep 42 - Interview with Desiree Siegfried (Part 1)

(SPOILERS) Des joins me to talk about her relationship past before going on Seasn’s season & how she got cast, was Sean her type (4:47), first night competition (7:34), getting pranked on her first 1-on-1 date (11:34), Tierra as the villain (12:43), did she see Sean and Catherine’s connection (20:31), why she thinks the “Bachelorette” has more successful relationships than the “Bachelor” (24:25), her awful hometown date (27:44), when she was approached about “Bachelorette” (33:08), did she...

Duration: 01:02:10

Ep 41 - Interview with Josiah Graham (Part 2)

(SPOILERS) Part 2 starts with Josiah talking about Rachel as the “Bachelorette” and how she handled the Lee situation, is there anything he’d take back from this season that he did (9:37), what his biggest issue with Lee was (11:47), did he think Lee was sincere at the “Men Tell All” (15:57), the cliques in the house (26:01), his thoughts on the Rachel & Peter breakup (34:06), Peter as the “Bachelor” (this was recorded before my Twitter announcement yesterday) (40:57), why wasn’t he on BIP...

Duration: 01:16:08

Ep 40 - Interview with Josiah Graham (Part 1)

SPOILERS) Josiah joins me for Part 1 of our interview to talk about when he was first approached to be on the show, being an early favorite & the “cocky” edit he got (4:04), how badly his exit interview was edited (7:30), his rough upbringing & the death of his brother (14:15), losing his way after that (23:00), his admiration for Eric (32:42), his thoughts on the DeMario ex-girlfriend situation (37:00), being on only group dates & his edit with Rachel (44:55), and his drama with Iggy...

Duration: 01:03:54

Ep 39 - Interview with Lace Morris

(SPOILERS) Lace joins me to talk about where she was in her dating life when she got cast on Ben’s season of the “Bachelor,” the infamous first rose ceremony where she pulled Ben aside after getting a rose (6:33), her interrupting on the first group date (8:13), why she decided to leave (14:25), the “Women Tell All,” being asked to go on Paradise & her boyfriend at the time (16:00), BIP and her relationship with Chad (22:17), what she knew about Grant going into BIP (27:22), deciding to...

Duration: 01:13:11

Ep 38 - Interview with "Real Housewives of Dallas" Brandi Redmond

(SPOILERS) Brandi joins me to talk about how we originally met, how she became a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader (8:14), the schedule that a DCC girl would normally have (18:50), dealing with creeper fans (25:26), how she became part of the "Real Housewives" franchise (34:49), what she felt about season 1 focusing so much on her marriage and the image it portrayed (42:36), the effect the show had on her daughters who were kicked out of their school (47:30), her relationship with Stephanie...

Duration: 01:39:32

Ep 37 - Interview with Craig Robinson

(SPOILERS) Craig joins me to talk about how he got cast, going on this show as a lawyer (5:17), arriving the first night and his thoughts on Rated R Rego & Kasey (11:50), who he saw as the front runner for Ali (16:48), Kasey getting a tattoo in NY (19:21), Rego & Kasey’s infamous 2-on-1 (23:51), Rego’s wild departure in Istanbul (25:16), Frank leaving on his own at final 3 (31:00), possibly going on “Bachelor Pad,” (34:43), how he first found out about Gia (37:45), did he see any signs...

Duration: 01:38:16

Ep 36 - Interview with Jenny McCarthy

(SPOILERS) Jenny joins me to talk about what she sees herself as in today’s industry, her upbringing and how Playboy came about (2:54), her big break in TV & what happened afterwards (9:54), the one show she wished would’ve lasted longer (13:57), was she a New Kids on the Block fan (19:40), her “Donnie Loves Jenny” show and how it hasn’t ruined their relationship (21:19), her indirect link to the “Bachelor” franchise & what advice she gave to that girl (24:49), what her unspoiled opinion is...

Duration: 00:49:33

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