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Really Tho?!? w/ CookBook

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Episode 35- You Scared?!? Say You Scared!!!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! This month, we're blending Really Tho with Stereo-Types to celebrate Halloween in style! We discuss fear...the good, and mostly bad of it, and how you can overcome your fears, and achieve the things you want to. Then we end off in true Stereo-Types fashion, with a Halloween mix that'll scare the daylights outta ya!!!! For the first week of November, any one of you that email me at will receive 2 free coaching/consulting sessions!!! (a...

Duration: 01:59:51

Episode 34- I Went East Of The River!!!

This episode I hung out with the super crew East Of The River!!! There were about 15 of us crammed into the EOTR studio, and it was a blast! I know you'll enjoy this episode, and learn a lot! They drop gems all over the place!!! EOTR has been making big moves in 2017, and they're set to take off! Blowing up is right on the horizon for these kids, and they are actively going after their dreams! Please enjoy this, share it, and please please please rate and review it on iTunes, Stitcher,...

Duration: 01:07:03

Stereo-Types episode 31- Old To The New with RiF

This week, we discuss the argument between new and older rappers and rap fans, and what it means, and if it even matters. RiF drops a lot of gems on the subject! Plus...WE PLAY HOT MUSIC!!! STEREO-TYPES....PLAYIN WHAT I LIKE! STEREO-TYPES...MY TYPE OF HYPE!!! HIT US UP! @CookBookthePR @Rif_sixthandhill @2mexomd @platformcollection

Duration: 01:59:57

Stereo-Types episode 30- Fun Stuff With Cookie B & The Chola

Today I have a special guest on the show to let us know how she feels about hip's The Chola! She's firme, and pulls no punches! Orale!!! Stereo-Types...My Type Of Hype! Stereo-Types...Playin What I Like! for all things CookBook LET US KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE SHOW! @CookBookthePR @thechola @PlatformCollection @2MexOMD brought to you by

Duration: 01:59:57

Stereo-Types episode 29- Take Notice with Notiz YONG

This week we got the one and only Notiz YONG on the show! He fails horribly at "The Wack Rap Attack", and redeems himself on "Sing Along With Uncle Cookie". In between we play bangin songs, including his new album BRB in it's entirety! Stereo-Types...Playin What I Like Stereo-Types...My Type Of Hype! LET US KNOW WHAT YOU LIKE ABOUT THE SHOW! @CookBookthePR @NotizYONG @2MexOMD @ReallyThoPodcast @PlatformCollection (IG) @PlatformCollect (Twitter) for all things...

Duration: 01:59:57

Episode 33- Self Provoked Got Different Flavors

We finally got the homie Self Provoked on the show! He's been through many ups & downs in his career, and he's just getting started! He's gone from just doing music for the fun of it, to becoming a strong businessman, who's carefully crafting each move he makes! He's got a lot to share with us about hard work, and the right mind states to adopt for success! He even puts me up on a book I never heard of by one of my favorite authors! Really Tho!!! Join in the convo! LET US KNOW WHAT YOU...

Duration: 01:14:51

Stereo-Types episode 28- UNO MAS...nuff said!!!!

This episode is a long time coming!!! I got my homie UNO Mas on to drop dimes on me, & tell all my secrets. You guys think I'm cool, but he just mocks me relentlessly!!! That's what best friends are for!!! Plus we play some bangers from our catalogue that I guarantee y'all wil love!!! Stereo-Types...UNO's type of hype! Stereo-Types...playin' what UNO likes! LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THOUGHT OF THE EPISODE! @CookBookthePR @UNO_Mas @2MexOMD @ReallyThoPodcast @PlatformCollection...

Duration: 01:59:57

Stereo-Types episode 27- CookBook feat. CookBook

This week we address the fake news Cookbook out there who is trying to steal my name, and how he dropped a terrible album called "Recipes"... We talk about different rappers who have changed their names and the different reasons why they did it. We also talk about why that fake ass Cookbook need to change his name too...Respect, homie...respect! LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK OF THE FAKE NEWS...

Duration: 01:59:58

Stereo-Types episode 26- 3 Years Of Platform Collection

It's a celebration!!! Platform Collection turned 3 years old! As a hub for all things hip hop, PC has begun to separate itself as the go-to spot for all new indy rap, podcasts, and videos... We celebrate them tonight on the show, and bump a bunch of artists who have been affiliated with PC over their lifetime... Stereo-Types...My Type Of Hype!!! IS IT YOUR TYPE OF HYPE TOO? LET US KNOW! @CookBookthePR @PlatformCollection (IG) @PlatformCollect...

Duration: 01:59:58

Stereo-Types episode 25- This The Type Of Music When You Go To San Diego with KILLcREY

What happens when you just went to Comicon, and you do a radio show with KILLcREY, know conspiracy theorist, comic book and sci-fi fan, and alien enthusiast? This is what happens!!! EPISODE 25 where, I'm not gonna lie to you...IT GET'S WEIRD... We go from our favorite Comicon trailers, and quickly go into aliens, alternate universes, Mandela Effect, and even touch on the illuminati!!! Oh boy...I even think we birthed a new podcast from this episode... OH YEAH...WE PLAY A BUNCH OF...

Duration: 01:59:58

Stereo-Types episode 24- Beef...What A Relief!!! with Kahlee TreDime

Today we discuss beef in rap. We listen to some of the greatest dis songs of all time, and we listen to some classic rap battles. My man Kahlee got a lot to say about beef! He said ANYONE steppin to him will get served!!! Right here on Stereo-Types!!! My Type Of Hype! Playin What I Like! JOIN THE CONVERSATION! @CookBookthePR @ReallyThoPodcast @Kahlee310 @2MexOMD @PlatformCollection (IG) @PlatformCollect (Twitter) Check out Kahlee's music and...

Duration: 01:59:59

Really Tho?!? episode 32- 2Mex And The Lostpital

I finally have the one and only legend himself, 2Mex, on the show!!! Perfect timing too. On the cusp of his new release, "Lostpital", 2Mex sits down with me to discuss his journey, and the huge challenges of the past year, and how he was not only able to overcome them, but turn them into success for himself!!! He's a good-hearted dude who has a lot to say, and deserves to be listened to! Stick around to the end, where we end up chatting and telling some really cool hip hop stories....

Duration: 01:28:43

Stereo-Types episode 23- Flynn Adam On The Beats AKA DOUBLE DRAGON

WORLD PREMIER!!!!! THIS WEEK I WORLD PREMIER ME AND FLYNN ADAM'S NEW SINGLE "BEST IN CLASS" THE TITLE TRACK FROM CBEP VOL 4 ALSO TITLED "BEST IN CLASS" AS YOU CAN SEE FROM THE ALL-CAPS....I'M HYPED OFF THIS!!!! Flynn joins me as we discuss and play songs and artists that have inspired him as an artist, but more importantly, as a producer. and, did I mention we world premier our new single "best in class"??? What can I say??? I'm real excited to share this new music with you. It's...

Duration: 01:59:59

Stereo-Types episode 22- Two Days Of Rayza pt. 2- Jesse J.A.M.E.S. EP

Welcome to day two with Rayza, where we get even wilder, and laugh more, and play Rayza's other new EP, "Jesse J.A.M.E.S." plus, a ton of other dope music! Hip Hop at it's finest...right here on Stereo-Types!!! TELL US WHAT YOU THINK OF THE SHOW!!! @CookBookthePR @RayzaTheKid @2MexOMD @PlatformCollection (IG) @PlatformCollect (Twitter) Stereo-Types...My Type of hype! Cop the fresh gear here: Listen to 24 hours of dope indy hip...

Duration: 01:59:59

Stereo-Types episode 21- Two Days Of Rayza part 1- The "Rick J.A.M.E.S. EP"

Today we've got Just-Us Movement's own...Rayza The Kid on the show. We talk about how he got started in music, listen to some songs that have inspired him coming up, and play songs from "Rick J.A.M.E.S.", one of two EP we released by him on the same day, June 23rd. LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK OF THE SHOW! @CookBookthePR @RayzaTheKid @PlatformCollection @2MexOMD All things CookBook Rick J.A.M.E.S. EP on...

Duration: 01:59:55

Stereo-Types episode 20- My Puerto Rican Family Reunion, and R.I.P. Prodigy

Puerto Rico...HO!!!! This week, we're taking a trip through everything PR hip hop, with a few detours to honor the big homie, Prodigy... Stereo-Types...Playin' What I Like!!!! Stereo-Types...My Type A Hype!!!! LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK OF THE SHOW!!! @CookBookthePR @2MexOMD @PlatformCollection (IG) @PlatformCollect (Twitter) Really Tho?!? and Stereo-Types brought to you by GET YOUR INFO, AND COP YOUR...

Duration: 01:59:55

Stereo-Types Episode 19- Pigeon John's Rap Record

We finally got my man Pigeon John on the show!!! We play his latest release "Rap Record" front to back, have an epic "Sing Along With Uncle Cookie", and finally get the long-awaited rebubttal to Joey The Jerk's statements on Nas vs. Q-Tip!!!! This is one you don't wanna pass up! PUSH PLAY NOW!!! Stereo-Types; My Type Of Hype!!! Stereo-Types; Playin' What I Like!!!!!! LET US KNOW WHAT'S GOOD, AND WHAT SUCKS ABOUT THE...

Duration: 01:59:55

Episode 31- Kamal is Radioinactive!!!

On this episode, I'm happy to bring you my good friend, Kamal humphreys! You may know him as Radioinactive from Log Cabin, Shapeshifters, or his group with Deadelus and Busdriver, The Weather... Kamal has carved out a successful life for himself on and off the mic, in front of, and behind the scenes. He owns an amazing studio, with tons of vintage gear and instruments. His story and journey to success is fascinating, and he's so willing to share his philosophies and mind states that...

Duration: 01:53:19

Stereo-Types Episode 18- iTunes Shuffle 2; Blu & Exile Below The Heavens 10 Years

This week I go on another iTunes shuffle that takes us in some interesting directions, & gives us an impromptu sing along with Uncle Cookie! We also look at Blu & Exile's classic album "Below The Heavens" which turns 10 years old this month! Stereo-Types; my type of hype!!! Stereo-Types; playin' what I like!!! brought to you by HIT US UP, AND LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK OF THE SHOW! @CookBookthePR @2MexOMD @PlatformCollection...

Duration: 02:00:06

Stereo-Types Episode 18- Inspiration with Mad Macks & Viva Mescal of East Of The River

This week I'm joined by East Of The River's own Mad Macks & Viva Mescal! What took place was pure hypeness! My type of hypness!!! Also, this episode has possibly the wackest Wack Rap Attack of all time!!! ENJOY!!! Stereo-Types; My type of hype! Stereo-Types; Playin' what I like! LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK OF THE SHOW!!! @CookBookthePR @MadMacks_ @VivaMescal @2MexOMD @PlatformCollection (IG) @PlatformCollect (Twitter) for music, merch and...

Duration: 01:59:58

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