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(35) the Oscar goes to..

Today, Pat and I take on the Oscars, the Uma Thurman "New York Times" article, Rose McGowen, Lana Del Rey being sued, and almost kidnapped, Rupaul disappointing us, and in defense of Emma Stone. Articles:


No Friend Cover

I don't know anything about music or singing but I wanted to cover this song because nobody has and also it was challenging as hell, and also lol megaphone. Please don't be that person that judges this like crazy, this was fun, it took 27 tries, and I'm low key proud of it. Go buy After Laughter.


(34) The end of a Problematic Era

TW: Today, I am talking about the end of Warped again while talking about the Austin Jones allegations from 2015 and why Kevin Lyman is clueless. follow and subscribe to Paige! Articles: of Austin Jones by Taylor)


(33) Walk this (A)way from me

Today, I talk about the speech Halsey made at the 2018 woman's march, how Steven Tyler is literally the worst, and the whole "step it up" bullshit. Short episode to talk about what was missed in the last episode, and getting ready for the Oscars. Articles: (Halsey's speech) + (Alessia Cara's Instagram post)...


(32) Grammy by your Name

Today, Pat and I talk about the Grammy's, why they aren't what they used to be, the biggest robberies of the night, the Oscars and the movies we loved, appreciating opening acts, and the movies that fell short. Articles: we didn't use any but here are some for reference to what we were talking about:


(31) Festivals: Where the Women Aren't

Today, I am talking all about music festivals and the sexism against women. Where are they? Why aren't they being noticed? Articles:


(30) Silence was Never Golden

Today, I talk about the allegations by Timothy Heller made at Melanie Martinez and the Time Magazine "Person of the Year" cover and why Taylor Swift is out of place. Articles:


(28) Lust for Lana (Part 2)

Today, Pat and I did part 2 of the 2 part Lana Del Rey "Lust for Life" album review. The second half of the record is defiantly more political and has a lot more weight to it, it also has all of Pat's favorites on it. We both give an honest rating of it and talk about a lot of interesting topics that relate to this record and Lana herself. We do not own any of the music used in the episode, all copyrights go to Lana Del Rey. Music Featured: Honey Gentry "Baby Forever"...


(27) I've Seen More Spine In Jellyfish

Today, I am joined by my long time friend and Brand New expert, Sal. Sal has been a fan of Brand New since around the time their second record came out and approached me immediately following the Jesse Lacey sexual assault allegation statement was made. This episode we cover the statement, why it sucks, why it isn't okay, Kevin Devine's statement, the retiring of songs with bad content, and growing up on Long Island and how lyrics rooted in sexism makes a difference and why we need to...


(26) My Complicated Happy Ending

Today, I finally did the Avril Lavigne Conspiracy episode. A lot of people responded to this and asked for this. I felt it only right that my friend Molly of No Deluxe joins me on this since she is the number one person I dragged into this and also has been influenced by Avril her entire life. We cover Avril's legacy, her importance to our generation, and of course, the conspiracy theory. This episode was light and fun, right now with all the sexual assault cases surfacing, it was nice to...


(25) You're no Friend of Mine

Today, I go line by line on the song "No Friend" by Paramore featuring Aaron Weiss of Mewithoutyou from the 2017 record "After Laughter". I go line by line and give my interpretations of the song and explain why I feel it is lyrically the heaviest song not only on the record, but heaviest I have heard in a long time. Audio Featured: (Exit/In show) (Sound Lounge Chicago)...


(24) Lust for Lana (Part 1)

Today, Pat is back to talk about something he is an expert in: Lana del Rey. This is a song by song review for Lust for Life. Lust for Life came out this year and is easily her most accessible record for EVERYONE. I am not a Lana fan but this record may have made me one finally. This is part 1 of a 2 part episode. This is side A and B, Monday we will be putting out side C and D. We do not own any of the music in thus episode. All rights and copyrights belong to Lana del Rey and Interscope...


(22) Pepsi Cola

Today, I am talking about #metoo and the Harvey Weinstein allegations that made a lot of women stand up and talk about their stories and stand in solidarity with women who have faced assault and harassment. Articles:


(21) A Toast to Misery

Today I did an episode to talk about going on stage with Paramore for Misery Business on October 4th at Radio City Music Hall and endless thank you's to Paramore and all my friends who supported and helped make this a reality. Logo for this episode is a commission portrait by my friend, she does a lot of Paramore stuff and she is INCREDIBLE. Please check her out! ( ( Music Featured: Now, Now, "Yours"...


(20) Do what you Want

Today, I talk about the zine "Do what you Want" that Sara Quinn spoke to about mental health, Lynn Gunn talking about what it feels like to have the new Pvris record out, St Vincent and Florence Welch on their battles with mental illness, and updates on Hayley Williams and her own struggles and how she doesn't want to turn "depression" into a selling point. Articles:


(19) All we Knew of Pvris, All we Needed in 2017

Today, I did another review episode, this time for the new Pvris record All we Know of Heaven, All we Need of Hell. I go track by track and play 30-40 seconds of each song. I do not own these songs, all rights belong to Pvris, Rise, and Reclaim Music Group. Lynn's tweets about "Anyone Else" Music Featured: Bully "Feel the Same' (


(18) How Long Have you Been Homophobic?

Today, I finish up the Taylor Swift grope case, continue the talk about safe spaces, homophobia in our music scene and how we can do better. Articles:


(17) A Million Reasons I Knew you were Trouble

Today, I talk about the Taylor Swift Groping case that's been picking up attention, touch on the Kesha vs Dr. Luke case, and Lady Gaga opening up about her PTSD. I also talk about Mel B of the Spice Girls having to pay her abuser and the Nylon article calling it out. articles:


(15) It Doesn't Have to be so Heavy

TW: Today, I talk about the tragic suicide of Chester Bennington of Linkin Park. I talk about how suicide is NOT selfish, how his death affected so many people, and others who have struggled with mental illness and Laura Jane Grace overcoming her suicide attempt. articles:


(13) Melodrama Del Rey

My friend Patrick is back, today we talk about how good Lorde's record "Melodrama" is, Lana Del Rey and her impact, how artists and fans treating each other is so crucial, how good "Baby Driver" was, honesty and it's importance in this political climate, being vulnerable as an artist, and the importance of not listening to leaked music and supporting artists. articles: (lorde on her synesthesia) (paramore play “26”...


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