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Ep 13: Peter Power on The Function of Art in Society, and Building a Career in the Music Industry

This week on Rebel Matters I sat down with music producer Peter Power to discuss the importance of art in our modern society and the challenges that come with building a successful career in an industry that is off the beaten path in relation to more conventional career paths. I also have another Rebel Matters first for all you lovely listeners out there. Today we are going to close out the episode with a new song that has over 300000 views online, has been banned from radio and...


Ep12: Clare O Mahony on Making Music and The Songs of Joni Mitchell

Cork Musician Clare O Mahony was in the Rebel Matters Hotseat today talking about her albums, what goes in to getting a show on stage, and he upcoming Songs of Joni Mitchell show at the Everyman Theatre.


Ep 11: Jorien Verstraten on Nutritional Therapy, Health, and Wellbeing

Today, we are trying a slightly different format for the podcast. First up we will get an insight into the therapeutic benefits of food from nutritional therapist Jorien Verstraten. After the chat with Jorien, I share 19 different ways which you can improve your diet and nutrition starting straight away. Jorien works in the area of nutrition therapy with her company Dynamic Nutrition that is based at the Natural Clinic on Sullivan’s Quay. She has based her approach on the results of her...


Ep 10: Sam McNicholl on Running Connolly’s of Leap, and Being a Professional Musician

This week I sat down with Sam McNicol who runs the famous public house and music venue Connolly’s of Leap, plays with the band Talos, and arguably has the best moustache in Ireland. We dug deep into the history of Connolly's of Leap and what it was like for Sam growing up in a venue that attracted artists such as the The Frames, The Pale, Garth Hudson from The Band, Donal Lunny, and John Martyn, and how the Pink Floyd hammer flag came to be a part of the infamous set up at Connolly’s. We...


EP 9: Martin Conroy on Farming, Sustainability, and the Food Industry

Over the years, I have had many chats with Martin about farming, sustainability, and the food industry. These conversations really influenced my relationship to the food that I eat and got me interested in the slow food movement. This interview was a very insightful conversation for me, and if you work in the area of health, whether ist personal training, strength and conditioning, the food industry, or in health care, this episode is gold. If you are interested in becoming healthier, and...


EP 8: Alan Dineen on Overcoming Disability, Getting over Setbacks, and Professional Development

On this episode of the Rebel Matters podcast I sit down with strength and conditioning coach, Irish wheelchair rugby player, and inspirational guy, Alan Dineen. We discuss everything from growing up with a life altering medical condition, overcoming regular bone fractures, competing for Ireland, and coaching abled bodied people in a professional strength and conditioning facility.


Ep 7: Jozef Frucek on Fighting Monkey, Strength, Rhythm, and Life

Dia daoibh a chairde. I am your host Ainle Ó Cairealláin, and this is Episode 7 of the Rebel Matters Podcast. This episode was recorded in The Chateau Belaney just outside of the town of Zilina in Slovakia after I took part in the 6 Day Intensive Fighting Monkey training camp. My guest on this episode is Jozef Frucek, founder of fighting Monkey along with his partner Linda. It was a great pleasure to sit down with Jozef after the Intensive and discuss some of the concepts, philosophy,...


Ep 6: Interview with Darragh Graham

On this episode, I was chatting to Dr. Darragh Graham from one of Ireland’s hottest bands right now, Hermitage Green. Darragh is one of my closest friends, and I say from a slightly biased point of view that he is one of the most versatile, talented, and insightful people that I know. From holding a PhD in sports science, competing internationally in track and field, coaching in professional rugby, and for All ireland winning football and hurling teams, to being a founding member of one of...


Ep 5: Starting a Business, Overcoming Adversity and Inspirational Quotes, with Dreadlock Queen Caroline Dausmann

On this episode of Rebel Matters, I sat down with the undisputed dreadlock queen of Cork City, Caroline Dausmann, who runs the Pink Octopus Dread Shop on Georges Key! My chat with Caroline went down the road of starting up a business, inspirational quotes, vintage Cork city, overcoming adversity, and the positive impact that an image change can have on your mentality. It was great to chat with a fellow startup gladiator, and we had plenty to chat about during the episode. Useful Links...


Ep 4 with Kari Cahill

This week I am sitting with West Cork based artist Kari Cahill. Kari has a hand in quite a few landmark projects in different parts of the country, as well as running a studio in Schull. In this episode, we talk about the importance of the arts in Ireland today, Kari's visits to India, sustainability, creativity, and reconnecting ourselves to the landscapes of Ireland. We recorded the episode in an upstairs patio room overlooking Cork city. It was very warm and we opened the window, which...


Ep 3 with Eddie Hennessy

Eddie has been a close friend of mine for around 7 years now. His story is inspirational, emotional, and powerful. From training to qualify for the Atlanta Olympics, owning a security company, having a major stroke and being told that he would not walk or talk again, to cycling 100 miles, building a successful photography business, and starting a family. I really hope you enjoy the show, and would like to add a special thank you to Eddie for sharing his personal story with me. Links...


Ep 2: Talking Salads, Business, and Cork City with Rocketman Jack Crotty

Jack is the owner of the trendy street food company Rocketman. At the time of recording, was getting ready to complete the Paris Marathon, and spend 6 weeks travelling solo in India by motorcycle. I really enjoyed my chat with Jack, which includes business talk, food, success, and Cork city. In this episode we discuss: ● The Success of RocketMan over the last 5 years ● The small business community in Cork city ● Success and the people who come to mind ● Jack’s Favourite things about...


Ep 1: Discussing Triathlon, Lucid Dreaming and Performance Enhancing Drugs with Chris Mintern.

Chris Mintern is an international triathlete, ACLAÍ sponsored athlete, mathematics aficionado, and aspiring hustler. It was great to be able to catch up with Chris to discuss his training routines, where he came from to become one of the top triathletes in Ireland, obstacles that he has overcome along the way, and some more obscure topics such as lucid dreaming, his short lived GAA career, and his view on performance enhancing substances.