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Intel for all things on Star Wars Rebels, the animated TV series based between Episode III and IV detailing the rise of the Rebellion. Interviews, analysis, reviews, news and more! Coming weekly to your galaxy Fall 2014!




Season 2 Episode 3: The Lost Commanders

Welcome to our Star Wars Rebels review podcast of the season one finale and this time Andy and Kale are joined by Pete and special guest Saf to discuss the return of the clones in Episode 3: The Lost Commanders. Some topics include: What Kanan is going through being forced to interact with clones again The Siege of Mandalore and what might have happened and how it fits into this episode When did Rex and the clonestake out theirinhibitor chips Where were the clones during Order 66 Question...

Season 1 Episode 13: Fire Across the Galaxy

Welcome to our Star Wars Rebels review podcast of the season one finale and this time Pete, Andy, and KalediscussEpisode 13Fire Across the Galaxyfeaturing Ahsoka! Holy crap! Some topics include: Discuss our reactions when discovering Ahsoka’s reveal. Share our thoughts on Ahsoka’s new appearance, armour, lightsabers, and more. Does Kanan know of Ahsoka and does Ahsoka know of Darth Vader’sidentity? TheInquisitor’s death and it’s impact on the ga [...]

Duration: 03:22:57

Jason Fry Interview: Edge of the Galaxy

In this episode Pete sat down with Servants of the Empire: Edge of the Galaxy author Jason C. Fry to dig deep into the novel including discussing Zare Leonis’ past, how the writing process went to creating Zare and Dhara’s backstory, how Edge of the Galaxy parallels Friday Night Lights, how the Imperial Academy system worked and much much more!

Rebels Report #16: A New Dawn Interview with John Jackson Miller

In this episode Pete and Andy discuss the announcement of the premiere dates and time slot forStar Wars Rebelsand then sit down and then sit down with novel and comic book author John Jackson Miller to discuss his latest novelStar Wars: A New Dawn. This novel hits retail shelves Tuesday September 2, and will give fans of Star Wars Rebels a glimpse into the life of Kanan and Hera as they first meet before the events ofStar Wars Rebels. For more onStar Wars: A New Dawnyou fan follow John...

Duration: 00:19:43

Rebels Report #12: Legends, A New Dawn, Obi-Wan and Lando, Music and more!

In this jam packed episode Pete and Andy catch up on all the latest news including the WonderCon announcement of Kevin Kiner as composer, recent interviews with executive producers Dave Filoni and Simon Kinberg, and the rebooting of the Star Wars publishing line. We also delve into the swirling pool of rumors about Obi-Wan Kenobi and Lando Calrissian appearing in the series.

Duration: 08:38:14

Rebels Report #10: Hera Speaks - Vanessa Marshall Interview

In this episode we had the chance to sit down with the incredible and passionate Vanessa Marshall who is the voice of Hera on Star Wars Rebels. We discussed everything from her early roles,decision to go into voice acting, the difference of video game voice over work to animated tv series, the audition process for Star Wars Rebels, her exposure and passion for Star Wars, how Rebels will appeal for all audiences and much much more! [...]

Duration: 00:26:09

Rebels Report #7: Zeb ‘The Muscle’ Character Focus

In this episode Pete and Andy explore the character Zeb, a Lasat honour guard and his role in the upcoming animated TV series Star Wars Rebels. We look at everything from Zeb’s weapon of choice, to his relationships with characters Chopper and Ezra and even explore his relation to the species the Lasat from the Expanded Universe [...]

Duration: 00:27:34

Rebels Report #4: Get to the Chopper plus news and rumours!

Welcome back to Episode #4 of Rebels Report: A Star Wars Rebels Podcast! The official news and review show of Lightsaber Rattling hosted by Andy and Pete and in this Episode we are joined by Jason Ward of Making Star Wars. We extrapolate the latest addition to the Star Wars Rebels cast, Chopper, talk books, toys, and rumours! Is the rumour of a Mara Jade cameo true? Who is Ezra Bridger, a TIE Pilot, Stormtrooper, or Jedi? Listen in as we will gladly tell you what we think. You can find us...

Snap Hiss #2: Ryder Windham Interview

Welcome back to the second episode of Snap Hiss: Cutting Analysis of Star Wars News from Lightsaber Rattling. In this episode Pete shares his thoughts on the Episode VII release date of December 18th, 2015 and change from the May tradition. He then interviews Ryder Windham author of Haynes Guide to the Death Star. Ryder shares insights of his Star Wars career, the process in creating the Death Star Guide, other Hayne’s Star Wars Guides considered, as well as his thoughts on Star Wars:...

Duration: 00:58:42

Snap Hiss #1: Lawrence Kasdan’s Return

Welcome to the first edition ofof Snap Hiss, your source for cutting analysis of all the latest breaking Star Wars news with Pete Morrison. In the first episode of Snap Hiss, Pete discusses Michael Arndt leaving work onEpisode VIIand the change of screenwriters to Lawrence Kasdan and director J.J. Abrams. [...]

Duration: 00:21:33

Rebels Report #0: Teasers

Thanks for tuning into the pilot episode of Rebels Report: A Star Wars Rebels Podcast! The official news and review show of Lightsaber Rattling hosted by Andy Ury and Pete Morrison. In this episode we introduce our show in the most exciting way possible, with the first Rebels teaser aired on Disney XD! [...]

Duration: 00:17:52