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Women's Genital Health & Hygiene: Facts VS. Fallacies (Thy Body Is Thy Temple)

Ladies (and gentlemen), got questions? Get the resolution! Dr. C. Nicole Swiner, physician, best selling author, publisher and Adjunct Associate Professor (UNC-Chapel Hill), addresses myths and bonafide truths pertaining to women's reproductive health and hygienic practices! It's time to extinguish ambiguity and insanity regarding feminine hygiene and intimacy. Please join Normia and Dr.C. Nicole Swiner during this enlightening episode orchestrated to debunk obsolete grooming protocol...

Duration: 00:30:58

Oops! Relationship Faux Pas: Five Detrimental Errors Made (Between Couples)!

Veteran Life Coach/Author/Speaker/Entrepreneur, Osazee Thompson returns to unshroud pertinent blunders which wreak havoc upon romantic relationships. It's the utmost opportune and pivotal time of the year to formulate viable restitutions and resolutions! Fasten your seatbelts as Osazee Thompson unearths commonly made errors made among couples which impair sound unions. Thought provoking questions embody: What role do you play in fostering a flourishing relationship? Are you an asset or...

Duration: 00:32:23

Business 'Cents!' The Sweet Smell Of Success: Nonprofit And For-Profit Mergers

"Special Treats" proprietor, Dan Friedman will address controversy regarding for-profit businesses in partnership with charitable entities (and render the rundown on business basics)! Chocolate Spectrum Chocolatier, Valerie Herksowitz and Highland Chocolates General Manager, Amy Welch are also featured to lend their savvy/credentialed perspective on this niche endeavor. Dan Friedman, Chapel Hill, NC boutique gourmet chocolate retailer dissolves discrepancies pertaining to business...

Duration: 00:30:00

Prophecy Fulfilled? Are You There Yet? Have You Arrived At Your Destination?

Wake up everyone! Your life is calling. Has your mission been successfully accomplished, or have you reached a stalemate/impasse? The book of life yields a myriad of options/pathways, likened to branches of a skyscraping tree. Hence, we're all bestowed with the titanium treasure of "choice," yet are we executing/exercising such appropriately to manifest greatness? Please join Normia and credentialed Minister and Certified Life Coach, Educator/Motivational Speaker, Osazee Thompson as they...

Duration: 00:31:17

"Self-Preservation: Reclaiming Your Flame Amid The Holiday Frenzy!"

It's time to rehydrate and 'In-ner-gize' courtesy of facilitator, coach, speaker and author/expert , Michelle Porchia! The cessation of the calendar year/threshold of the encroaching New Year yields a gamut of bliss, lightheartedness and lionheartedness/generosity. Humanitarianism piques amid a gamut of charity activities; merchants burst at the seams due to heightened shopping activity; expenditures escalate; and holiday events/festivities devour fourth quarter in its' entirety to name a...

Duration: 00:30:32

"'Tis The Season! Purging Your 'Closet'(Retrograde, Auras And Frequencies)!"

Pardon the old and ignite the "New Year!" Let's reflect and embrace the inevitable impacts of Mercury Retrograde, coupled with our respective auras and frequencies during this pivotal/sentimental holiday season. The holiday season unastonishingly yields and/or evokes a whirlwind of emotions, hyperactivity, lightheartedness and pressure/stress. Nostalgia Is also profoundly prevalent among individuals globally in light of the encroaching New Year, which sparks hope and optimism. Hence, the...

Duration: 00:31:32

Empowered Lady-Preneurs: Competition VS. Inspiration (Catfights/Collaborations)

Friends or Foes? Allies or arch enemies? Can sisterhood and camaraderie be sustained within and beyond professional parameters? Affirmative! It's time to bury the hatchet ladies! Women individually and collectively withhold a myriad of gifts, rewards and assets. Hence, one woman's feats/talents compensates and compliments another female's shortcomings/deficiencies. Yet, rather than functioning interdependently, competition and divisiveness creates discord/tension among the feminine gender....

Duration: 00:30:27

"Sporadic Sabbaticals: Recalibrating Within And Beyond Relationships!"

Does absence genuinely spur the heart to grow fonder? As the post Thanksgiving dust and meals settle and digest, let's reflect upon the concept of reconfiguring and/or reformatting within and outside of relationships. In retrospect, we've yet again canvassed a substantial degree of terrain embodying the Five Love Languages, in which I've amended via a "sixth element" per se. Moreover, we've pondered and explicated the concept of marital dissolutions. However, let's marinate upon the idea...

Duration: 00:31:51

"The Fifth Degree: Exploring The Five Languages Of Love!"

Foster love not war this sentimental season! Intuitive Strategist/Expert Kristen Belisle and Normia torched the mic during our latter controversial episode. Marriage served as the forefront of the session. Please join the Cupid Coach (Psychic Life and Love Coach/Spirit Radio Host) Tahsha Renee and Normia for an engaging/avant garde episode encompassing the five love languages. The sentimental journey begins this effervescent session. What do they entail? How can such yield a cohesive,...

Duration: 00:32:34

"Perspectives: Till Death Do Us Part Or Until The Demise Of The Marriage?"

To hold or fold? That is the question. Please join intuitive mindset strategist, energy healer and multidimensional channel, Kristen Belisle and Normia as they embark upon the aforementioned topic. The constitution of marriage has unquestionably evolved in a gamut of facets. Hence, coupled with diversified marital categories encompassing: civil, common law, covenant, arranged, love, polygamous, monogamous and most recently same sex to name a few, further complexities have become...

Duration: 00:28:54

"21st Century Education: Three Times a Charm!"

Let's decode the ebbs and flows of institutionalized/traditional education! Veteran Educators, Valine Zeigler and Dilip Barman shed knowledge, wisdom and expertise via keen vantage points (regarding modern education amid the prior two smashing episodes). Now that myths and stereotypes have been abruptly negated, please join Normia and Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Eliizabeth Hooks as she renders her thoughts and observations pertaining to student-teacher workloads. Are today's youth inundated...

Duration: 00:30:56

"21st Century Education (The Sequel): 'I' Before 'E,' Except After 'We!'"

Just In!!!!! Special encore broadcast featuring Dilip Barman! Social misfits no more! It's time to declare, defy and debunk/annihilate the myths befalling the homeschooling realm! Please join Normia and fellow homeschooling/veteran educator, Dilip Barman, as they delve into the nucleus of modern homeschooling/education. In efforts of fueling, "all things balance" via the Recalibrating the Scales Radio Show topic at hand, Dilip, a staunch professional and prominent instructor in the North...

Duration: 00:30:55

"21st Century Education: 'I' Before 'E' Except After 'We!'"

Homeschools... independent schools... charter schools ... and virtual learning, oh my! Are homeschools, independent, charter and virtual educational mediums becoming the new public schools of today's era?Please join Empowered Minds Academy (a nontraditional independent school) professional educator, facilitator and organizer, Valine Zeigler and Normia as they slice into the nucleus of a dialogue regarding 21st century education. The advent of vast and varied technological mediums/means has...

Duration: 00:29:25

Grey Shades Perspectives: The 'Art' and Novelty of Three-Dimensional Thinking!

The Inkblot Effect: Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, perception is relative to the onlooker. Life coupled with experience have been my quintessential teachers. Moreover, one of my most profound lessons has been transcending the realm of static "black or white" thinking. Nevertheless, purging and pardoning my former "linear thinking" in lieu of the grey shades scope ( no pun intended) has afforded me a myriad of breakthroughs and welcome lifestyle enhancements. The evolution...

Duration: 00:30:03

Beats, Rhyme and Jazz! Squaring the Foot: Shakespeare in 5/4 Time!

Let's explore the art of intricate noise! Please join our special guests, fellow Afternoon Poet/Wordsmith, Clark Holtzman and jazz drummer, David Shore for an effervescent episode comprised of tantalizing jazz meshed and mated with words. Clark and David commenced collaborating this past spring, arranging poetry to syncopated jazz rhythms. The concept was to inject classical an original poetry to yield an unconventional duo of voice and percussion. Featured literary works include rich...

Duration: 00:30:00

Part 2. Relationships: Male VS. Female Constitution-Does Chivalry Still Prevail?

Relationship expert, Tonika Breeden rendered a "flawless" delivery regarding her exceptionally authentic ideology of the intended "male-female" dynamic. Our synchronized vantage points yielded a plethora of welcome feedback regarding the female perspective of the aforementioned topic. However, we humbly implore your listenership during Part 2 of this topic encompassing the male perspective of Certified Christian Life Coach, Terrance Leftridge. In addition to the previously posed questions,...

Duration: 00:31:24

Part 1. Relationships: Male VS. Female Constitution-Does Chivalry Still Prevail?

Please join special guest, life coach, relationship expert, motivational speaker and author, Tonika Breeden, as we plunge into the female psyche regarding male-female dynamics amid lush poetry as always. This episode labors as a dense constituent (part I) of a dual series in which we'll explore and unearth the original intent/design of man (intended renderer/initiator/hunter/provider) versus that of a woman (catalyst/nurturer/help mate/companion). However, societal norms have evolved,...

Duration: 00:29:13

Communication: Are you a Raider of the Lost "Art?"

During our prior interactive episode, special guests/musical prodigies, Ayana and Akili Bradley exemplified quintessential examples of impeccably focused versus "faux-cused" young women, artists, students and professionals, nevertheless. We revealed and mutually confirmed that organization and "communication" serve as paramount constituents of the formula for success and a healthy equilibrium, nonetheless. However, indisputable deficiencies in interpersonal/personable communication have...

Duration: 00:31:57

What's the Word? Channeling Your Superpower!

Now that we've individually and collectively “faced” the music and unleashed our nemeses, it's time to "slay the beast"per se. Model Atelier Founder/CEO Robin Harris and Life Coach Alex Veloz were indeed instrumental in this process during our prior episode. Summer is in our midst, and I absolutely relish every morsel of it, given that it's my "utmost" favorite season. Is it me or does the summer seem to extract the welcome “effervescence” in me? In efforts of jazzing things up a bit, I...

Duration: 00:29:06

Unveiling the Nemesis: Note to Self - What's "Truly" Impeding Your Progress?

Greetings All, I hope your week has unfolded gracefully since our previous episode featuring author, Taril Gravely. At this juncture, you've identified and illustration the "source" that yields balance, coupled with vast and varied "shades" of love. Now, we'll collectively commence the task of uncovering the obstructions inhibiting you from progressing. I invite you to script a note to your former selves. What solicited advice would you render? What adjustments/modifications would you...

Duration: 00:29:04