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Episode 16 Vapor And Netflix

The history vaping is unknown, but Tibit discovers the love of vaping and also mentions that it can also be a great alternative to smoking cigarette. on the other hand Major believes that is bull shit and that to new to the market to know the true side effects of vaping. Netflix has came along way and also putting companies out of business. The Major and Tidbit wonders what you are watching on Netflix. Follow the Major on #Anchor app (Reckless Recess) Join us on our fun every week. If you...


SCM03 - BAD BOY - I Droped Your Patty At Mickeys D

The Major highlight the real reason behind Pdiddy show "Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour". Let just say this information isn’t important. Is when go MIA for years, then change your nick, to dick and back to nick. Puff daddy was not appropriate? WHO cares that you are have a second show. Tell be people why you are doing a second show. Lets just say "money". In the tech world Samsung just patented a contact lens with a built-in camera. Are we surprised to see this at all ? The Major gives a short...


SCM02 LeBron James Changed Careers

The Major highlights on Manny Pac Mac Pacquiao win on April 9, 2016. It was a great win against Bradley. It seem that Manny is back to his groove of things and back to normal fighting. The Major is sure to challenge Manny next. The Major gives his short story of him being in the boxing ring for the first time with another person that wants to beat his up. 3D printers are becoming regularly available, but at a price that everyone can not justify. Now a Startup company named OLO are making...


Episode 12 Be within the 90s Cartoons

The Major and Tidbit talks about the days of being 16, which the minimal responsibility was taken away to pay your own way. Not a care in life beside the car gas and a cellphone bill. 16 was Needless to say the age is a unique age, because at this age we start getting things on our own with the job we had. For instant the OLD Nokia phones and MOTO PDAs. These thing almost made a 16 year old powerful enough, but not to be on his own. Tidbit list good amount of cartoons from the 90's that...


Episode 11 The Day I Lost My Mojo

In this segment The Major and Tidbit talk about how women have different tools of the trades "like" holding sex. Tidbit had mentioned that it shouldn't be like and that "Men shouldn't have to go thought the trouble to trying to get that puhh". As for the Major he is on the fence and disagree with Tidbit and that men should work for it. "I guess a little challenge doesn't hurt" . The discussion further gets into The Major on how he lost his mojo from drinking to too much. Mixing drink and...


Episode 8 What The First Date Look Like - Love Month

Yet another great conversation of the Major and Tidbit. This episode they talk about what a first date should look like. Men in today's world are less often to do things that the old schooled use to do. For example opening the door for lady. The Major seem to disagree with the old school way, as he has a more to modern approach. This podcast highlights some great (jokes aside) what to look for in the first date and conversation (meaning the Red flags). Also what happen after you decided to...


Episode 7 Eat It Mom

This episode Tidbit and the Major discuss about what to eat or not to eat. They highlight a lot of the issues with today’s industry standard and all the chemicals that are added to the foods we eat. United States has done a terrible job regulating the food industry, in which the farmer (weather its live stocks or vegetables) practices are unsafe to the people. Ever wonder if these MOTHA F*Ka eat their of S*T. Tidbit and the Major also get into an argument about eating at Mom and Pop...


Episode 3 - Closing our buddy 2015

We are ending our buddy 2015 on a more good note then bad. Ever try to think back on what you have accomplished, whether it's finishing a desk before the thunderstorm hits, Just Kidding! What ever it is you have done to finish the year we applauses you for doing it with style. Tibit and Major got into a couple of serious topics -Being how was our Christmas/Holiday -Ridiculous people and Racism -How much of the New Years resolution was kept Overall the point here is to recap on reckless...


Episode 1 - F ing Self Check-out

What the heck is wrong with people that use the self check out lanes. I believe there be some restriction during Holidays and age limit, education requirement, IQ Test, fitness Test and let you kid do it. All in all, where are rant about S* T that surrounds Self Check out, which includes people that has technology struggles. Intro Music Author: DJ Wizzdom Background Music: App: Evernote