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EP 84: A Recruiting Conversation with a Scholarship Athlete

This week, we dig deeper with former D1 scholarship athlete Nate Sallee. If you didn't listen to part 1 last week, go back and hear some gems. In this episode, recruiting expert Jon Fugler asks Nate share the top things he did right and then what he would have done differently. Get a balanced viewpoint from someone who has been there. Perspective is key in your scholarship journey, and that's why we've asked Nate back for a second week. He'll bring valuable insights for both parents and...


EP 83: How This Athlete Achieved His Scholarship Dream

Nate Sallee achieved his scholarship dream. He competed at a D1 school, as did his wife. Now they teach high school athletes how they can get an athletic scholarship. In this episode, athletic scholarship expert Jon Fugler interviews Nate about how he earned his scholarship. And Nate's answers don't lend themselves to a "magic bullet" mentality. Nate's shares how he got the scholarship while more talented athletes did not. As you listen, you'll come away with some things you can apply to...


EP 82: WHY You Can Succeed at Recruiting on Your Own

What are your biggest fears when it comes to recruiting? In this episode, recruiting expert Jon Fugler is burdened by something deep, and he opens up about that. His heart is that you succeed at recruiting, that you get that athletic scholarship. But most families have been led to believe that they cannot do it on their own. If there was ever a time that they could, now is it. Jon attacks the biggest fears and explains why you are set apart to be able to take on this important task...


EP 81: How to Get Recruited the Dave Ramsey Way

What does Dave Ramsey know about recruiting? Was he a star athlete in his other life? Dave's recruiting advice may be some of the best advice you'll get when it comes to recruiting. Recruiting expert Jon Fugler thinks the Dave Ramsey way is so important he lays it out in this episode. Dave's principles have stood the test of time. When it comes to the athletic scholarship hunt, his principles are applicable. You'll be doing things that most families don't. And it will pay off. Listen as...


EP 80: How to Move up the Ladder in a Coach's Ranking

It's one thing to get noticed by coaches and get recruited. It's another thing to climb the list of recruits. One of the frustrations parents and athletes have is that college coaches lose interest for no apparent reason. What was once a hot relationship has frozen over. In this episode, recruiting expert Jon Fugler helps you solve that problem. He share some things you can do to overcome fading interest. Not only that, he'll share how you can move up a coach's recruiting list. It's...


EP 79: How to Multiply Your Recruiting Efforts

RELEASING A DAY EARLY: In a day when time is more valuable than ever, how can you make the most of the time you spend on pursuing an athletic scholarship? There are so many avenues you can choose, but they aren’t all leading down the road to success. In this episode, recruiting expert Jon Fugler teaches you how to multiply your efforts. He’ll share content from his Athletic Scholarship Playbook, an authoritative guide on achieving your scholarship dream. Multiplication comes when the...


Five Big Recruiting Questions You'll Face in 2018

Every scholarship-seeking family will face five questions this year. So you'll have to be ready with the answers. It’s the only way you’ll stay on the recruiting course and not get knocked off. In this crazy recruiting world, it’s normal to be overwhelmed. Athlete and parent alike. However, don’t lose heart. In this episode, recruiting expert Jon Fugler lays out five questions you’ll face, no matter what year your athlete is in. It’s part of the scholarship hunt. By preparing for these...


EP 77: Recruiting 2018 - Three Things to Embrace, Three Things to Avoid

Getting on coaches' radars and staying there has to be one of your big objectives in 2018. But like anything else, it won't just happen. In this episode, recruiting expert Jon Fugler provides three things you need to embrace for this year to be a recruiting success. And three things to avoid. Making resolutions for 2018 isn't going to work in the long haul. The six points Jon discusses will work for you. That's because points are relevant and lasting. They aren't get-results-fast...


EP 76: Leaning into Your Strengths-- A Must to Get Recruited

It's a popular thought that you need to be a balanced, well-rounded athlete to be successful. False. That kind of thinking can drastically slow down your growth to your potential. In this episode, recruiting expert Jon Fugler lays it on the line. He says developing your strengths is more important than strengthening your weaknesses. It might seem like backwards thinking, but listen as Jon lays out evidence for this "strengthen your strengths" approach. If you grasp and apply this in...


EP 75: The Secret to Getting Recruited, Choosing the Right School and Getting the Best Offer

This episode is all about focus. Laser focus on how you can have a 2018 that far outdistances what you achieved in 2017. You may have had a great 2017, but the content in this episode will help you funnel your efforts in one direction. And you'll build on where you're at now. If 2017 has been disappointing, then get ready. Today's content will help turn things around. It has worked in the lives of athletes, parents, business people, leaders, students and people from a variety of other...


EP 74: On Location: The Legacy You Leave

It's our first episode ever recorded outside. Recruiting expert Jon Fugler reports from San Diego Bay. Specifically, he is standing on a pier in the part of the bay where the America's Cup was held in the early 1980's. It's not a coincidence that Jon is recording on that spot. This time of year, we start reflecting on the past 12 months and look to the next 12. So Jon's challenging message to parents and athletes is about "legacy." And in San Diego Bay, a legacy was established during...


EP 73: Off-the-Field Recruiting Tips That Will Get Attention

Talent isn't everything when it comes to getting an athletic scholarship. Sure, it's vital, but it isn't the whole game. In this episode, Recruiting expert Jon Fugler introduces five things athletes should give attention to in order to be a solid recruit. These five things are all off-the-field items. Jon says that if you give attention to these things, coaches will give attention to you. Once you hear about these five things, it will make a whole lot of sense. In fact, it's Jon's hope...


EP 72: Three Questions to Set You Up for Success

With 2018 around the corner, recruiting expert Jon Fugler wants to set you up for success. And he starts with three questions you'll need to answer. Mind set is a critical part of the recruiting process. It's a critical part of your success. Talent and work alone won't cut it. As Jon poses three questions, it makes for great dinner conversation. It's going to be like tackling an agile running back. But you've got to do it. And do it together as a family, if possible. Jon also asks for...


EP 71: Advice for Sports Moms... Our Thanksgiving Show

It's tough being a mother of a high school athlete. In this Thanksgiving episode, Jon interviews a mom who went through the process and has wisdom to share from her perspective. Jon invites his wife, Noonie, into the studio to share some candid thoughts to help moms in the recruiting pursuit. Dads and athletes, you should listen, too, so you understand the tough role of the mom. Noonie shares her heart and steps into the shoes of moms. What she says is relatable and actionable. But not...


EP 70: How to Build Your Player Profile or Resume

You're not a recruit unless a college coach knows about you. The most important document you can create for this purpose is your Player Profile or Resume. In this episode, recruiting expert and author Jon Fugler shares the specifics on how you can create a Player Profile/Resume that makes a great first impression on college coaches. He'll walk you through all the details for every section on your Profile, directly from his audio book, The Athletic Scholarship Playbook. Listen and learn,...


EP 69: National Signing Day is Here

How do you feel when you see a slew of athletes sign their National Letter of Intent and you don't? That's what's happening this week. National Signing Day is here for many sports. TV coverage, newspapers, sports shows, websites, everywhere. We're going to see seniors lock in their college futures with a stroke of a pen. If you're a senior, where does that leave you if you're not signed this week? Don't panic, there is plenty of time. And Jon Fugler leads you through the thought process...


EP 68: How to Communicate with College Coaches

Kathy Connor, a decorated collegiate swimmer in the 80s, is back with us. She is a college planning expert and we continue the conversation about the four elements of choosing the school with the best fit. In this episode, Jon Fugler and Kathy center on the athletic fit. If you missed the first three elements, be sure to listen to Episode 67 first. Recruiting isn't a science, but it involves human relationships. Kathy confirms that in the advice she gives parents and athletes. She draws...


EP 67: Interview: Former Scholarship Athlete and Now College Planning Expert

"It's my passion to help students find a place where they will thrive and grow." That comment comes from former scholarship athlete and champion Kathy Connor, and she's Jon Fugler's guest on this episode. Kathy is now a college placement expert and has helped hundreds of families navigate the road to college-- and find the right school. She guides sports families and non-sports families. You'll hear her share four factors involved in finding the right school if you're a student-athlete....


EP 66: The Importance of Character and How to Be One

From the stellar quote by the legendary John Wooden to practical advice on being an athlete of character, recruiting expert and author Jon Fugler addresses one of the most important aspects of recruiting. One bad decision can cost a student-athlete a scholarship and can even put an end to his or her competing future. That's how important character is for your scholarship future. Jon shares an insightful article which has some solid advice from a college coach. Hear what this coach...


EP 65: Why You Shouldn't Use a Recruiting Service

Jon Fugler makes this statement: "I am convinced that most athletes who can compete at the next level can get an athletic scholarship. Unfortunately, most families don’t know how to make that happen. "Families have been led to believe they need an expert or a high powered, expensive recruiting service to get their son or daughter an athletic scholarship." In this episode, Jon will make some more bold statements to let you know that you can be empowered to do it yourself in a scholarship...


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